All I Want For Christmas Is.. Beirut

Beirut has always had something special about it. We have grown up listening to the magical voice of Fairouz singing for Lebanon, and somehow this passion of hers has transformed to each one of us making the country a part of our hearts forever..


It is easy to get to

Lebanon is a great idea for this Holiday season. It is simply your safest choice; the fastest and easiest destination from Cairo. Beirut doesn’t require a visa to go, so that wouldn’t be a problem (you just have to have an amount of 2,000 USD in cash while entering the airport). Additionally, the flight take 45 minutes, which is probably less than the time you take to drive to work.


It is extraordinarily beautiful

Lebanon has this strangely overwhelming effect of making and breaking your heart, all at the same time. Walking around the streets, seeing the torn buildings which bring back memories of pain and destruction, yet they have found their way to peace again. Greenery has grown around the buildings and they became part of the vaguely beautiful ambience of the city.


It is perfect for New Year’s

It can be very cheap to hang out in Beirut, given that you know all the hacks so you don’t get cheated. The vibrant nights of Beirut, the delicious food, and above all, the sound of legendary Fairuz always playing in the background will all be memories for any visitor of the city..

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