Travel Habits Survey By Travelstart Egypt

Since Travelstart Egypt has launched its Travel Blog back in July 2014, our marketing team has been working hand-in-hand in order to fulfill our readers’ and followers’ needs, keen to understand more about their travel choices and preferences, what would push them to travel, and what would stop them from discovering what this beautiful world has to offer, while teaching them all they need to know about travel and trip planning, providing them with all needed tools to become their own travel agents, and whatever it takes to encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and unravel the world surrounding us.

Accordingly we have put together this survey to help us better achieve just all of that, knowing that it would be of invaluable worth without your feedback 🙂

So please take some time to fill in this survey by clicking on the below link or image, promising you that you will enjoy filling it up, without consuming too much of your precious time 😉



Our Readers Comments

  1. Hello,

    How are you doing? I recently stumbled upon your blog travelstart. l have come across some of the valuable travel tips and sugesstion in your blog which were really helpful to me. Anyways, I have recently put together an infographic to simplify the process of choosing a travel destination. Obviously, it doesn’t cover every detail but could be nifty in making an initial choice based on the interests of the traveler. It would be an honor to have it featured on your esteemed blog, Also, it would be really great if you can credit us by putting our website link in it.

    Jeslin jewel

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