Visa Free Countries For Egyptians

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Browse through our list of top destinations Egyptians can travel to without worrying about needing a visa.
Not only does Travelstart offer cheap flights to many of these countries, but you can easily find a hotel to suit your taste
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and you can soon be on your way to the adventure of a lifetime!

Hot air baloons cruising over the city in Lebanon

Turkey is Visa on Arrival for up to 30 Days

beautiful sunset over the city river in Sudan

Sudan is Visa Free for 30 Days

beautiful temple in Cambodia

Cambodia is Visa on Arrival for up to 30 Days

Houses by the water in Dominca

Dominica is Visa Free for 21 Days

Houses on the slopes of Georgia

Georgia is Visa on Arrival for up to 360 Days

quaint town near the water in Grenada

Grenada is Visa Free for 14 Days

Bright lights from tall city buildings looking out at the water in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is Visa Free for 90 Days

beautiful sunset near the water in Indonesia

Indonesia is Visa on Arrival for up to 30 Days

Camels walking the desert in Jordan

Jordan is Visa Free for 30 Dayss

Houses in Lebanon among the lush green trees

Lebanon is Visa on Arrival for up to 21 Days

Bright and colourful building lights in Macau

Macau is Visa Free for 90 Days

colourful modern architecture styled buildings near the water in Malaysia

Malaysia is Visa Free for 90 Days

beautiful quaint church near the ocean in Mauritius

Mauritius is Visa Free for 90 Days

ancient styled buildings overlooking snowy mountains in Nepal

Nepal is Visa on Arrival for up to 30 Days

traditional south korean Hanok near the water with cherry blossom trees

South Korea is Visa Free for 90 Days

wild elephants in the forest river enjoying the water in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is Visa on Arrival for up to 30 Days

small homes on the water in Vietnam

Vietnam is Visa on Arrival for up to 90 Days

people at the beach swikmming and relaxing on the dock

Cape Verde is Visa on Arrival for up to 30 Days

Visa Free Countries

Egyptian passport holders can enjoy easy access into these countries without a visa. Certain countries may only be visited for a short period of time,
while others have a longer validity. Make the most of these wonderful destinations without the paperwork!
Take advantage of exotic cultures, architectural wonders, golden beaches and island retreats with these incredible holiday destinations.
Let your visa-free travels begin!

Visa on Arrival

Egyptian passport holders do not need to make any prior visa arrangements to enter these countries. You require a valid Egyptian passport, with 6 months validity remaining. You will also need to present 2-3 passport-size photographs, along with your visa fee. Visa fees start at around USD25 and vary depending on whether
they’re single or multiple entry. Visas will be issued on arrival, where your passport will be stamped at the airport or border control.

Discover a world of visa-free countries with Travelstart and start planning your dream holiday today!

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