Russia World Cup 2018 Booking Guide For Egyptians

Russia World Cup 2018

We have been waiting as Egyptians For this moment since a really long time, the day we get into the World Cup again, for 28 years almost and we finally made it with Mooo Salah’s goals,our Pharaonic champ.  Finally we can stop hearing about Magdy Abdel Ghany’s goal in the World Cup 1990. Despite that, We have always had that enormous love for The World Cup or as we call it “The Mondial “. We have grown listening to Mondial songs and singing it along through our entire childhood like “Go Go Go Allez Allez Allez ” for Ricky Martin “The Cup Of Life”. Not to mention Sahkira’s Songs like “Waka Waka ” and “LA LA” For World Cup 2010 and 2014 they were such a hit back then. We have always watched the world cups and picked different teams to cheer for, even siblings used to fight over which team will win this year and all that kiddish talk and even grown ups used to watch it meticulously. But this year is like no other we are all united on cheering for only Our beloved team “The Egyptian Team”. That union and happiness we saw on the streets of all Egypt when we won the match that got us into the World cup was like no other, fascinating and heart warming.The pretty good news is that Russia is the hosting country this year, which is an iconic country in hosting huge sports events like this, besides it’s a wonderful country by all means, civilization, nature and entertainment. The best part of this, is that Russia allowed the citizens of the participating countries in The World Cup to come visit it during The World Cup and no need to apply for a visa all you have to do is book your ticket for the match pack your bag and go. And that is what we are going to tell you here, what are your steps to be able to travel to Russia and what are the best packages by the Egyptian companies so you don’t get lost over the net searching.

World Cup 2018

The Egyptian team is going to play three times in the preset schedule on the 15th, 19th and 25th of June. So we can attend all matches or one of them. Most packages made by travel agencies include one of these days either the 15th, 19th of June or the 25th of June  in the programs along with some other days to allow you enjoy your time there and take your tour visiting all the attractions in the city you will be in. That’s a really good chance honestly to take. Like no visa, world cup and our team is playing seriously it’s a chance that doesn’t come a lot, so if you can save up your money then choose your package and go.

The Steps To The World Cup

Step One

As most packages don’t include the match tickets, so you have to book your ticket first for the match you want to watch. That is the most important step because no ticket means no travel. The ticket is like your entry pass into the country. You can definitely book your ticket from The FIFA site  in this case you have to apply for buying a ticket first and the applications are open till the third of April. Or from StubHub tickets . Luckily tickets for all matches are still available, the first match Egypt Vs Uruguay on the 15th which its tickets prices start from 170 € and  for the second match of Egypt Vs Russia on the 19th the prices start from 350 € for non- Russian residents. AS for the other match of Egypt Vs Saudi Arabia on the 25th the Prices start from 167 €.

Tickets_World Cup 2018


Step two

Done with booking your ticket, then it is your time to apply for Fan Id. This step is really important for you to enter Russia and the matches. It gives you the following privileges, comfort and safety at the stadium,visa-free Entry to the Russian Federation and free use of public transport. You register by filling your data in the form including the number of the ticket you already bought and the other information that they need you to fill in the application form. All steps that will be followed are demonstrated on the FAN ID site.

FAN ID_World Cup 2018

Step Three

About time to check all the available packages and decide on which one is the best for you. As we said before most packages given to you by travel agencies will give you a program that includes attending one or two matches along with some days to have your tour through the city, like we don’t travel to Russia every day.


We have many offers on different scales that you can choose from. Our First offer that is from 12th of June till 20th of June which means you can attend both matches of 15th and 19th pretty awesome. The package includes staying in Moscow maxima panorama hotel for 8 nights with breakfast, international flights on Turkish Airways, 2 tickets for 2 matches, internal transportation and flights. All this for 82,000 EGP.

The other package includes attending all the three matches , form the 14th of June till the 26th of June.Including international flights, internal flights and transportation, accommodation for 12 nights in Maxima Panorama Moscow and 2 tickets for 2 matches. All this for just 87,000 EGP.

There are more package and offers you just have to check our Website Here. 

The packages in Egypt range from 28,500 up to 107,000 according to your preferences, the number of matches you want to attend, the inclusions and exclusions in each package, means of transportation and finally the hotel you want to stay in .

Don’t hesitate, it’s out time now we need to go there and watch our team playing with pride and support them. Save up and book your package and go ! And come back to tell us how we are making history 😉

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