How To Spend Your Time In Dahab Egypt Without Missing A Thing


That City that steels your soul when ever you put your feet on its ground. A gift from God, a piece of heaven that God granted for Egypt. Dahab became so popular over the last few years for many reasons that you will instantly notice as soon as you hit its road. The mountains and their intermingling  colors of red, yellow, olive green and black all along your way will comfort you. And as soon as you arrive, smell and feel the sea breeze hitting your face with tenderness, all your problems will seem to fade away. No wonder it’s on of Egypt’s top attractions for both Egyptians and foreigners these days. And since Dahab became One of the top destinations in everyone’s bucket list, you will find here the top things that you shouldn’t miss when you pay it a visit .

Dahab Panoramic view

Transportation To Dahab

There are many means to reach Dahab , but you have to always consider that it will take some time to reach it ranging from 6 hours up to 10 hours according to your mean of transportation.You can go by your own car and that will take less time than the buses, usually from 6 to 8 hours, but never forget to take the hotel reservation with you so you can pass from Ahmed Hamdy’s tunnel easily. Or you can go by bus either East Delta buses or Go Bus both will drop you off right in Dahab’s city center, but this will take a little longer from 10 to 12 hours, so better pack your travel pillow and light blanket along with you to get some sleep. The best and the fastest mean is to fly to Sharm and then hop into a taxi to Dahab which takes usually 1 to 2 hours from Sharm to Dahab.

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Things Not To Miss In Dahab

Blue Hole

One of the best diving spots worldwide, it was said to be formed by a fallen meteor.  One of the greatest challenges for divers all over the world due its great depth and the long distance that divers have to dive in when they start going into the underwater tunnels, though it’s a dangerous diving spot, yet they keep coming to it from allover the world to dive in it. And of Course you have to be a certified diver to dive there. Other than diving you can enjoy it so much by only putting on your fins and snorkel gear then into the water to snorkel and enjoy the colorful corals, the different fishes whether parrot fish, clown fish, butterfly fish or even puffy fish and Napoleon fish. Also there are cafes over there so you can enjoy a lovely meal by the sea after you finish snorkeling. Don’t forget to ask for the blue hole’s official hot drink that most divers drink before they go down to keep them energized and warm which is hot orange juice mixed with ginger, lemon and honey, so delicious. Finally you can train there for free diving which is a type of diving that you do without oxygen tanks, but it takes a lot of training and time till you can do it easily.

Blue Hole -Janub Sina'

Blue Lagoon

The kingdom of isolation and peace. The turquoise tint of the water, its steadiness and the shining sun giving you sun kisses whenever you hit the water or lie by the beach, makes it the perfect spot for meditation and getting back to nature. You can camp there in one of the huts over there and you can even make your reservation with breakfast or with all meals and stay there for a couple of days to get away from all your problems and regain your inner peace. It’s also one of the perfect spots for kite surfing due to the steadiness of its water. You can go there by a 30 minute ride in one of Dahab’s famous trunks from Abu Galum .

Blue Lagoon _Dahab

Abu Galum

One of the most amazing snorkeling spots, but you have to know its secret to enjoy it to the maximum and we will reveal it to you ,Simply “sheikh Awad’s ” spot. The coral reefs over there will capture your soul and heart, you will just wander in the water aimlessly and get lost with the different colors of violet, red, yellow and aqua of the coral reefs, along with the different types and colors of fish that will catch your sight every time you look around leaving you in another world, “Under The Sea ” world as Disney’s song used to say. Definitely not to miss and you can go there by a 15 minutes zodiac from the Blue Hole or by a one hour hike from the Blue Hole.

Abu Galum _Dahab

Three Pools

It’s a really good spot for having intro dives and let us explain to you what intro dives are, a 30 minute dive at a depth ranging from 3 meters up to 7 meters in which the master diver will be holding your hand and taking you around to show you the corals and fish at this depth. If you are not a certified diver, then you shouldn’t miss doing an intro dive it will literally take you to another world where you forget about almost everything. Also there are many cafes there with really good food that you can enjoy while having nice time on the beach. Some of the cafes even have hammocks which is pretty delightful. And as usual you can definitely go snorkeling over there.

Light House_Dahab


Light House

A really good diving spot that you can enjoy your intro dive in. All the sea creatures you will bump into will fascinate you. You can bump into a sea turtle, sting ray or even Napolean fish. If you are so damn lucky you might meet a dolphin or “bahlool” Dahab’s cutie pie, the famous blue whale.Other than that you can just  hang around in one of the cafes there and enjoy a mouth watering meal, we do recommend badly their burgers that are made in baked special type of bread that is really nice to try.

Light House

The Canyon

Another diving spot that is more than marvelous, but unfortunately it’s only for certified divers. The way divers describe it will make you go and take the diving course just to enjoy the view they describe. They say that when you dive into the canyon and look up you see a beam of light coming from up as if a spotlight is pointed on you with the vast blue water around you and the fish playing around every now and then as if you all of a sudden own the world, a world of your own. If you are into water sports and planning to do something exciting this year, then you should definitely take the diving course and go dive there. Such a lovely experience.

Canyon -Dahab


That piece of beach surrounded by sea from both sides is so graceful. You can take your tent and spend a night there under the millions and millions of stars, enjoy the lovely water all day, the amazing sunset and by end of the day you can barbecue. You can make your own food or you can order raw seasoned chicken from “king Chicken ” and take it along with you. A pleasant experience not to miss specially if you are a group of friends, you will have so much fun.

Blue Lagoon -Dahab

Gabr El Bent

Are you a sea lover and into sea cruises, then Gabr El bent is your perfect spot to go to. You take a cruise from the port in Dahab and hit your way into the sea. The cruise will put its anchor down in “Gabr El Bent ” where you can jump a splint and whoop into the middle of the sea with your Snorkeling gear and wander around for corals and shawls of fish here and there, but don’t get too drifted away from the cruise, look up every now and then and make sure you are not too far. While Going back to port “don’t take your eyes off the sea” i repeat “don’t take your eyes off the sea”, other than the spectacular view of the mountains embracing the sea with the sun rays reflected by the dark blue water, you may notice some flying fish and it’s such a wonderful scene you will not want to miss.

Wadi Ginai

It’s located near the three pools, you can take a beach buggy and go there. A valley with palm trees all around and mountains with the colors of yellow and green and black which will leave your mouth open in amazement and heart beating with love to this place. The scene of green of the palm trees along with the famous Sinai mountains will soothe you more than you know. You can also have a Bedouin dinner over there and have fun by climbing one of the mountains there.

Wadi Ginai

Twilight Mountain

When Night falls down in Dahab it means one thing, Bedouin dinner time. Twilight mountain is definitely the perfect place for Bedouin dinner, the Arabic seats on the ground and the small tables that you have your dinner served on along with fire show is just perfect and you always get the free welcoming Bedouin tea with habaq mint and marmarya, delicious and unique.

El Mamsha

The Cherry on top of Dahab where you can find everything and anything you need, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, night clubs and local markets where you can buy bohemian clothes and of course diving and snorkeling gear with really good prices if you have good bargaining skills. You can definitely enjoy time by just walking there anytime through the day and there are many hotels, hostels and event apartments for rent in which you can stay in El Mamsha.

Dahab Mamsha

All in all, Dahab is one of Janub Sina’s graceful places that you can run to every time you need to excape from the city’s hustle and get your energy back and of course worth every minute you spend on your way to reach it.

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