Top Travelstart’s Highlights Of 2015

As 2015 is coming to a closing; this year has had its ups and downs for everyone, we are all hoping and wishing that the next would bring more joy, excitement, adventures, travel experiences, and a lot more.


In January, we have launched our Travel Application, where users can search, compare, and complete their flight tickets booking using their smart phones, or tablets in the easiest, most convenient, and most secure way.


In February, we have introduced one more payment option to our payment methods, which is [email protected].


In May, we were nominated as The Best Online Travel Agent In 2014 by Amadeus, for the second year in a row.

amad insta

In October, we have launched our Arabic Website, where by just one click you can go from the English to the Arabic site.


Our Social Media Presence

In September, our Facebook page has reached a great milestone of 1 Million Fans.


Our blog

Our Most Read, Shared, & Loved Articles

Though last year our most read article was about food, this year people were more inclined to hangouts where food is not the highlight

17 Hangouts Where Food Is Not The Highlight

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bubble footballPhoto courtesy:

But, no matter what, we Egyptians are foodies from head to toe, therefore our suggestions of Best Places To Have Breakfast In Cairo comes second. And I promise you this year to try new places, to have this list upgraded.

Best Places To Have Breakfast In Cairo

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3923870940_4d25eca559_zPhoto by Matthew Mendoza

And night gurus were always keen to check what’s hot on the night scene! Are you interested to have this list updated? Can you share with us what’s hot?

The 15 Best Nightlife Spots In Cairo

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1970596_675039495871426_1429848702_nAmici Bar in Zamalek from Amici Bar’s official website

So Egyptians love their country so much, and are very keen to swim in each and every exotic beach of it.

12 Out Of This World Beaches In Egypt

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7863236476_8ac9a7319e_zMarsa Nayzak by Gigi Ibrahim

As well as visiting every part of the 65 best destinations in all Egypt.

The 65 Best Destinations In All Egypt

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5669486704_4e0156cb50_zRas Shitan by Rowan El-Shimi

But there is a big number who’s interested to roam the world hassle-free.

Countries Not Requiring Visa Entry For Egyptians

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14164005891_114849bef5_zNauru Island in Micronesia by Hadi Zaher

It seems that shopping remains the main highlight of our trips -me excluded ;).

The 5 Best Shopping Cities In Europe

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So what would you like to learn about in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

Our Competitions

We have launched 14 competitions; where we have given away IMAX tickets, Travelstart hampers & discount vouchers, Leftbank vouchers, Valentine’s cakes, etc.


Our Campaigns

Black Flyday; where we have offered massive discounts on airline tickets provided by major carriers of up to 40%, from November 27th, till November 30th.


In December, we thought that the best Christmas gift to offer to your family and friends would be something that would remain forever -hence travel- rather than just material objects.


And now…

Travelstart Egypt team would like to wish you a Marvelous New Year, filled with travel, leisure and world discovery, hoping that we will always make your travel experience so worthwhile. 

So what are your travel resolutions for 2016? Inspire us, and share them with us in the comments below!


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