The 65 Best Destinations in All Egypt – Part 1

Environmental Therapy & Healing

Climatotherapy in Pyramisa Isis Island in Aswan

Who does not deserve some pampering while enjoying a lovely Nile view? Ever since ancient times Aswan has been famous for its environmental therapy. The Pyramisa Isis Island hotel offers a variety of therapeutic treatments to help relief aching parts of the body specially arthritis, joint edema, rheumatism and skin inflammation. It starts from burying aching parts of the body in the sand to Mud, Yellow and Grey Sand Bath treatments, along with other treatments.

1141317137_e8d12018fa_z Photo by Matt Davenport

Gabal Dakrour (Dakrour Mountain) in Siwa

Located in south eastern Siwa, that’s a place that’s worth driving all the way to Siwa for 12 hours from Cairo. What it’s famous for is its hot sand healing characteristics. You’re buried in the sand up to your neck, during summer heat -so that the sand is hot as well- for 20 min, 3 to 5 times a day, and wait for magical results to happen.

1533976607_66c591e0e4_zSand Dunes by Ernie R.

Menaville Resort and Spa in Safaga

Another climatotherapy haven visited by patients from all over the globe. This is a great place for patients suffering from diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis to get the appropriate treatment, through a highly trained & qualified team of professionals who tailor specific treatment programs according to each patient’s case. Patients can also enjoy and benefit from the curative properties of the hotel’s natural black sand.

5076738369_9940ebee7f_zPhoto by Karl Cossio

Snorkeling, Diving & Wreck Diving Spots

Ras Muhammed in Sharm El-Sheikh

is Egypt’s most famous national park and diving spot, and among the most known diving sites in the world. Beside its crystal clear waters, Ras Muhammad witnesses the annual migration of several marine species, in addition to stunning mangroves, and coral reefs with a diversity of vertebrate and invertebrate species.

8386718549_2abd9e9145_zDiving at Ras Muhammad National Park by Peter Forster

Blue Hole in Dahab

It is a world infamous diving spot, a very challenging one known as the most dangerous and deadliest on earth, however it appeals to divers just as Mt. Kilimanjaro & Mt. Everest appeal to mountaineers. It is well worth mentioning that it’s not the most beautiful dive where exceptional marine life is spotted, it’s just a signature dive only accomplished by the experienced, well prepared and none faint-hearted. The reason why it’s dangerous is that the dive is so deep, which makes nitrogen narcosis get hold of the diver (the ability to make decisions), so divers keep getting deeper without having air supply or ability to take decisions, and they unfortunately lose their lives.

Video by Elena Konstantinou

2513923022_0b7330dbd4_zThe Bells area at the Blue Hole by Jeremy Rover

Dahab’s Eel Garden

You don’t have to be an exceptional diver to enjoy Dahab’s eel garden, as there is a lot to spot while snorkeling. This is the place to see tens of long eels popping their heads out of the sand, and vanishing back in again. It is also home to barracudas and the rare sea grass ghost pipefish.

3016340851_b8f513ed51_oEel Garden by divemecressi

The Fjord in Taba

Along the coastal route from Nuweibaa, 15km south of Taba, a flashing blue color will stop you, this is how you know that you made it to the Fjord. An amazing beach and diving spot, offering crystal clear water, dazzling coral reefs and an exceptional marine life. For experienced divers The Fjord is the place, the Fjord Banana is an alternative to the less experienced.

5875461393_4bc0f6d304_zThe Fjord by Sarah Othman

Island of the Pharoah (Geziret Fer3on) – also known as the Coral Reef

Another strategic fortress built by Salah El-Din easily reached by boat from Taba coast. Other than visiting the fortress, it’s an amazing diving spot and offers views of Saudi Arabia & Jordan.

493934011_59f72ee520_zPharaoh Island by 岑 寂

30 minutes north from Nuweibaa is Ras Shetan diving site. The original name is Ras Shataan, the name is derived from the way Ras Shitan is formed which is on the two sides of a huge rock. Experienced divers out there get ready for an unforgettable dive that offers underwater canyons, caves, mountains, plateaus, hard corals, well preserved landscapes, puffer fish, you name it, and most of all anemones coming in all colors.


5669486704_4e0156cb50_zRas Shitan by Rowan El-Shimi

Nature, History & Magical Scenery

Shali Fortress in Siwa

This 13th century mud brick fortress was made out of an organic material known as “kershef”, which is basically salt rocks brought from the surrounding lakes combined with mud and clay. It was four to five stories high, and hundreds of people were housed at this spectacular labyrinth. In 1926 after heavy rainfalls, the fortress was heavily damaged, and its people moved out. Now only few buildings are used as storage.

Shali Fortress in Siwa OasisShali Fortress
Siwa, the old townPhoto by Arian Zwegers

Djara Cave in Dakhla

Located in the midst of the Eastern Sahara Desert towards El-Dakhla Oasis. Djara cave is the natural result of pure water in contact with dry desert climate, that created incredible formations and a caving experience that is rarely found around Egypt.

Video by Tribe Expeditions

Djara Caves, El-Dakhla OasisDjara Cave at El-Dakhla Oasis

Saluga & Ghazal Islands in Aswan

Saluga & Ghazal are two small granite island in the River Nile of Aswan, home to 94 species, which make them a Bird Watching paradise on earth.

9229455268_22a63f7cfa_zBird Watching in Aswan by Ross Funnell

Castle Zaman between Taba & Nuweibaa

A castle that is newly built in an old architectural style with stones brought from nearby mountains, and has a very authentic down-to-earth setting. It overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba, and is located between Taba & Nuweibaa. That’s the perfect place to spend a day on the swimming pool while enjoying your favorite drinks, or chilling by the beach, and have a scrumptious meal at their well decorated restaurant during the day or at night while marveling at the stars.

3472237183_7aaf5201ec_zSunset over the pool at Castle Zaman by walidhassanein

Camel Back Riding at Giza Pyramids

No matter how cliche it might sound, but visiting Egypt’s great Pyramids of Giza is a must, and they are best enjoyed while camel back riding. Make sure that you haggle with the camel rider, as they tend to price really high.

5812185272_b6e275229a_z(1)Camel chilling out by Giza Pyramids by Chris Ford

The White Desert (El-Sa7ara El-Beida) in Farafra – Western Desert

Situated 45km north of Farafra, and is named White desert thanks to the white to cream colored rock formations in the shape of giant mushrooms, or pebbles. It is a 300m protectorate, where people enjoy safaris and camping in the midst of the desert.

5821611568_0444d01af8_zThe White Desert by Marc-Olivier Bergeron

Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria

Built in the 15th century AD, and was considered as one of the most important defensive strongholds along the Mediterranean Sea coast. It is the best spot to experience Alexandria’s fresh air, and sea breeze, and the Corniche is best enjoyed while eating ice cream from Jelaty Azza.

Corniche leading to Citadel of Qaitbay in AlexandriaCitadel of Qaitbay

Lake Qaroun in Fayoum

Only 80km from Cairo, 20km from Fayoum lies Lake Qaroun where water sports and fishing can be practiced, as well as Bird Watching.

2014-09-22_1430Lake Qaroun by Rachid H.

Philae Temple (also known as Temple of Isis)

Temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, is a magnificent temple only reached by boat. It was nearly lost after the construction of the high dam of Aswan. But was luckily rescued through joint cooperation between Egypt & the UNESCO, and was moved in big blocks to Agilka Island, its current location.

9604634335_e64caeed82_zPhoto by Tours Egypt Memphis

El-Montazah Palace & Gardens in Alexandria

If Giza Pyramids are Cairo’s landmark, then El-Montazah Palace & Gardens are Alexandria’s landmark.

8707197166_ed1bf224ea_zMontazah Palace by Islam Kotb

Culture & Art Performances

Tanoura Show at Wekalet El-Ghoury

An Egyptian folk dance performed by Sufi dancers at Wekalet El-Ghoury situated at the famous El-Moe’z St. Art performances are each Saturday and Wednesday from 8:30pm, with free admission.

5998677110_4f835345f9_zTanoura Show at Wekalet El-Ghoury by Marwa Morgan

The Library of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

Opened in 2002 in the city of Alexandria, built for the purpose of becoming a center of excellence and cultural exchange in the Mediterranean region, is a major library that holds thousands of books and references, even historical ones, and is a cultural center where a variety of performances take place.

2432464386_e487a06fc9_zPhoto by Dallas Ewing

Salah El-Din Citadel

Constructed by Salah El-Din El-Ayoubi on Moqattam hills, overlooking the whole city of Cairo to be his defensive point against Crusaders’ attacks. It is now a preserved historic site, with mosques and museums, and it hosts some musical performances. Its main landmark is Muhammad Ali Mosque.

Omnia Mamdouh 2Photo by Omnia Mamdouh

Palace of El-Amir Taz

Is the main entrance to medieval Cairo, located on the intersection of Saliba Street & Suyufiya Street in El-Darb El-A7mar. It was owned by one of Sultan Qalawun’s son, and is currently a historic site, and it hosts sometimes musical performances and other big events.

amir taz palacePalace of El-Amir Taz by El-Watan News


The Colored Canyon in Taba

Is a hiking & climbing haven for those who like to wander, and is one of the top nature wonders of Sinai. What you can expect is a maze of sandstone rocks in hues of magenta, red, yellow, and purple reaching up to 40 meters high. It’s not advisable to go there in summer as the weather can get very hot, and make sure to go with a group to better enjoy it, and to be more safe.

rsz_shutterstock_173567831The Colored Canyon in Taba

Al-Qataneyah Dunes for Sandboarding & Barbecuing

It’s the best getaway from trafficy noisy Cairo, located 80km southwest of the city so in less than an hour you can enjoy the emptiness of the desert, the soft sand dunes of Qataneyah while surfing -sand boarding- them at high speeds, & enjoying a BBQ with family & friends.

4277318627_717ffb7fc3_zPhoto by Surfing the Nations

Wadi Degla in Cairo

Located near Maadi, it’s a great escape from noisy Cairo & around 20 minutes drive from down town, a place to hang out with family & friends to enjoy a barbecue. Those who enjoy adventurous activities Wadi Degla you can enjoy hiking or mountain biking.

6986752663_7cd6895bbc_zWadi Degla by Rachid H.

Wadi El-Gemal Protected Area in Marsa Alam

Another escape for those seeking adventure. With its 1977 meters Gabal Hamata as a main attraction where ibex and gazelles are still found, and a protected area covering more than 60km, you are up for hiking, swimming, diving, & bird watching.

5669546240_3698ef400e_zQulaan Bay Resthouse by Rowan El-Shimi
4788145433_1084207ea5_zPhoto by Hossam El-Hamalawy

El-Gilf El-Kebir National Park in the Western Desert

is a sandstone plateau in El-Wadi El-Gedid (New Valley), in the remote southwest corner of the Western Desert and southeast of Libya. It is known for its rugged beauty, remoteness, geological nature, dramatic cliff paintings, and rock carvings that showcase a human and animal life that once existed in this area.

6237223630_299b518151_zHeading to El-Gilf El-Kebir by Paul Robinson

Hiking the Blue Desert in Sinai Desert

Only few kilometers from St. Catherine’s monastery lies the Blue Desert, where rock formations were painted in blue by Jean Verame the Belgian artist in 1980, to commemorate the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. In order to accomplish the project, Verame received a grant of ten tons of blue pain from the United Nations.

4910479777_fd7bb493aa_zCouldn’t find photos of the Blue Desert so here is a photo of Sinai Desert by Jonah Bettio

Wadi Lahami Lagoon for Diving & Kitesurfing in Marsa Allam

Located 5.5 hours from Hurghada Airport, and 180 km south Marsa Allam. Wadi Lahami lagoon is located at a remote area, which makes it off-the-beaten track compared to its peers in Dahab & Sharm El-Sheikh. It’s truly a water sports escape.

4978814755_4268779662_zKitesurfing by Konstantin Zamkov

Town of Saint Catherine

Is a hiking and trekking hub, travelers go there initially to climb Mt. Sinai, or Mt. Moses to witness the break of dawn on their peaks & enter the monastery. Located in the Sinai Peninsula at an elevation of about 1600 meters above sea level, at the foot of Mt. 7oreb (known locally as Gabal Moussa – Mt. Moses), this is where the Old Testament records, Prophet Moses spoke to God, and is famous for its UNESCO world heritage site of St. Catherine’s Monastery founded in the 6th century; the oldest Christian monastery still in use for its initial role.

234195991_efb964eea2_zSt. Catherine’s Monastery by Dion Crannitch

Whales Valley

A piece of desert that was a wide sea a million years ago. It is named the Whales Valley after the fossils of whales that it still has, along with a variety of rock formations that are best enjoyed at break of dawn, the Whales Valley offers overnight camping, barbecue and marveling at the stars.

2369451143_0cd6b9159d_zRock formations by Tom Horton

Ras Abu Gallum Protected Area near Dahab

Located to the north of Nabq, and is one of South Sinai’s protected areas. It’s a diving spot famous for beautiful coral reefs, it is also home to several species such as the Nubian Ibex (mountainous goat) only found in mountainous areas. It’s a great place for hiking, camel & 4×4 safari with stunning views of high coastal mountains.
11664205523_0cc1a79218_zNubian Ibex by orientalizing

Hotels with history

Old Cataract Aswan

Travel back in time by staying at the legendary 19th century Victorian Palace on the banks of the River Nile.

View from Old Cataract by Omnia Mamdouh
95020983_1449256adf_zView from inside by TrevorLowe

Mena House Oberoi El-Haram in Giza

is initially a hunting lodge that was built in 1869 for King Ismail Pasha, that offers dazzling views of Giza Pyramids and hundreds of acres of greenery. The Mena House Oberoi is another proof of the Royalty that once existed in Egypt.

8372233631_54b6625206_zView from Mena House Gardens by kris

Auberge El-Fayoum in Fayoum

Built in 1937 to serve as a hunting lodge for King Farouk, and had an important role in the Egyptian Film Industry, this is where lots of black 7 white movies were shot. And it still preserves its sense of royalty.

2014-09-21_1756Photo from Auberge El-Fayoum’s official website

Marriott Palace in Zamalek

Built by Khedive Ismail in 1869 to host Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, as the guest of honor for Suez Canal Inauguration, interior-ally designed by a German designer, and over a million exotic species were planted by a French landscaper. The Palace went through several phases, but since 1970 it’s become a 5 star luxury hotel with up to 1250 guest rooms and luxurious amenities. This is where Royalty is experienced at its best, and its Christmas decorations are among the best in town.

IMG_4904View from outside by Sebastian White

Winter Palace in Luxor

Built in 1886 by British explorers, overlooking the Valley of the Kings, a few kilometers away from Karnak Temple, and once a retreat for the royal family. This is a unique chance to experience Royalty at a Victorian Palace, while surrounded by Pharaoh temples and ancient civilization.

6468830621_2969d9b892_zView from outside by tim rich and lesley katon

Lodges, Eco-lodges & Guesthouses (Eco-tourism)

Hadouta Masreya (An Egyptian Tale) Guesthouse in Nubia – Aswan

Located at Gharb Sehel, in the Nubian Village in Aswan, is a 9 rooms guesthouse with ensuite or shared bathroom facilities, that accommodates up to 21 people. This place is very unique with its typically Egyptian style, and in each room you would find lyrics of the Egyptian musical icon Mohamed Mounir’s songs.

1006315_671895436177050_1428513241_nPhoto by Hadouta Masreya’s official Facebook page

Anakato in Nubia in Aswan

A guesthouse that was built in 2008 as Gharb Seheil’s main getaway with one exclusive Nubian House overlooking the River Nile in Aswan featuring an authentic Nubian style, accommodating guests from all over the world. Now Anakato has 3 houses (Wer – Owy – Toski), staying in Gharb Seheil is an experience that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world.

2014-09-22_1017Photo from Anakato’s official website

Al-Tarfa Ecolodge in Dakhla

Bordered by Libya to the east & Sudan to the west, known as a “desert sanctuary”, this is the best “in the middle of nowhere” getaway. At El-Tarfa Ecolodge you’ll be surrounded by beauty, pampered in their fully equipped spa, meditating & doing yoga, eating fresh organic foods, swimming & enjoying luxury in the best primitive down-to-earth yet luxurious way.

4581027028_f5410dff02_zOne of the rooms by Al-Tarfa

3al Ganoob Eco-lodge in Marsa Alam

3al ganoob started with the idea of supporting Deep South Eco-lodge in Marsa Alam. After tourism in Egypt was hit hard in the last few years, and 3al ganoob was no exception, this is when friends of the owner decided to organize a yearly music festival to revive tourism in this area.

91433766_cfdde93b10_zMarsa Alam by Gianluca Carnicella

Adrere Amellal in Siwa

Another desert escape sustaining the idea of turning Egypt into an eco-tourism destination, offering a wide range of facilities and lots of pampering.

3194256435_e55841fdde_zOne of the rooms by W

Taziry Eco-lodge in Siwa

This desert sanctuary that is loved and visited by celebrities from all over the world, such as Robert de Niro is another example of how eco-tourism has evolved over the years in Egypt, and what the environment is capable of offering to us.

Taziry – The Ecovillage from Taha Chaabi on Vimeo

Zad El-Mosafer Guesthouse in Fayoum

In 1962 the Egyptian poet Sayed Hegab came to Tunis Village with his Swiss wife Evelynne. They fell in love with the place and decided to build a house and a pottery workshop to revive the pottery industry in Fayoum and teach pottery making to generations after. And Zad El-Mosafer was built in order to support this area, and encourage eco-tourism.

1891075_669849953073194_879316005_nPhoto from Zad El-Mosafer’s official Facebook page
6014964916_95acfbb897_zPottery making in Tunis Village by Karen Melchior

Water Springs

Cleopatra’s Bath in Siwa

Located in Siwa Oasis, and is one of its landmarks. It’s basically a pool that is fed with water from natural hot springs, it’s the best way to cool off the heat of a hot summer day. It is said that Queen Cleopatra swam in this pool during her visit to Siwa, hence the name.

868690921_5fb8cd30cd_zCleopatra bath by Vyacheslav Argenberg

Oyun Moussa in South Sinai

When heading to the City of Saint Catherine, only 20km south of Ahmed Hamdy tunnel, don’t forget to drop by Oyun Moussa, home to water sources at which it is believed that Prophet Moses stopped while leading the Israelites in their escape of the Pharaoh’s wrath. It’s believed by the locals that the water has healing properties, which was not proved scientifically.

2954270999_c6f7cae8b1_zSinai Desert by #tom #maladova

Boulaq & Nasser Water Springs in El-Kharga Oasis

These water springs famous for their natural treatment properties specially for rheumatism, stress and other skin diseases are located 20km south of El-Kharga Oasis, the water temprature rises to 43 degrees Celsius.

3263125855_6eccebf194_zEl-Kharga Oasis by Charlie Phillips

Mut Talata Hot Springs in El-Dakhla Oasis

Take a dip at the hot sulphur springs of Mut Talata rich with minerals, and beneficial to the inside and outside of the body.

2206334153_2ed4bf1ea7_zOne of El-Dakhla’s water springs by upyernoz

Monuments, Temples, Mosques & Churches

Abu Simbel – 300km southwest of Aswan

That’s a once in a lifetime “has to be visted” temple, carved in the mountains to commemorate Ramses II’s victory at Kadesh battle. What is truly unique about it is that it was built and positioned in a way that on October 22nd & February 22nd of each year the rays of the sun would penetrate into the sanctuary to illuminate the sculptures on the black wall, except for the statue of Ptah, the ancient god connected to the underworld. People come from all over the world to witness such a phenomena.

5330985728_543bd9603c_zTemple of Ramses II by Serdir

The Temple of the Oracle (known as Temple of Amun) in Siwa

Who would think that Siwa Oasis would have its share of Pharaonic temples? When in Siwa you have got to see the remainders of a great civilization that once existed.

474180024_928f30393c_zTemple of Amun by Eduardo Jezierski

Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo

This mosque takes you to another era where sultans still ruled Egypt, it is huge and very impressive, and an Egyptian landmark that is not far from Salah El-Din Citadel.

5116747595_f54d661ac7_zView from inside by Asim Bharwani

The Hanging Church (Al-Qenissa Al-Mo3alaqah)

Considered the oldest Coptic church in the era of Old Cairo (Fustat), it’s named hanging or suspended as it was built on the ruins of two old towers that remained from an old fortress called 7esn Babylion (Fortress of Babylon). And dedicated to The Virgin Mary.

13550945555_2b7a9c46de_kThe Hanging Church by Pablo Pecora

The Coptic Cemetery

An underrated Cemetery that has very old tombs and sculptures. After you visit the Hanging Church, Babylon Fortress, and the Coptic Museum, you cannot miss this cemetery.

slide-coptic-cemeteryCoptic Cemetery by Scott D. Haddow

Al-Moez St.

One of the oldest and most amazing streets of Islamic Cairo. Start your walk from Al-Azhar Mosque up to El-Hussein Mosque, Bab Zweila & Bab El-Fetouh, along the way are houses and schools that once witnessed a great Islamic civilization.

3731931967_44b154987e_zPhoto by Christopher Rose
3732739420_8165889f78_bAl-Moez St. at night by Christopher Rose


Marassi in the North Coast

The North coast is currently the main Egyptian summer escape, specially Sidi Abdel Rahman, which is few kilometers drive from Marina. Once in Marassi be surethat you it all; beach fun, swimming pools, nightlife, & restaurants.


marassi_1Photos by Marassi’s official website

Agiba Beach in Marsa Matrouh

Drive further down the road, about 24km west of Marsa Matrouh be ready for a surprise; “Agiba” is a small piece of paradise on earth, clear, and insanely turquoise waters that cannot fail to tempt you to take a dip.

3881506240_74c23ec94a_zAgiba Beach by Mohamed Saeed

Restaurants & Cafes

Sequoia in Zamalek – Cairo

Whatever what your preferences are, Sequoia is undoubtedly one of Egypt’s hottest spots, given it’s unique location on the Nile & it’s setting that changes all the time offering a truly unique experience on the River Nile’s banks.

6041602107_da650d8c6d_zSequoia’s stunning setting & Nile view by Magalie l’Abbe

Taboula Garden city in Cairo

Although Taboula now has several branches, Garden city remains the best. A Lebanese restaurant with a typically Egyptian atmosphere. Their mezza menu is enough to please all taste buds, their main dishes are not-to-be-missed as well.


1959781_716130091743575_596757136_nPhotos from Taboula Garden City’s official Facebook page

Andrea Mariouteya in Cairo

Nowhere else can you eat chicken with herbs as tasty as Andrea’s, also their grilled seman, enjoyed with their freshly baked bread with tehina or baba ghanoug.

998473_696448097074694_441497158_n And this is how bread is done
1006105_700376423348528_740523921_nPhotos from Andrea el-Maryouteya’s official Facebook page

Felfela Down Town in Cairo

Whether Egyptian or non-Egyptian being in Egypt without paying a visit to down town makes your trip so incomplete, and if you have foreign friends they cannot leave Egypt without eating at Felfela down town restaurant, it’s truly one of Egypt’s landmarks, try their ta3meya, koshari, ma7shi, foul, sogo2, the list is just endless!

4449619793_9d052d13c3_zTa3meya frying by Christopher Rose

Kebdet El-brens in Embaba – Cairo

Yes it’s in Embaba, and doesn’t have the hippiest setting, or the chic-est atmosphere, but this is undoubtedly “the place” to enjoy Egyptian cuisine at its best! Their molokheya is out of this world, it is delicious to the extent that you can drink it like soup, eat it with bread or pour it on rice with beef (roz bel la7ma). The roz bel la7ma is another story made with samna baladi (yes it’s heavy & yes you’re completely off your diet on that day), oh and their kebda (livers). Try it for yourself, I promise you that you’ll be completely addicted to it.

2014-09-17_1151 Photo by a Tripadvisor reviewer on Kebdet El-prince’s page

Abou Ashraf in Alexandria

This is one of the best fish & seafood places in Alexandria, they serve “catch of the day” seafood, with the best range of salads. Try their renga salad that has a texture similar to tehina, their pasta with butter sauce and of course any seafood dish grilled or fried, specially their samak sayadeya with potatoes.

14326561206_a5dbcbfbbc_zPhoto by enjosmith

Negmet Sinai (Sinai Star) in Sharm El-Sheikh

Located at the old town of Sharm, and is a highly recommended seafood restaurant serving the fresh-est catch of the day seafood. You cannot miss their grilled squid, shrimps & their fried shrimps as well.

5581972951_6e8470c858_zPhoto by Uwe Schwarzbach

Balbaa in Alexandria

This place has it all, BBQ, Seafood, Ma7shi (stuffed vegetables), you name it! Their Fried ducks served with roz bel khalta, and fries is highly recommended, served in a crazy big portion! Balbaa is in Sidi Bishr & there is another one that is huge next to Carrefour.

5180930622_3970656d43_zAlexandria’s Corniche by Pietro Ferreira

Naguib Mahfouz Café

A little escape close to Khan El-Khalili, this is the place to take a break from the haggling at Khan El-Khalili in the quietness of a restaurant/cafe with an authentic Egyptian style, and music from old times.

6379598805_c147e5e41c_zLunch at Naguib Mahfouz by Dan Lundberg

El-Fishawy Café

Discovering Hussein area is like a treasure hunt, and having tea with mint or cold karkade (hibiscus) at El-Fishawy cafe is part of the experience, so make sure to have it.

3948164952_e9b95e49af_z(1)Tea with mint at El-Fishawy Cafe by Charlie Phillips

Now that you have a list of 65, don’t forget to check our Part 2 for more ideas to get the best out of Egypt.

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