The Downsides Of Solo Traveling That No One Talks About

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about solo traveling no matter what. But even though there are tons of pros when it comes to traveling alone, there are flaws that I discovered after a few expeditions by myself. I felt that just like I always advocate how important it is to travel solo at least once, I should also present the other side and leave it for each traveler to decide for themselves which is better for them.


Solo traveling sometimes hurts your budget

I still think you save a lot of money when traveling alone but this depends mainly on where you’re going, what you’re going to do and the type of stuff you like spending money on. You can save some money when buying grocery food for example and splitting costs with a partner or two, same goes for accommodation. But going solo is always a good way to discover your budgeting skills and see whether you’re ready for independence as you claim or not.

You’re the only planner

Even though I love the fact that I am always in charge of what I will do while traveling and can easily decide if I want to spend the day inspecting the narrow streets of Barcelona or just relax by the beach, it helps to have a companion who will deal with plans, financials, reservations and other travel-related tasks, especially when you’re traveling for a long period of time.

No one to watch your back

Though I do believe that traveling is mostly safe and never encountered a direct threat during my journeys, I must admit that it is always a good feeling to know that someone will watch your bag while you go buy a ticket or look on a map. Yet, I always get through this by joining fellow wanderers who post online their itineraries asking travellers to join them, and they are a lot.

Loneliness and solitude can get boring

You’re never really alone when traveling solo. This is completely true as you will be forced to make friends every day no matter where you are. However, your friendships don’t last long as travellers’ plans and arrangements don’t always cross paths.

I have friends from everywhere in the world now, but to be honest, It sucks when you meet a fellow traveller who you go along with greatly and find out that the next day he/she will be off to their next destination and you’re still on your first day in the country. Yet, you can always mingle with locals who are living in the city you’re visiting in such situations.

Nevertheless, I will always choose going solo for a number of pros that will need another article to illustrate but at the same time, I must be open to traveling with friends as long as I know that we can easily get along.


Contribution by: Abdelrahman Amr, Safar Project travel blog founder and writer.

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