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When speaking about Turkey everybody goes to Istanbul, ignoring an array of interesting options combining pristine beaches, great outdoors, ancient ruins, churches with history, ports, castles, and more.

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Nearest Airport is Dalaman Airport

Region: Aegean Region


  • Enjoying the beaches of Ölüdeniz village, one of the most photographed in the world, or paragliding over it, or maybe just a romantic sunset on Calis beach
  • Hiking & Trekking in any season except summer, as summer is best enjoyed on the shores of lovely beaches
2676224849_c6ab42497c_zPhoto courtesy: Alessandra Kocman
  • Canyoning, hiking, water rafting, and climbing at Saklıkent Canyon/Gorge
  • Boat trips at a very reasonable price to hop on 12 different islands, the boats could be public or private, usually for 8 hours where you have 5 swim stops, and lunch. Visitors have the option for a shorter version of this trip that could be as short as a half day, or only to watch sunset
4913402954_8ca2bd038c_zSaklıkent Canyon by Sarah Murray
  • The rock-cut Lycian tombs are a must see, climbing the way up will give you great views of the marina. Pinara Antique City is also worth discovering along with Tlos Ruins, and the Old Town.
  • You could also visit Karakoy to get a feeling of the Turkish countryside, and ancient ruins. Kayaking & canoeing are a famous sport over there
414570527_b397c3a18c_zSaklıkent Canyon by denvilles_duo


Nearest Airport is Kayseri or Neveshir Airport

Region: Cappadocia Region


  • Known for its natural rock formations often called Fairy-Chimneys, the city is a great example of the harmony between man and nature
  • It hosts five very old churches, the oldest dates back to the 6th and 7th century

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  • What’s unique about Göreme is its rock houses housing locals, if not used a storage houses, not only that but rock restaurants and hotels that visitors would travel all the way to experience
  • Discovering the multi-leveled Underground City of Derinkuyu or Kaymaklı where people once lived, traded and stored their merchandise
  • The open air museum hosting rock formations, and churches -all included in one entry ticket- except for the Dark Church that you cannot miss. The museum would require a fairly easy hike
  • You could catch a beautiful sunset while hot-air balooning, or at the famous sunset point -a sunrise is also possible

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Nearest Airport: Denizli Airport

Region: Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey – Aegean Region


  • Pamukkale literally means “cotton castle”, are natural thermal pools heated by volcanic lava, formed thanks to the calcium oxide rich waters flowing from Cal Mountain slope that carried deposits, creating the cotton or snowy like terraces
  • The waters have curative characteristics, and are open 12 years a year, however they can get steaming hot in summer, and hot in winter however the surrounding would still be winter cold. A smaller version, not far from Pamukkale and one that is underground is named Kalik caves
13540261795_37818ca4bf_z (1)Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Poggi
  • Before taking a dip at Pamukkale people usually visit Hierapolis; the Roman Amphitheater taking you a “The Gladiator” like battlefield
  • An also must visit is the site of Laodikya that has a significance in the bible
  • Try the mud baths and red springs of Karahayit for another spa-like experience
4144811874_e502db0d86_zPhoto courtesy: Ana Raquel S. Hernandes


Nearest Airport: Bodrum Airport

Region: Aegean Region


  • Bodrum is a mix of world heritage, beach, and city life
  • Crazy night and day parties at Aquatica floating beach club
  • Windsurfing, diving, and boat tours
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto courtesy: Yilmaz Oevuenc
  • The Museum Of Underwater Archaeology is where one of the oldest, and richest known of shipwrecks is on display, it also hosts an amazing display of finds from underwater excavations
  • Bodrum Castle that was built in the 15th century by the Knights Hospitaller, Bodrum Amphitheatre, and the ancient windmills
  • Karakaya Village; more than 300 years old, it was partly abandoned, however a big part of it was restored to its original state
2015-08-02_1618Photo courtesy: Yilmaz Oevuenc


Nearest Airport: Izmir Airport

Region: Aydin Region


  • If you will be landing at Izmir Airport, it’s worth visiting the city of Izmir with its lovely beaches
  • If you hold a valid Schengen Visa then you could hop on one of the daily ferry boats to visit the nearby Greek Islands of Samos
  • Kusadasi has got its fame thanks to Ephesus archaeological attractions, Ephesus is an ancient Greek city specially interesting to those who want to know more about the Christians and Jews who once lived there, and left their traces
  • It is believed that this is where Virgin Mary has spent her last days
  • When there you have to visit the great theater, along with St. John Basilica
10136626585_a877375845_zKusadasi by Neil Howard


Nearest Airport: Antalya Airport

Region: In Pamphylia situated on the south coast of Turkey


  • It has so many caves, but the most famous is Damlataş Cave near Kleoptra Beach, where it’s believed that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt in a voyage to the Mediterranean had stopped and had a swim
  • Alanya beaches
  • The Old Shipyard dating back to the 13th century, located close to the famous Red Tower
  • The Castle (Cale) located on a high hill easily accessible on foot, by bus, by bike, or scooters
  • Sapadere Kanyonu is a canyon where you can do all sorts of activities
  • When there backpackers should not miss the village of Olympos -which is 138 KM from Alanya- it is specially loved by youth as accommodation is basically in tree houses bungalows, it also hosts ancient Lycian ruins, isolated beaches that are less busy & less touristic
4958056366_c76eeb5f3e_zPhoto courtesy: Michael Fludkov

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  1. Çirali , a small village near antalya with secluded beach , had my honey moon there …its a paradise !

    • Thanks Mohamed for the addition, I love it when people spend their honeymoons off the beaten track 😉

  2. i dont think that this places is under rated , its just not promoted well in the middle east ( thankefully ) . Their main client is from europe esp oludeniz, it looks like a british colony plus theyre taking good care of their local tourism . I think kabake ( 30 mnt east of oludeniz ) is really an under rated place. really good its a hyppies paradise and lots of turks donno it also the butterfly valley .

    • hahahahaha @thankfully!
      Thanks Khaled for the great insight and recommendations 😉

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