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With fifty UNESCO World Heritage sites, the finest carb-laden cuisine and first rate wines, snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes, Italy is one country that truly has it all.

Discover the capital, the ancient city of Rome, a feast for the senses with captivating architecture, high-street shopping and an important slice of history on every corner.

Travel south for an authentic, warm and welcoming Italian experience and visit the dazzling Amalfi Coast, Naples the home of pizza or one of the nearby islands.

For wine connoisseurs, Tuscany has vineyards aplenty where the revered Chianti Classico wines are produced. Northern highlights include Milan the fashion capital of Italy and Venice, the scenic city built on canals.

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Book cheap flights to Bari, Italy

Bari sums up your typical, charming Italian market town perfectly. This port town on the Adriatic Sea is the capital of Italy’s Apulia region and was developed in the second half of the 20th Century.

Book cheap flights to Bologna, Italy

Take every Italian cliché you can possibly think of and multiply it by ten. Yes, Bologna really is as Italian as you can possibly get. Ancient cobbled streets steeped in history teamed with world class restaurants, Bologna is enough to make you exclaim “Mama Mia”!

Book cheap flights to Brindisi, Italy

In the days of the Roman Empire, the quaint city of Brindisi marked the end of famous ‘Via Appia’ and the point from which travellers, traders, soldiers, and pilgrims headed to the Eastern provinces and Greece.

Book cheap flights to Catania, Italy

Catania is the second largest city in Sicily – the soccer ball part of Italy being kicked by the big boot. Framed by Mount Etna (Europe’s largest and most active volcano) to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the east, Catania has formed the stronghold of many powerful empires over the centuries.

Book cheap flights to Florence, Italy

Florence (or Firenze in Italian) is the jewel of Renaissance Italy, and is unparalleled in its wealth of important historical artwork, sculpture and architecture. The likes of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Brunelleschi, Alberti, Donatello, Arnolfo, Cimabue and Giotto are just the tip of the iceberg of great artists who have left their indelible mark on this great city.

Book cheap flights to Genoa, Italy

Wandering the narrow caruggi passageways of Genoa is a bit like solving a medieval labyrinth. In the heart of the Italian port city lies Piazza de Ferrari, a main square with a beautiful fountain and a perimeter lined with historic buildings, including the Palace of the Doges the Teatro Carlo Felice, which was destroyed during WWII and subsequently rebuilt.

Book cheap flights to Milan, Italy

Milan is not only Italy's key financial, commercial and industrial hub; it also enjoys a strong global footing in fashion & design. This cosmopolitan Italian city offers globetrotters an urban travel experience that includes shopping malls, opera, football, and dazzling nightlife.

Book cheap flights to Naples, Italy

Set against the backdrop of Mount Vesuvius in Italy’s breath-taking Campania region, Naples is arguably one of the most iconic cities in the country that looks like a boot kicking a ball. Naples’ historic centre is known to locals as the Centro Storico, and it’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Book cheap flights to Olbia, Italy

Thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea, Olbia is easily reachable by sea and air. The port city is located on Sardinia – a separate region of Italy and one of the largest islands in the Med – and is the gateway to the Costa Smeralda tourist region.

Book cheap flights to Palermo, Italy

The city of Palermo may seem a bit chaotic to first time visitors; after all it’s the capital of Sicily, the largest island in the Med and recognised by many as one of the world’s first multicultural societies.

Book cheap flights to Rome, Italy

From the Spanish Steps to the Vatican, Rome is a city like no other. Visitors to Rome are often overawed by the richness of the culture, the stunning museums, and the incredible food.

Book cheap flights to Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Med after Sicily, and nature lovers headed here have much to be excited about in this primarily mountainous region. Scenery aside, Sardinia serves up a lovely mixture of sea, sand and history.

Book cheap flights to Trieste, Italy

Located between the sea and the mountains of Carso in Northeast Italy, Trieste is best discovered on foot so you can appreciate the full majesty of this picturesque seaside city.

Book cheap flights to Turin, Italy

Turin is about as aristocratic as cities go, with a pedigree dating back to the Romans in 28 BC. The streets still follow the original Roman grid, although the buildings lining them are more likely to be baroque, rococo, neoclassical or Art Nouveau.

Book cheap flights to Venice, Italy

In a literal floating city where 411 bridges connect 120 islands, you’re bound to get lost in amongst the Venetian Gothic architecture and narrow passages of Venice.

Book cheap flights to Verona, Italy

As the backdrop to Shakespeare’s most famous play, Romeo & Juliet, it becomes apparent that all who set foot in Verona are in for a treat. More than half a million tourists visit the site of Juliet’s House each year, many of them imitating the legendary balcony scene.

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