Tips To Remember On Long Trips

Whether it is a long distance or a cheap ticket, you have definitely experienced the misfortune of travelling on a really long trip. And from shuffling between different transportation, waiting in terminals, and being stuck in tin cans, it can get pretty hectic. Now here comes the good news, not every bit of it has to suck. There are actually countless ways that can make it smooth and somewhat easy..

Have your devices fully charged

Your laptop, mobile phone, kindle, iPad, you name it.. Have them all charged to the last bit. Bring a power bank if you have one. That will save you a lot of misery of watching your device die in the middle of your favourite song. And most importantly, don’t forget those headphones.

Copyright: Valeri Potapova

Copyright: Valeri Potapova

Act like it’s 1997

Yes, internet became more important than air, but that doesn’t mean that it is as available. Make sure that you can survive independently with the least amount of need for an internet connection. Download few movies or a series that you can binge-watch. Put a couple of books on your kindle. Get your playlist ready (if you use Soundcloud, then try to play it beforehand so that it’s still loaded on your phone after you disconnect). Don’t make plans that involve having an internet connection to avoid disappointment.

A book, our good old friend

Well, if transportation facilitates travelling through distance, reading definitely facilitates time travel. Nothing will make time fly as indulging in a good read, one that will make all the setting around you disappear in a matter of seconds, and takes you to nice places and times that you’d rather spend your afternoon exploring.


Dress accordingly

Because heels, push-up bras, and tight clothes are a torture. We know that this is hard for all divas out there, but try to wear clothes that are as close to pyjamas as possible. Super comfortable clothes will just make your life 10 times easier. Slip in a cotton T-shirt and leggings or a loose jeans (even if it’s winter, some places will be heated, so you’d better wear something light, and put a sweater over it). Wear comfortable shoes that would be easy to take off and put on. If you know you’re passing security checks, make sure you don’t have items that you will have to keep removing ( boots, coins, keychains, or metal accessories)

Eat accordingly

Try not to bully your stomach before hitting the road, they can avenge themselves well. Don’t have huge meals before getting into a moving vehicle as it might cause serious discomfort, even on planes. Have light meals, and preferably cut on the carbs as it will make you feel bloated. As an alternative idea, bring your own snacks with you. Not only will you avoid the over-price and horrible quality of the food that airports and bus stations offer, but you will also be able to accommodate your own diet as well.

Copyright: Elena Veselova

Copyright: Elena Veselova

Sleep accordingly

Sometimes I avoid sleeping before a long trip so that I know I will crash for at least 6 hours straight on that train or bus. At other times, I would sleep well, so that I am fully alert while watching a movie or reading a book. Being stuck at this limbo where you’re too tired to function but not that tired to sleep can be the worst thing ever. Everybody has different needs and habits, the important thing is to know what they are, and try to adjust your sleeping patterns the day before based on them.

A well packed handbag can work miracles

The idea is to travel light but efficient. You need essential things that would make your trip much easier just by having them around. So do pack a small bag of toiletries (travel-size toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc), they will come in handy when you’re stuck at some terminal and need to freshen up. While you’re at it, through an extra shirt and undies, you will appreciate the fresh sensation after you change during this 7-hour layover. Don’t forget some headache pills, and cold medicine just in case. Adding some tissues, a pen, hair clips, and a sanitizer is basic, yet usually forgotten.

And most importantly, ask for it..

At many instances we find ourselves giving up on our comfort so as not to appear impolite or intolerant. This is such a shame, because most of the time, it’s just in our heads. Telling people to stop doing whatever it is that is causing an inconvenience to others is perfectly fine, and doesn’t make you the bad guy. If this child running back and forth continuously is preventing you from working, just tell their parents. If the guy sitting infront of you is suffocating you with his back seat, just ask nicely that he put it forward. Just speak up, and do not give up on your well-being to please complete strangers.

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