The Road To Russia

Congratulations for Egypt for making it to the world cup! Now, Russia is on the 2018 bucket list for a 100 million Egyptians. This is inspiring us to get to know about more and more about the largest country in the world. Since one article is not enough to explore such a wonderful place, we have decided to bring present to you the Russian basics in this edition. Please wait for our future series about Russian Cities in the week to come.


The People

Russia is a country that will blow away any expectations you have about it. You might be thinking that it is intimidating, unfriendly, or cold. You will be amazed to know that the people of Russia are not at all made of cold steel. Russians are open to foreigners and are generally interested in meeting them. Don’t be afraid if some Russians invite you to drink with them. Its generally a great opportunity to make friends and get into interesting conversations with them. Seize the chance and get to know more about the history, the culture, and the language (you might actually start doing this here with the amount of discounts offered by the Russian Cultural Centre).

The Weather

Moscow will be a little piece of heaven during the months of summer, which is perfect since the World Cup will coincide with that time of the year. You will want to bring your swimming suit to enjoy the multiple swimming spots in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other cities.

Russia is also famous for its White Nights which run from late May through June, during this time, the sun is up almost all day and it’s the peak time for international tourism season. There are sometimes also international meetings such as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum during this time, so it’s crucial to reserve your hotel early, especially if you plan to stay in one of the few luxury hotels in the city (which could be an opportunity to seize given how cheap the country is).


The Cities

Russia’s main cities feel broadly European, but its history tells a different story due to the singular political path the country forged in the 20th century, which lives on in the bold Stalinist buildings that pepper its cities. Moscow’s Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basils Cathedral, Old Church Slavonic and numerous other incredible Russian icons are worth exploring the big city for.

St. Petersburg, Russia is a romantic destination, especially during the White Nights of May and June, when it never gets completely dark. It’s no wonder this former capital of Russia built by Peter the Great has been nicknamed the “Venice of the North” for its many canals and the beautiful European facades that line its main street, Nevsky Prospect. A visit to St. Petersburg wouldn’t be complete without a visit outside to the city to the nearby Peterhof, Peter the Great’s palace and formal gardens with fountains that have been compared to Versailles–some even prefer them to Versailles. Additionally, the Hermitage is Europe’s largest art museum, with one of the finest Western European art collections in the world.


The Roads

Traveling by car can be a problem because some roads are in rather bad condition, even in Moscow. However, trains and other public transportation are pretty cool. And don’t miss the chance to ride along the Trans-Siberian Train route and explore the Siberian region of Russia. It’s a once in a lifetime chance that will make you feel like you are on an adventure on the Polar Express. (wait for our full article about the Trans-Siberian Express to get to know more details about visiting destinations and costs)

Please share with us your travel experience, let us know which cities are you planning to visit in 2018

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