18 Ways To Experience Egypt Like A Local

Eat kebda, Sogo2, Foul, Ta3meya, Batates & Betengan sandwiches from a street vendor -men 3ala 3arabeya

You can have a stomachache afterwards, but it’s ok, it only means that you need to eat more of these and you’ll be perfectly good.

3118069633_9bdf0c2163_zPhoto by Ed Yourdon
6785695347_f434e00947_zFalafel with Fries sandwich by Alan Teo

Eat Batata Mashweya on a cold winter night in Cairo or Dora Mashwi specially on Alexandria’s corniche

Grilled sweet potatoes are easily made at home, however those grilled in this traditional oven are out of this world. Very soft, and smell so good.

2014-09-01_1108Couldn’t find a photo of 3arabeyet batata at night sorry, photo by Hossam

Eat Baladi bread

Once we get hold on German & French pastry we all admit they are the best, however baladi bread cannot be compared!

3149588314_a5b1a024ce_bBaladi Bread by Ed Yourdon

Drinking/Eating Homos elsham or Sahlab on a cold night

Exactly what you need on a cold night, specially that we Egyptians don’t use heating.

4104951321_86ed899f8e_bSahlab by Alpha

Ride a taxi & argue with the driver over the fare and to put the A/C on

An Egyptian taxi driver will tell you all sorts of made up stories, or real stories about his childhood, his experience in life, or even cursing the country, the traffic and drivers. They don’t put the A/C automatically and you always have to argue about the fare.

360674373_b21ef2f012_zPhoto by Rutger

Drive a car

You cannot miss this one, Egyptian driving is crazy, totally out of control.

5142247080_37c3b6ebd7_bIt’s totally insane by Asim Bharwani

Cross the street

It’s a challenge, that’s not suitable for the faint-hearted, traffic lights are non-existent. The driver challenges the pedestrian if s/he will be able to cross without getting hit, and the pedestrian is like “if you think about hitting me, you’re doomed”. Egyptians cross highways, ring roads, they fear nothing and are unstoppable.

8389729724_c1d252704a_zThis photo is not in Egypt, but is more or less the same by Michael Coghian

See someone hitching such a ride

7374740320_709851d5d0_zPhoto by Vagabondblogger

Eat gebna beida (white cheese) with batikh (watermelon)

Such a delight specially when coming back home from a long day spent near the sea.

4844919573_44f262ab1f_zPhoto by Kirti Poddar

Eat at Kebdet ElbrensΒ -now sadly closed

It’s Elbrens not Elprince, and absolutely the best Egyptian food restaurant in town, a very traditional one.

4321332389_3917913510_zThis photo is not at Kebdet Elbrens by Ronald Woan

Attend Eidul Fitr prayer, eat kahk and have breakfast with family & friends afterwards

Whether you’re muslim or not, it’s an amazing atmosphere, people finish the prayer then head back home to have breakfast with the family, or go out to have breakfast with friends then go home to continue eating with the family.

2014-09-01_1355Eidul Fitr prayer by Sandip Debnath

Attend the slaughtering during Eidul Adha and eating Fattah and fresh la7ma & kebdah

3712699954_90bc0e0f68_zPhoto by Clint Rutkas

Haggle when buying from street vendors, souvenir shops and souqs

2014-09-01_1202Photo by Spyros Petrogiannis

Drink Sobia, 2assab, & Fakhfakhina juices

6651002271_055d1f4dd9_bIn the Egyptian version of 2assab juice we don’t add lemon slices as shown in the photo by Matthew Hine

Ask someone for directions & getting even more lost

First s/he asks “howa 2alak fen”, next thing you’ll most probably be given wrong ones.

116220689_438039ddb3_zPhoto by Brian Talbot

Fight with someone who ignores the queue

4243300265_cbc0d09155_zPhoto by Xiaojun Deng

See a car that is loaded with an illogical weight

I wonder how on earth this car is still able to move!!!

2012-634867103303985336-398Photo by Ahram Online

Sit on an Ahwa Baladi

It has to be an ahwa baladi, not just a random cafe that serves shisha, and preferably if a football game is on, even better if it’s the derby (Ahly vs. Zamalek)

2438462286_10c8f7d2af_zPhoto by Peter Morgan

Have any additions? Please write them in the comments below!Β 

Our Readers Comments

  1. Love it. Done almost all… Except sit at the ahwa shop… Can i take the pic for my collections?

    • U didn’t try the Ahwa? ! It’s the easiest on the list!

  2. Great article well done

  3. Haha Interesting !

  4. It’s an amazing article.
    Here’s Egypt

  5. great effort great work good luck

  6. You’ll never win over the argue with the taxi driver.

  7. love it!……………..

  8. Hhhhh lol it’s impossible that you will win the battle with the taxi driver ! πŸ˜€ his common quote ” The Spare parts’ price is rising up every day ” πŸ˜€ lol

    • @Amro Hahaha, true!
      As if he is the only one who would be suffering from any price increase πŸ˜€

  9. that is perfect and very interesting πŸ˜€

    but what about ”el sobo3” πŸ˜€ you didn’t mention it πŸ˜€
    it’s a party for the new born baby
    and you can eat ”7omos” and drink ”moghat” πŸ˜€

    • Oooooops! I missed this one BIG TIME!
      7omos? not melabes, chocolates, and drink moghat?
      Thanks Salma πŸ™‚

      • also melabs , chocolates, cocosi , and candles for kids πŸ˜€

        • Couscous kaman!!!
          First time to know that…
          Thanks @Salma for the info πŸ™‚

  10. what about eating the termes (lupin) while walking on the nile ? sobia or karkadeh (hibiscus) ?

    • you’re absolutely right, however I have neveeeeeeer had termes from a street vendor, although 100% Egyptian I always have my concerns about hygiene when it comes to termes, hehehe @Hatem πŸ™‚
      Sobia, Karkadeh and 7omos el sham (a.k.a 7alabessa)…mmm, my bad πŸ™
      Thanks @Hatem πŸ™‚

  11. What great souvenirs these pictures and comments have revived in me. Egypt is the most wonderful place to live in …………………………… especially for foreigners !

  12. Being away from my beloved Egypt, these pictures have touched a special nerve. Thanks for sharing them with us. GREAT job. I also read all the comments. I’d like to THANK all of you for your beautiful, appropriate and civilized comments.

    • Thank you very much Ibrahim, I am glad that this was touching in a way or another πŸ˜€
      Our readers are nothing but civilized and intellectual people, we are lucky to have them πŸ™‚

  13. Thank you for the great work; Good job ;well done ; I would like to add some stuff were missing if u don’t mind Assem “Koshary ” ; “Molokhiya” ; “Om Ali” ; “Kofta” ; “Konafah :Basboosa” ;”Torshy” ; “Baklava” ; “Besarah” ; “Hamam Mahshy” ;”SEMEET WE GEBNA” …..ALSO “FETTEER MESHALTET” ; “GEBNA WE ASSAL” ; “ASSAL WE TEHEENA” …………..So instead of the 18 ways it will be 33 oe may be it could reach to a 100 ha ha ha
    Thank you for your great effort.

    • thanks Emad, and for the suggestions, honestly if we start talking about food the list is ENDLESSSSSSSSSS πŸ˜€

  14. I was born in this blessed country ,sadly I had to leave at the age of 16 but I have not tasted anything tastier since ,than molokheya ,foul medames,falafel maa tahina,red zagloul dates or soudani and leb of my youth!It is truly a blessed country and the Egyptians the most hospitable and friendly people on this earth…!

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