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Ever asked yourself why do we travel? Some find the answer to be pretty simple; they travel to relax, sight-see, and shop, for some others the answer is not as simple; some would go to the remotest of places to challenge themselves in climbing a mountain, or cycling long scenic routes, others would do all it takes to master a new skill at its birthplace be it cooking, hand-crafting, or even dancing, while some others would choose to disconnect from their tiring life routine by meditating, or joining a yoga retreat. We believe that this what travel is all about; not to just see the world, but to experience and get the best out of it.

Here is some ideas to get you started 😉

Flamenco Dancing In Its Birthplace Seville

Not so many know that the famous Flamenco dance was born in Andalusia, a place mixing Islamic and European influence. Imagine yourself crazy foot-stomping, waving with your arms wide open, shouting Olé. Flamenco doesn’t only leave you in good mood, it’s a great way to exercise your muscles from toes to fingertips. That’s an experience that we wouldn’t want you to miss. (Below photo by Andrea Balducci)

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Stretching Yourself In The Yoga Capital Of India

Those seeking some balance back in their lives, we advise them to learn the art of yoga, by a master yogi in the enchanting little town of Rishikesh known as India’s Yoga Supermarket, lying at the foothills of the Himalayas, where one cannot better relax, and meditate.

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Perfume & Fragrance Making In Provence

Ever seen this jaw-dropping image of blooming lavender fields? Wondered where this postcard-like place could possibly be? That’s the region of Provence in France, and this is not what it’s all about; in the town of Grasse the perfume capital of the world, you could learn perfume and fragrance making at one of its top perfumeries. We believe that a trip to Provence is a must take. (Below photo by K.Hurley)

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Healing Yourself In A Hot Sand Bath In Siwa

While we usually recommend to avoid Siwa in summer, rheumatism, and joints pain sufferers go there in the scorching heat of August, specifically Dakrour Mountain to be buried in the sand for 20 minutes up to their neck, 3 to 5  times a day, waiting for magical results to happen. (Below photo of Dakrour Mountain by Marwa El Agroudy)

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Perfecting Italian Pizza On The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a hidden gem, probably the richest and most scenic in Italy’s south. Craft a traditional Pizza, and learn how to make it from scratch just like an Italian master chef, we suggest that you bring your skills back home, to start your own Pizzeria. (Below photo by Florian Rieder)

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So what are you up to next? How would you experience and travel the world differently? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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