Traveling Solo Female: How To Stay Safe

Don’t travel for the first time in your life alone

Not that it’s dangerous or unsafe, it’s just that it requires some guts, experience, and a certain attitude. Don’t do it unless you are very comfortable with it, and can totally be responsible of your actions. DON’T make your first trip in your life alone, test yourself first in a group trip before going solo.

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Don’t go to places/cities/countries where women safety is usually a concern

There is a plethora of interesting places, cities and countries to visit in this amazing world, so don’t pick those where crime, and rape rates are high, save them for later when you have a group to travel with. (Photo courtesy: Doran)


Keep your accommodation in a safe neighborhood

Book your accommodation in a safe area, but how can you find out that it’s safe or not the safest? Check reviews on Tripadvisor, or submit questions to any of the online forums whereas travelers respond according to their experiences, the two most famous forums are Tripadvisor Forum and the Thorn Tree by Lonely Planet. (Photo courtesy: Paulina)


Keep the “I am a strong woman” attitude

Even if you are about to pee in your pants always maintain a cool, confident, and “I am a strong woman attitude”, which is usually a complete turn off, and will most likely keep bad people away; the more you look vulnerable the more they see you as a great catch. Once you are safe and sound, feel free to cry, scream, or do whatever gets the stress out of you. (Photo courtesy: AP Photographie)


Always stay in an area that is well connected by transportation

This is very important so you wouldn’t have to desperately keep looking for a lift, or be dropped off in a remote area, one that would make you feel lost, and unsafe. (Photo courtesy: Trey Ratcliff)

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Don’t walk alone at night

As fun as night walks sound, don’t even think about it -also applies in your hometown-, why would a solo female even consider walking alone in the dark at night, unless seriously looking for trouble, or bad turn of events? (Photo courtesy: MARGARETES)


Avoid remote areas specially at night

If you want to go to remote areas during the day it’s fine -well it depends on the country you are visiting-, however make sure that 1. somebody knows where you are, 2. you have a mobile navigator to help you in case you got lost -a GPS is a great option as well-, 3. a functioning mobile phone, and 4. you know exactly how to go back to the place you came from. You can unleash the explorer side of you during the day, but certainly not at night. (Photo courtesy: Giuseppe Milo)


Always have a functioning mobile phone preferably with a navigator

Since everybody now has a smart phone, best thing to do upon arrival is buying a sim card with a mobile data package, and that’s for several reasons; 1. roaming services are very expensive specially when it comes to mobile data -if you have a good package and good mobile coverage then you don’t necessarily need to buy one-, 2. roaming services can suck, and mobile coverage would give you the hardest time, therefore it would be much easier to use the services of a local carrier, and 3. and most importantly to have access to a phone, and to internet in case of emergencies. (Photo courtesy: Johan Larsson)


Don’t talk to strangers who look fishy

That’s common sense, I know you want to be the most friendly, outgoing and are interested in meeting with new people, but don’t look for troubles by chatting to someone who looks like he had too much alcohol, or someone who is high and under the influence of drugs, even if they initiate the talking, feel free to be rude, and just ignore them. (Photo courtesy: Doug Bowman)


Try to minimize your use of night trains/flights

Unless you will arrive during the day, or at times when it’s easy to find a lift to your accommodation, avoid night rides at all cost; the last thing you want is arriving drained out of all energy, standing for too long in a terminal, a train, an underground, a bus, or a taxi station looking desperately for a ride, the waiting and standing could be really dangerous. (Photo courtesy: Daniel Horacio Agostini)


Avoid late night parties and hangouts

Even if you are the most outgoing night guru, and party-goer traveling alone wouldn’t let you be so. Probably not the wisest idea to walk into a party, a bar or a club late at night all by yourself, let alone that you will be targeted by every single guy out there, in addition to the fact that you will have to take a ride back home by yourself late at night -in case you insist and for your own safety take a taxi rather than public transports. Same goes to music festivals, and big events. (Photo courtesy: ibizadiscotickets)


Always keep a note with contacts of people you could run to in case of emergency

Your battery might die, you might lose your phone, or even forget it at the hotel. Always carry a note with contacts of people who could assist you in case of emergency, also always have on you the address of your accommodation, and the name of the closest underground or bus station close to it. (Photo courtesy: Paul Watson)


Don’t give everybody the impression that you are a tourist

Specially when traveling to Africa, Asia, or Latin America, because this is the time when everyone wants to rip you off or sell you all sorts of crap, pickpockets are around the corner, and people have tendency to come annoy you in a way or another. Get rid of your pair of new sneakers, be dressed like locals do -but don’t overdo it-, and don’t walk with your camera, a guidebook or a map in hand -always use them when you are not seen by others, as for the camera you won’t look like a tourist if you take shots every now and then. (Photo courtesy: Shamus Dollin)

Find out how to be a traveler and not a tourist 😉


Don’t be dressed in expensive clothes

No you don’t have to walk around in your Louis Vuitton bag, your most expensive jewellery, or be wearing fancy clothes, instead go basic, go local, and try not to grab attention as much as you can, because you don’t want to get robbed or kidnapped, yes kidnapped! (Photo courtesy: Maegan Tintari)


Always stay cautious even if traveling to the safest city in the world, or if you are an avid traveler

That’s the most important of all, don’t think that given the fact that you travel quite often that would make you less exposed to dangers and safety issues, and always be skeptic because even the safest city in the world can be at times unsafe.

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And that concludes that you shouldn’t be afraid of traveling alone as long as; you are cautious, you know that your safety comes first, and you make no room for foolish acts.

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Alright so I’ve been reading a lot of your articles on this blog, which are all pretty awesome, by the way 🙂 when it comes to this one though, I can’t say that you’re not 100% correct on all your points, but it saddens me that as women, we have to be put under so many restrictions that take half the fun out of our travel experience just because some “males” can’t keep it in their pants. I don’t think it’s any fun to feel paranoid throughout your entire time abroad, especially that it’s probably a once in a lifetime chance. I know traveling to a foreign country must be a little scary for both genders, but for women, the fear is amplified a thousand times over and it’s just not fair that we need to take all those suffocating precautions!

    • Hey Nadine,
      these are not suffocating precautions, if you put them into action you’d find out that this is the kind of “every day” precautions.
      Don’t be paranoid, it’s completely fine to travel solo 🙂
      And thank you very much for your lovely comment, keep following us 😉

  2. I’d had “always plan your route before leaving your rental/hotel”. I’ve traveled several times alone and having a plan before going out always made me feel safer and more confident. A thousand times yes to the smart phone + local carrier tip.

  3. If you will not give it a try you can never be able to travel alone. Traveling alone if always a rewarding experience. I would suggest that you should try it once without any fear.

    • i tried it, and it’s better to stay cautious rather than regretting it later 🙂

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