Why Budapest Is A Great Idea For The Holidays

It’s an awesome city full of friendly people and great food. Budapest has a very special vibe. From the first moment you will feel that it is very different from anywhere you’ve been to. As underestimated as it is, Budapest will let you live an all European experience with a budget that won’t drive you to tears.

The Streets

The streets of Budapest are full of character. Maybe because all of the history that the country has witnessed, or because of the diversity of its residents. But walking down the streets is definitely an adventure in itself. It should be on top of the list of things to do. Lucky for us, there are numerous groups who offer free walking tours of the city. The tours have different themes and you can pick the ones you are interested in the most. The tour usually lasts for around 3 hours but that differs according to the theme and the neighbourhood. Just search online for a company with good reviews.


The Blue Danube

And we’re not just talking about the Waltz dancing, we are actually talking about the REAL Blue Danube which is one of the most famous rivers in the world, and it does live up to its expectations. Built on both its banks, a riverwalk would offer a very romantic and scenic view of the city. Better yet, you can take any river trip (doesn’t have to be a fancy cruise, just take normal water transportation) and get to enjoy an amazing view of Budapest.


The Thermal Baths

If this city is famous for just one thing, it would be its historic bathhouses. It’s definitely a 5 stars experience that come at a very friendly budget. Thermals baths that are scattered all over the city are places with pools filled of warm to hot water (the temperature of the water differs from one pool to another) and you can just keep hopping around to and from different temperature. If you want to pamper your muscles, be sure to spend at least one day in one of them. (PS: They work in winters too and not just summers.

They, too, have lions on their bridges

Budapest has pretty cool bridges which separate the two halves of the city. On one side of the Danube river lies Buda, and one the other side is Pest. And guess what? They too have lions on there bridges. The bridges that separate the two halves of Budapest are beautiful to say the least. The Liberty Bridge and the Chain Bridge are not to be missed.


The Ruin Pubs

These the coolest bars in the world, no kidding. We are not even talking about parties, we just recommend it purely for the arts and culture. Many of the pubs of Budapest are build on ruins and abandoned buildings, they are further decorated with different kinds of art. Touring them would make you explore a completely different side to the architecture of Budapest.


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