The Different Sides of Saudi

The pilgrimage season is at the doors, and Saudi Arabia is a top destination in the Middle East country. And the spiritual vide that surrounds the place can be amazing, but it’s not all what the country has to offer.

Jedda Saudi Arabia

Enjoy the Beaches

Jedda has a lot to offer. It is far more casual than any other country in the city. You will find restaurants, beaches, and other sorts of public spaces where you can just enjoy a nice day out.

jedda Saudi arabia

Indulge in Shopping

Well, okay, maybe Saudi doesn’t have much of a nightlife or outdoor activities, and you sure can’t go clubbing. But hey, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t live like a pop-star. Ryadh, for instance, has amazing malls and commercial centers where you can shop till you drop.

ryadh saudi arabia

The food is Delicious

We’re not only speaking about the Kabsa, even though that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. But think; Mutabbak, something like the Indian Paratha but in an Arabic style. Mandi, where the meat is cooked in a hole underground. Manto, Arabian dumplings. Jereesh is a white creamy dish that may be accompanied with onions, chicken, red pepper, and tomatoes. And many others..

saudi food

Get to know the culture

Saudi as we know it is relatively new. But does that matter? Get to know the Khaleeji culture anyway. It has much more to offer than a deep accent and enthusiastic dancing.

Saudi Arabia

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