The Ultimate Guide To watch The World Cup In Cairo

Egypt Participating in World Cup

We actually have been waiting for this event for so many years, yup 28 years till Egypt took place again in the World Cup. That feeling of pride and excitement every single time it pops up in your mind that we are part of World cup 2018 playing against huge teams and doing so well up till now. And Since that you should not miss watching your national team playing, so we got you the guide to all the places that will be airing the world cup matches so you don’t miss a single moment .

World cup

1.The Platform Maadi

In The Platform all matches will be aired on 24 Led screens. There is also a 3×4 Mega led screens. Not to mention that some giveaways and activations are done over there. And Of course you can enjoy dinning in one of the varieties of cafe`s and restaurants over there. If you want more thrill and nice time you can try their kayaks before the match 😉

The Platform- World cup

2.City Stars Intercontinental

The Match is aired on big screens by the pool, where you can enjoy the cool summer breeze and great meal. There is a minimum charge of 250 EGP.

Contact City Stars intercontinental before you go for reservations.

Intercontinental -World Cup


3. Cairo Festival City

They will be airing the match on a big screen near the fountain not to mention that a lot of cafe’s will be airing it too. so all you need to do is pick your seat in a restaurant or café` and you will have a chance to watch the match. if we were you we will pick one of the café`s on the top floor so we can enjoy both a good view of the screen to watch the match and a cool summer breeze.

Cairo Festival

4. Tivoli Dome

If you are one of Masr El Gedida residents and you do not really like to go outside your area specially with the traffic jams that occurs after Ramadan and Eid, then this spot is perfect for you. Tivoli dome is one of the greatest places with a variety of cafés and restaurants of different cuisines, American, Lebanese and other international cuisines. Tivoli will be having a Led screen in each café and a huge screen just after the entrance with a few meters , hung up high so all people can watch the match properly.

5. City stadium

It’s a Place made up by city stars to let everyone enjoy the match. It has really huge screen as if you are in the stadium itself. Not to mention the comfortable seats and the availability of everything you can wish for, whether drinks, food or even shisha. That place gives you an ultimate experience.

If you want to go for a lower budget you can hit any Baladi café` and you will enjoy your time and watch the match also 😉 The most important thing is to cheer with all your heat and pray that we get a good chance in this world cup and may the luck be in the favor of our Egyptian National Team.

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