The 8 Benefits of Booking Online Rather Than Offline

It’s without doubt “cheaper”

You do not need to go through an agent who would charge you for his/her services, or go the extra mile, all you need is a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smart phoneAndroid or iOS-, and tataaaa you are your own travel agent.


Avoiding horrifying traffic

Traffic in Egypt is without doubt the worst specially Cairo’s, it could take you hours to reach a destination, and your biggest challenge would be finding an empty space to park, therefore booking online comes handy as it could be done anywhere anytime, be it at the comfort of your couch, or at work; through your computer, your tablet or your smart phone. (Photo courtesy: Asim Bharwani)


It’s easier than you think

You don’t need to be an expert, or to be gifted with specific skills to be capable of proceeding with your own online bookings, you mistakenly think it’s complicated while in fact it’s very simple, and easy. Here is a guide to show you how to book your flight tickets online.


Less hectic and a time saver

The internet has it all, you can easily create a package from scratch depending on your dates, your budget, and your personal preferences, you’d easily find cheap flights, hotel booking, car rental, travel insurance or even ready tailored packages to booking tours, museum, and concert tickets. You don’t have to contact an agent, or wait for hours to get their feedback, things can’t get more convenient than that. (Photo courtesy: AP Photographie)


Having all flight bookinghotelscar rental options combined in one place

Booking online makes your life way easy, as you have all available options combined in one place, where you can compare prices, and availability, and finally pick what’s more affordable, and convenient for you, without having to check a bazillion of websites, and getting into a dilemma.

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You don’t need a credit card

Who said that you necessarily need a credit card to make online bookings? With Travelstart Egypt; you can easily book then choose one of our many payment options all at your convenience; cash on delivery, cash in our office, via Fawry outlets, or a bank deposit.


The price you see is the price you pay

With Travelstart, there aren’t any hidden costs, it’s not like you will ever see a price, and be surprised by another.

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It’s more exciting

Acting like your own travel agent is an exciting thing to do, imagine yourself planning every single detail of your trip, knowing where each penny you pay is spent. (Photo courtesy: Laura)



And last

Booking with an agent, it’s becoming really old 🙂

So what does keep you from making your own travel bookings online? What would make you change your behavior from a booker “through an agent” to an online booker? What are your barriers? Tell us in the comments below…

Our Readers Comments

  1. As you said in a previous article booking with agent make it easier to get a visa.

    • Hey Hebatalla, no I haven’t said that 🙂
      The visa process is a thing, and booking online is another thing 😀
      Well it’s easier to get your papers ready for the embassy when booking online though 😉

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