The Story Behind Nubia’s Charm

Known for it’s beautiful weather, colorful architecture and kind people, Nubia is much more of a charm once you get to know the culture, meet the people and experience their traditions. I decided to take a short vacation last November to Nubia, just to relax for a couple of days. And trust me it was so worth it.

2014-09-22_1017Photo from Anakato’s official website

The moment you step foot into this wonderful village, greetings, everyone inviting you for tea, food and even weddings. As for a place to stay, go for the Anakato Hotel, it’s less expensive and gives you a glimpse of what Nubia is all about. The walls are decorated with colorful folk ornaments and motifs, the food is delicious and you get all what you came for; a Nile view. The Hotel even offers a lot of activities from Nile cruising to safari and sand boarding.

4277318627_717ffb7fc3_zPhoto by Surfing the Nations

Other than the activities and the beautiful Nile view, you could actually spend some time with the natives. The Nubians whom are not just kind, but actually very interesting people with many stories about their history and their present to share with you as an Egyptian or a tourist; they just love socializing.

4012491263_a85f271bbb_zPeople of Nubia by Scott D. Haddow

Moreover, There is no better way to know a person more than to celebrate with him. As I was invited to three or four weddings on a five-day trip, I decided to attend one of the weddings. The way this village celebrates makes you spiritually, emotionally and consciously connected. Men and women of all ages dancing together in circles, clapping together and singing the same song and actually staying in tune the whole time, just wonderful, isn’t it?

2217394088_9d51ea98ec_z (1)The Nile River in Aswan by Dennis Jarvis

If you decide to visit Nubia, don’t forget to check out the Nubian Museum, a twenty-minute walk from downtown Aswan and you’re there. Designed by Mahmoud al-Hakim, whom should get credit for the wonderful garden with beautiful waterfalls, palm trees and climbing bushes spread around natural rocks. Inside the museum, a well organized space; purchasing mummies in their sarcophagus and other countless items reflecting the history of Nubia and Egypt.

2488649147_f64ea63e73_zNubian Museum by ~W~

Aside from the nice hotel, wonderful people, the music, the wedding, the exquisite museum and the famous Felucca “Nile Cruise”, you can also enjoy swimming, camel riding and getting buried in sand which would defiantly go in your top ten list of this trip. Finally, the food is quite a delicacy from traditional, oriental cuisine “Fool Medames, Taameya, Koshary” to, grilled Chicken, Kebab and Fish. And their best, “Shamsi” bread, that you won’t find anywhere else. Finally, Nubia is more than just a beautiful village, with kindhearted people, it’s a place to learn, learn to appreciate small matters, enjoy long talks and celebrate in the quirkiest way, trust me you’ll be charmed.

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Now it’s time to book your ticket, and fly to the charming city of Aswan.

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  1. You have wrote this article so well, it made me feel like going there again in spite of being there many times. Thx. And regards.

  2. You’re welcome, Glad you like it 🙂

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