Our Top 10 Picks for New York City

New York is the city that never sleeps. It is so huge and diversified and you will find everything that you can ever wish for there. It can take you weeks even months to truly discover the city, but we bring you our favourite top places that you should experience when you hit the Big Apple.

1. The High line and Chelsea Market

This used to be an abandoned train line which was transformed into a long green walking space. It’s so beautiful to walk around most of the year (it gets really cold in winter though). The High Line is an elevated freight rail line transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side. Founded in 1999 by community residents, Friends of the High Line fought for the High Line’s preservation and transformation at a time when the historic structure was under the threat of demolition. Now it is a beautiful green area overarching a lot of artistic works. It’s perfect for discovering the city while walking along the line in summer mornings or watching the city as the sun goes down. It has a number of exits along the way and one of which lead to Chelsea Market which is a nice closed market with a variety of food and restaurant options. It’s warm and cozy, and the food selection is delicious.


2. The Museums

A very good thing about a busy city is its cultural side. New York is a hub for a great artistic and cultural scene. It has countless museums and a lot of those are either free or for a donation that you decide upon. The Museum of Modern Art is one of the best, as well as the Metropolitan Museum which contains an impressive section for Egyptian antiquities. You can learn a lot about other cultures, countries, and you can check many master pieces for Van Gough and many other prominent artists.

3. Times Square and Fifth Avenue

Times Square is arguably the most famous and recognized spot not only in New York City but in the USA as a whole. With its gigantic billboard and flashing lights, who wouldn’t want to be there. Aside of having a great selection of food places, and an even more brilliant selection of store (The M&M’s and Disney stores are just a small example). It also offers public art performances around the clock. The Time Square is pretty central, conveniently located at a good distance from the Empire State Building, the New York Library and 5th Avenue.


4. Broadway

Catching a Broadway show can be a bit pricy but it is a once in a lifetime experience. The direction, outfit, decor, and theatrical effects are something that is not to be missed. Broadway street is one of the biggest in Manhattan and it has numerous theaters showcasing various shows

5. Grey’s Papaya

The best Hot Dog place on 72nd. It has been featured in many movies (such as Fools Rush In) and it’s simply delightful. It’s a little advanced than a street cart, but it is not exactly a restaurant. You still order your food and take it to the street, or on a good day, you will be eating on a counter while standing up (there are no chairs or tables).

P.S.:The sandwiches are not very big, but 3 or 4 should do the trick.

6. Cafe Lalo

This little cute cafe on 83rd St. was the center of the “You’ve Got Mail” movie. But it offers a lot more than an opportunity to meet Tom Hanks. The cafe serves the best cheesecake that you can ever taste in your life. It has a good variety of it as well. It serves great coffee, snack, and other delights as well. Going there after a stroll in Central park can be the perfect highlight for the day. As they say: “Come sip an espresso with the writers, artists and celebrities who join the locals to enjoy soothing jazz and classical music in a relaxing atmosphere”.

Photo from cafelalo.com

Photo from cafelalo.com

7. Williamsburg

This is the ultimate hipster artistic hub of the city. We thought you might get board with fancy Manhattan so we just had to add it. Well, we also love it so it’s not exactly out of boredom. Next to the galleries and the art shows, you will also find a lot of pubs, bars, and restaurants which have this rustic vibe. It’s a great place to spend a night out. It also has a number of all-American diners where you can go old school ordering pancakes and milk shakes,

8. The Plaza and Tiffany’s

Leaving the Times Square and heading towards 5th Avenue, you will find a lot more to see. Make sure to take a walk around Tiffany’s reminiscing Audrey Hebburn and the good old 60s. While you’re there, do pop into the Plaza for the nicest lunch and snack area on the ground floor. Of course you will find many many high end stores along the famous shopping street. So i you like to shop, be prepares for some serious damage to happen.


9. China Town and Little Italy

Chinese and Italian food! It doesn’t get more delicious than that.

10. Top of the Rock

NYC is the city of sky scrapers and tall buildings. You can catch the skyline (which is a must see) from pretty much any of them. However, Top of the Tock is one of the most interesting. It’s not very touristic as the Empire State, still it’s accessable enough. It’s located in the Rocket filler center which is a great dining and shopping area. And if you’re there around Christmas, you’re in luck, it has the best tree you will ever see.

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