Egypt ‘s Hidden Treasures Part 2: “White Desert”

Hidden Treasures Of Egypt

So this blog is the second part in Egypt’s Hidden treasures series talking about the goddess of Baharya Oasis “The White Desert”. As we told you before Egypt has a lot of virgin places that really little amount of people know about and our target in this series is to reveal this hidden beauty and get it to your screen, motivate you to go and see it by yourself and finally discover your own home country

White Desert

White Desert

The White Desert is part of the Western Desert of Egypt, that makes you feel like you tarevelled back in time to stone ages again. Pure beauty in its most marvelous way. Well that feeling you get when you see it, like you went back in time millions of years is totally explainable. The White desert is formed by the ocean and the sea creatures that did exist 80 millions of years ago, which is a huge time ago . After millions of years and decades you can now just visit it in the 20th centuries, clearly see the fossils indicating the past life of this desert every where. Just astonishing piece of land and history you nearly had no idea it did exist here in Your own country Egypt,  just 500 kilometres from Cairo .

White Desert-Amorphous figures

The Chicken And Mushroom Rocks

Are You motivated enough to hit the road and go there, we still have more and more fascinating stuff to tell you. The White desert is a vast area of desert that is covered in totally white sand, yup, like you have fallen in the clouds of white cotton candy or as if you are walking on the moon. White every where you glance, made of limestone or chalk, leaving behind a scene of divine beauty that leaves you speechless. Due to the erosion of the atmosphere acting on the desert you will find different structures that will blow your mind and imagination every time you look around you. There are shapes of animals, chicken, mushrooms, faces, pyramids and even the sphinx, just let your imagination go as wild as it can. The most famous shapes are the chicken and the mushroom you can go there and take some photo. The best actually are silhouette photos which are usually epic.

Mushroom Rock -White Desert


Of course you can have safari on the dunes of soft sand. The rovers just going up and down in abnormal speed, specially on high dune where the cars are going down a slope of almost 90 degrees. Adrenaline rushing through your whole body as if you fell all of a sudden in Fast And Furious movie, but in a Bedouin style. And since there are dunes of soft sand there will be plenty of activities that you can do over there and enjoy your time to the maximum. Like you can grab some sand boards and go gliding off those dunes with speed and fun. Or you can take your mountain bike and go cycling around up and down those dunes, but be careful with the speed.

Safari-White Desert

Sand boarding _white Desert


And of course the cherry on top of the activities in the White desert is ” Camping “. Spending the night in a Million Star hotel is such an amazing experience that no one should miss. just you , your sleeping bag and the stars, those little twinkling lights billions of them right there above you will draw a smile of satisfaction on your face. The sound of silence around you will hit your soul so hard making you feel so energized and alive. As the sun sweeps slowly and gracefully, it will wake you up to the most graceful scene. The vast white area reflecting the shades of Orange and red will make your heart melt. In addition to that you will enjoy of course a Bedouin night that you have never dreamt of, the Bedouin songs, the camping fire along with the Delicious Bedouin food served that will make your day for sure.

Camping-White Desert

El Heiz Water Spring

Before you go home you can end your journey with a dip At El Heiz Water spring. El heiz is an oasis that is surrounded by palm trees that you can pick some dates from. A spring where you can swim , but there are some precipitations on the floor tat will stain your hands, clothes and feet, so better have extra clothes. There is a rest by the spring where you can have light Bedouin lunch like cheese, tunas and green salad. You never know what is so special about this launch, but you will fall in love with it. If you have Extra time you should pay a visit to El Heiz Water Educational Center. It holds a museum that explains the geology over there and a centre where the children are taught English, personal hygiene and Geology. If you are lucky enough you will meet the children in one of their classes.

El Heiz Water Educational Centre

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