Weirdest Ramadan Traditions In Egypt

The Ramadan spirit is always such a great one. Everybody is in such a great mood, family visits, good food, it’s a real festive season. We sure all love eating till we can’t breath and binge watching the 178 TV series that are airing during the month. But have you stopped for a moment to notice the other traditions that might not make very much sense during Ramadan? We, we have made our research and are introducing you the 5 winners:


1. The Ramadan Tents

We can’t deny that those are luxurious and cool places to be during Ramadan. Spending your evenings with a great view, good shisha, nice music, etc. But the weird thing is, why do we need this oriental vibe in Ramadan specifically? We do live in Cairo, so we should have a few of those functioning all year round, right?

2. The Ramadan Series

Those series are the best that are being produced all year. You know why? Because nothing is gets produced all around the year. It’s like, you either watch those series during Ramadan, or you miss it for good. Why? Seriously, why? I mean, I can enjoy a good series on the evening of December for example. It’s cold outside and curling up at home with a good series to watch might seem like a good idea. But no, it is not Ramadan, so I don’t get to have that. How weird!

3. Work Ethic

People are not eating, smoking, or enjoying their coffee. And as much as we do sympathize with that, not being productive at all for a whole month just because you didn’t have your coffee seems a bit odd. People detox and fast around the year without being so dramatic about it. Why has this become a tradition?

4. The Driving Skills


There are certain timing where you shouldn’t even think about taking your car anywhere. However, it will forever remain a mystery why people’s driving skills deteriorate 10 times during this month. We get that you want to reach the iftar on time, but if you arrive 10 minutes late, you will still be able to eat food.

5. Shonat Ramadan

People get hungry the other 11 months too! Why is giving food a tradition in the month where people are not supposed to be eating food for 2 thirds of the day? We will never know!

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