Travelstart Launches Flight Booking App For Android And iOS

Egyptian travelers are notoriously last-minute specially when it comes to making travel arrangements, and all necessary bookings. With more than 35% of our website visitors accessing it via a mobile device, and a mobile internet penetration reaching 20.34 million subscribers with an annual growth of 47% in 2014, all these indicators stressed on the need to create a flight booking engine that’s accessible everywhere at all time, hence a user friendly application available on Android & iOS mobile devices.










As Travelstart has always been keen to follow the trend, and to meet the needs of existent and potential clients, launching a mobile application was a must, and a top priority.

The trend is forming where mobile-commerce is becoming the new trend and we believe that our new mobile application effectively places a travel agent in customers’ pockets,” said Ahmed Saadeddine Egypt’s Country Manager. “Because of this rising trend, we at Travelstart Egypt launched our mobile friendly website in March 2014 as we felt that now was the time to bring our trusted brand into the m-commerce market, later on we found the urge to launch our mobile application, to give users the ultimate online booking experience” he added.



The flight booking app brings the most powerful features and flexibility of the Travelstart Egypt website to small screens. For Android and iOS smartphone & tablets users it is available for download globally; flight prices adjust automatically to the currency of the region where the device is located, so there is no need to worry about converting money, or conversion rates. Users can search for flights, compare airline ticket prices in real time, book and pay using one of Travelstart’s secure payment methods, receiving instant booking confirmation via email.

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Not only it gives you the leisure of booking online, but to make your payment easily, and hassle-free even if you do not own a credit card, because Travelstart offers 3 alternative offline payment options -such as; cash on delivery, bank transfer, or cash at our office– to make your booking experience as convenient as possible.

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The question is why though mobile penetration is at high rates in Egypt, & the MENA region, online bookings in general are still minimal compared to its peers worldwide? Is it a problem of mistrusting online payments? The inconvenience of payment solutions? or the nonexistence of reliable travel apps? Having that in mind, Travelstart has developed a versatile secure online payment system, several offline solutions, launched its mobile friendly website, and finally launched its mobile application.

We are excited to announce the launch of our mobile application, while looking forward to another amazing year with some -hopefully lots of- significant, yet interesting changes in the consumer behavior :).

Be part of the change, and download our Flight Booking Application now by visiting the Play Store (for Android) or iTunes (for iOS).

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