Top Travelstart’s Highlights Of 2014

As the year 2014 is coming to a closing; It is worth mentioning that this year has been very challenging for our Travelstart Egypt Marketing team, yet enjoyable and rewarding as well. Our Travelstart Egypt team as a whole has worked hand in hand in order to make your travel experience way exciting, more insightful, and above all a booking experience that is made easy & simple.

July the 20th marks the birth of “my baby” our blog, this is where we have worked on covering as many interesting topics as we could, in an attempt to show you Egypt’s hidden gems, keep you updated of what’s happening in the city, encourage you to explore your own country, as well as revealing what the rich world surrounding us has to offer.



Our Most Read, Shared, & Loved Articles

As we Egyptians are addicted to food from head to toe, it was no surprise that our most read article had to do with best breakfast places in Cairo.

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3923870940_4d25eca559_zPhoto by Matthew Mendoza


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Cake Café



The Batter Half & Co. 



Though we complain about life in Egypt 24/7, and everybody seems to want to flee, we make up jokes about our country, others, and ourselves, ironically our piece about things that Egyptians would miss when traveling abroad came second.

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Final - Project KoshariPhoto by Waleed Elzuhair


Once more our audience proves that they love their country so much, and are interested to know all about its hidden destinations.

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Shali Fortress in Siwa OasisShali Fortress

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And we have discovered that our readers are nightlife gurus.

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1921886_1451404175094403_1526795905_n View from inside from The Garden’s official Facebook page

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La Bodega2014-12-14_1113

Le Pacha 1901



They also love beaches, but not as much as nightlife.

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7863236476_8ac9a7319e_zMarsa Nayzak by Gigi Ibrahim


Interestingly, though people complain about how expensive travel is, and how difficult it is to save money to travel the world, our articles on saving tips did not get so much attention.

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10920944764_3d224a6d48_zSantorini Island by mariusz kluzniak

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7096197343_137dae50ee_zPhoto by Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

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6165359903_24d196d2fb_zPhoto by Austronesian Expeditions


Our Sponsorships

The Urban Race in Marassi

urban race 3Selfie courtesy : Aladdin Nabil

As a reward to a filled with obstacles race, we have given away one flight ticket to anywhere in Europe to each winner from the males and females category, in addition to 1 domestic flight ticket to each of the runner-ups at the males and females categories.


Elfit Fitness Challenge Season 2 Grand Finale in SODIC

10301356_753066421454861_1870748936243840785_nPhoto courtesy: Elfit Managing Team

Because we can’t get enough of sports, we have sponsored Elfit Fitness Challenge, offering one flight ticket to Europe to each winner from the males and females category.


We Are

In May 2014, we were nominated The Best Online Travel Agency in 2013 by Amadeus.




Our mobile website in March 2014, followed by our mobile application for iOS & Android devices and tablets in December 2014.




Social Media Presence

We have launched our Instagram & Pinterest accounts, while we have been on Facebook since forever with 839364 fans -our number is growing by the minute ;)-, and are way more active on Twitter.
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Our Competitions



  • Travelstart Egypt Selfie In Egypt Competition: According to our Facebook fans votes; Mohamed Hani won himself a flight ticket to Hurghada.



  • Travelstart Christmas Competition: Winners to be announced soon. They will receive Travelstart hampers, & Swiss Clinic discounts.

Xmas14 - Twitter



Now you can book Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, & Pegasus flights from Travelstart Egypt’s website.


And now…

Travelstart Egypt team would like to wish you a Marvelous New Year, filled with travel, leisure and world discovery, hoping that we will make your travel experience worthwhile. 

See you next year.


What was your favourite article of 2014? And what would you like to see more in 2015? Let us know in the comments below.

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