Schengen Visa Explained

Who doesn’t have Europe on top of his travel list? We Egyptian Passport holders often get confused before attempting to visiting Europe, we don’t know from where to start, what the required documents to apply for a visa are, how much does it cost, how does it work? There are so many unanswered questions regarding entry to Europe and we will have them all answered right here.

FAQ about Schengen Visa

What is a Schengen visa?

If you want to visit Europe you have to apply for a Schengen visa, which gives entry to 26 members states of the Schengen zone.

Which countries are member states of the Schengen zone, or that I can enter with a Schengen Visa?

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein


Where to apply?

At the embassies of any of the 26 above mentioned countries in the Schengen zone.

How to book a visa appointment?

Some of Europe’s embassies’ visa appointments could be done through this link, or this one. In case you can’t find your desired embassy in these links, google it directly to find all needed info regarding visa appointment, along with required documents.

How long does it take to get a visa appointment?

It depends on the season, and if the country is on high or low demand, make sure to call at least 3 months before your travel dates.

What documents do I need to apply for a Schengen visa?

Every embassy has its own requirements, therefore don’t ever go to an embassy without checking their website, calling, or emailing them, and make sure that you have all required documents on your appointment day to avoid being rejected, or being sent home to complete your missing documents, hence having to re-schedule your visa appointment. However the most common documents are:

  • A completed visa application form
  • Your passport valid for up to 3-6 months
  • 1-2 passport photos with a white background
  • Copies of previous visas
  • Letter of employment, or a letter of enrollment into university, or proof of ownership of your own business, or proof of retirement
  • Tentative Flight booking
  • Tentative Hotel booking: make sure to book in a hotel that has free cancellation policy -to find out if it has or not read the terms and conditions of your booking before confirming it
  • Invitation letter if only you will be staying at someone’s -resident or citizen- place, attending a seminar, or a workshop
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months issued a week before the visa appointment at most, which should show that you have enough funds to cover your trip
  • Visa fee starting from Euro 60 -check the embassy’s payment policy beforehand to know whether they require payment in cash, or by credit card
  • Children under the age of 18 years also need a birth certificate
  • Sometimes “shehadet ta7arokat” from Mogama3 El-Ta7rir
  • Shehadet El-Tagneed for guys
  • And be ready for an interview



What do they ask during the interview?

Basic questions, all related to your visa application, make sure not to lie, because lying won’t get you a Schengen Visa.

What should my Letter of Employment include?

Check the sample below.

2015-03-05_1044Letter of Employment Sample

How long should be the duration of my medical insurance

It has to cover the duration of your stay, plus some extra days, each company has its own policy.


What’s the point behind having medical insurance?

If -God fobids- something happens to you during your trip, such as an accident, or an injury you will have it covered -check the medical insurance’s policy to know what’s covered and what’s not.

How much does it cost?

It differs from an embassy to another, which starts from Euro 60 for a short stay visa .

How long does it take to issue a Schengen visa?

The rules are 15 working days, but there are definitely exceptions, so make sure that you are not too tight in time, and to inform the embassy of your exact travel dates, specially your departure dates in case you are tight in time.

Does the country’s embassy from which I got the entry visa has to be the country of first entry?

Yes, always apply at the embassy of your country of first entry, or at the country where you will be spending most of your trip, that’s why it’s always preferable to book your appointment way in advance to guarantee an available spot.


Which European embassy has the easiest procedures?

Well, there isn’t, if you have the right papers there is no need to worry too much. Always apply at the embassy of the country of your first entry, or where you will be spending most of your trip, but if there are no available appointments, and you are not flexible about your travel dates, then check other neighboring countries which will be a great chance to play around with your plans, and discover another country.

What should I do if this was my first Schengen Visa ever? Isn’t there a big risk of getting rejected?

If it’s your first Schengen visa then avoid traveling alone at all cost as they usually suspect that you will not come back specially if you are a student, jobless, single, or don’t have someone depending on you, even better if you travel with an agency that provides visa services, or at least to travel with a group of people, so you’d present your papers as part of a group.

What can I do to minimize my chances of getting rejected?

Do not lie, do not come up with stories, do not use your “fahlawa”, do not write things on your application that you cannot prove, be smart and provide proofs.

If I am a frequent traveler, is it wise to apply for the visa as a solo traveler?

No, that’s not the wisest idea as they tend to think that you are fleeing the country, specially if you are a student, jobless, single, or having no one depending on you, so you’d better travel with someone, even better if you have a family friend or a friend living at the desired country so s/he would provide you with an invitation letter, and state in the letter “I guarantee that (name) will be back to Egypt on (date)”.


What are the different types of Schengen visa?

  • Airport transit visa
  • Short stay less than 90 days, could be single or multiple entries.
  • Long stay more than 90 days, could be single or multiple entries, this one is usually more expensive and used for purposes other than tourism and family visit

What are the benefits of holding a Schengen Visa?

Other than being able to roam freely around 26 European countries, in some cases holding a Schengen visa can grant you access to other countries without a visa, or ease access to acquiring visas of other countries.

If I am holding a valid Schengen visa, and I am about to travel but my medical insurance expired, should I get a new one before I travel?

Yes, whenever you are in the Schengen zone you have to be covered by medical insurance, they even sometimes ask you about it at the passport check, so make sure to always travel with your travel insurance document.

What documents do I need upon arrival to the Schengen zone for passport check?

You need your passport, return flight tickets, hotel confirmation or name and address of the place where you are staying, and if you are staying at a family member’s or friend’s place to have his/her name, address, and why not a copy of his/her residence card or citizenship. Note that you don’t have to have them printed, they can be screenshots on your mobile.

Bonus tips

  • Single entry means that you can enter the Schengen area from Egypt only once, however a multiple entry visa means that you can travel from/to Egypt to Europe several times.
  • Take care that your multiple entry visa that is valid for a year doesn’t give you the permission of staying in Europe for a year, it only gives you permission to stay in Europe for 90 days, and those 90 days cannot be spent all at once, you can stay up to 30 days each time you use it.
  • When staying in the Schengen zone your passport will only be stamped in the country of first entry, and the country of departure, meaning that even if you travel inside Europe your passport won’t get stamped, might be subject to control check -which is barely existent- but won’t get stamped.
  • Though the United Kingdom is in Europe, but you cannot enter it with a Schengen visa.
  • The person who sends you a letter of invitation has to be resident of the Schengen area, or a citizen, not just a visitor.
  • The more you get Schengen visas from the same embassy, the more likely you will have the chance to acquire them for extended periods.
  • In case you are traveling to only one destination in the Schengen zone, and you are applying for the first time at the desired destination’s embassy, you will more likely get a single entry visa that is only valid for the duration of your stay.
  • In case it’s not your first time to apply for a Schengen visa at a selected embassy, you can ask them to submit a request on your application to be granted a 6 months, a year or 3 years Schengen visa.

Important notice: This article will give you an idea about the Visa Process, however if you have queries that are specific to your case please call the embassy, or ask a friend who has been through the same process. And note that all the above mentioned information cannot guarantee that you will get the visa, as the grant or refusal of the visa is at the embassy’s sole discretion.

Our Readers Comments

  1. wt if i prefer to travel alone not with a group, is it still hard to get the visa? 🙁

      • Damn!! is there’s anything i can do to make it easier or to convince them that i’ll return to egypt?

    • not necessarily, I traveled alone after graduation and I was jobless at the time and I got a Schengen visa valid for 6 months even though I applied for only 2 weeks. Its depends on whether you’ve had multiple Schengen visas before or not. the more you’ve had, the less strict they will be.

      Also if you have a travel itinerary of every step you will make there is relaxing for them, like for example, if you are going to Italy and will travel from Rome to Florence to Napoli to Cinque Terre and back to Rome, you have to state the dates you will travel from each city to the other, provide proof of transportation (car rental/train ticket or plane ticket) and hotel/hostel reservation for each and every night of your travel time in their respective cities, you just have to be accurate and wish for the best.

  2. Perfect bosbos ..very useful

  3. Thanks alot Passainte its really helpful ,

    do you recommend such group travelers ?

    • very good idea

  4. Thanks alot Passainte its really helpful ,

    do you have any recommendation for such group travelers ?

    • my pleasure Mostafa, what kind of travelers are you? meaning are you looking for adventure travel, or typical trips?

      • thanks for the very useful article , I’m planning to go WOOFING (World organization of organic farming) for 4 weeks , do u recommend any travelers group ? i think that’s a kind of adventure trip

  5. About the bank statement , should my bank account be in of a foreign currency (Ex: Dollar , Euro) or can it be in Egyptian pounds ?
    if I’m going to stay at my uncle’s during my visit would it be better to book a hotel in order not to give the impression that I am fleeing ?

    • @Ahmed: no not at all, it can be in Egyptian pounds.
      no it’s fine as long as he writes in the letter of invitation the sentence that i mentioned, and to also write in the HR letter that you will be due back to continue your work on (Date).
      Best of luck!

  6. I have a problem, Italian embassy asked for both a HR letter and the contract (I never had anyone asking for the contract and besides everything is mentioned in the HR letter). I don’t mind providing it but everything written in Arabic should be translated to Italian, now two work contracts and the wedding certificate could cost up to 2,000 pounds to translate in one of their authorized offices. So do you have any idea if I can ditch the work contracts since I never had anyone asking for it?

  7. Hi, how can I get a round trip ticket for visa without paying for it like the hotels with free cancellation?

    • you can book one online on your visa appointment eve, then when it comes to payment you choose the cash payment, so you’ll receive a tentative booking on your email.

  8. i would like to have both adventures and typical trips and need to travel with a group so please tell me your recommendations , thanks in advance 🙂

    • For adventure travel I highly recommend Wild Guanabana -through personal experience- and Destination 31 -heard good feedback about them.
      As for typical trips, honestly haven’t tried any, but there are so many big names in the industry!

  9. hi, i have been to europe twice before at college ( france and the UK) , then i served at the military for one year and l have just completed it earlier this month. Now, i do not have any job nor a bank account and i would like to go on a trip for europe ,knowing that my family would cover all trip expenses . Am i eligible ?or i do not bother applying for visa. i would be grateful if there are any other recommendations …Regards

    • Well, that’s a bit challenging, will ask a friend who works at an embassy, and will let you know!

      • Did you ask your friend? I want to know the reply!

  10. I have applied last year to get a Sgengen Visa from the French embassy,I was not alone I was with two of my friends
    we were having a very good bank statement & our papers were ok.but we did not get the visa & we do not know why
    they informed us that reasson of rejection is the residency place is not clear enough althogh it was a well known 3stars hotel in City center

    One of my friends told me that we did not get the Visa because we are 3 young men (we all 27 years old) , we all single , & two of us are brothers(twinz) that’s why we did not get it

    I am not sure if he was right or not so kindly advice ,& will it be risky if we tried to apply again (BTW we lost a lot of money that time cause the flight ticket was non refundable )

    • Well I can’t tell you the exact reasons of rejection as I don’t work in an embassy!
      I am sorry to hear that!

  11. All the information on here related to possibilities of rejection, and having not to be a solo traveller, or needing to go first through the country from which you got the visa is misleading and untrue. You should think twice before starting to give people travel advice, especially if you have no clue what you are talking about!

    • Sorry Sondos, but I have a clue about what I am talking about, if i don’t i wouldn’t have bothered posting it.
      And everything I wrote has to do with facts, and real stories.
      Good day 🙂

  12. I liked your article. I traveled twice before to france and switzerland, and what you wrote is really good and helpful. But I have a question, When I traveled to france the travel agent ask us for a bank statement for a bank account with 30,000 EGP at least while in switzerland they didn’t require a fixed sum. Do some empassies require that as I want to go to italy this year? Do you think they will require a fixed sum in my account ? Also I want to ask you as I traveled twice before is it better to deal with a travel agent or could I make my reservation and proposal for a visa directly. Last thing if you can recommend a travel agent make a good offers and itinrary all over italy.

  13. I have travel passion and traveled to more than 60 countries around the world through my life and visited almost all Eropean countries before Shengen and after Shengen visa .. Now i am an old man 65 years old , retired and i live most of time in Russia as my wife is Russian and so my son .. My question is can i get Shengen visa from Russia ? .. I want to take my son (11 years old ) with me in a summer student camp or i might too travel alone .. I don`t have Russian citzenship but i have long 5 years visa to Russia .. Can i get Shengen visa from Russia or they will tell me that i have to get it from my original country Egypt ? Second question : If i apply from Cairo can i get visa for my son too while he is in Russia as he is a Minor child (born 2003 ) … Thanks. Adel P.S: I really traveled too much .. i.e to France more than 15 times – Austria more than 10 times… Czech rep. 8 times , Sweden 3 times ..Switzerland 6 times etc etc …I had never any bad record or stay one day longer than my visa permit .. There is no why to get a multi-visa for valid for 3 or 5 years .. each visit no longer than one month ? … Why they don`t give visitors with very good past record more advantages ? .. I am old man , married , liberal , financially stable … Why should i go through all these complications like un unknown or a student or young man looking for work or suspected extremist person etc ?!! … Why they treat us this way ?!! .. I am really upset . Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hey Mr. Adel, I think you should call the embassy or ask a friend with a similar case, at the end of the day Visas are not my field of expertise, I wrote this article through research and personal experience.
      Good luck!

  14. i got schengen last year with 2 friends , and i wanna apply in the same embassy this year but alone , is that hard to get again cause ill apply alone ???????

    • Given the instability in Egypt nothing is guaranteed I am afraid 🙁

  15. Hi, Thanks for the valuable information…. May I ask about the case of going for an academic conference for, may be, 5-6 days…Is there any difference….. Is it easy case!! … THANKS

    • Mr. Zakaria, sorry if I replied instead of passainte. If you have an invitation to the conference it would be much easier.

  16. Hello Passainte 🙂
    I need to thank you for your informative article. And I have a question. What if I don’t have a travel insurance?

  17. thanks for the great advices. They’re very useful. 🙂

    I got rejected before ( By french embassy), will that affect my future applications? And how can I overcome that?
    Also, If I wanna go any other shengen country, Does the application have to be approved by french ambassy first?

  18. Hey Passainte .. thank u for ur valuable article … how can i get the travel insurance ? Thank u in advance

  19. Dear passainte. You didn’t reply my questiin. I also want ti correct someting to you. I work at insurance company and travel insurance starting from 70 EGP not €

  20. Really it is amazing and very helpful to anyone intend to take schengen .all what u said is true and my experience with german embassy confirms ur words.i was rejected 2013 got it 2014 for 6 days and this year 15 days and will travel after 10 days .so grateful for u .

  21. So i have all the right papers but i am a BUE student who is travelling alone so can the fact that i am travelling with goethe institue for a 3500 euros (fully paid and got the confirmation letter signed from the director of the institute in Berlin)worth deutsch course that covers the accomodation compensates the while traveling alone thing :/

  22. Another question shahadet el ta7arokat needs to be translated or not because that is not stated in the requirement on the embassy page
    Thanks for ur effort

  23. Thanks passainte for ur nice article, my friend in Switzerland want to invite me, do you have any idea about what he should write in that letter and if it has to be formal or just a nirmal letter?

    • Anytime, since it’s addressed to the embassy it needs to be formal.

  24. Thanks for information.but i am Ethiopian and i am refugees live in Cairo and my wife live in norway .buy the way i am like this visa pls help mee i have money for this

  25. very accurate information, i’m about to traval to German for my friend’s wedding.

    Thank you so much for making it more clear,

    God bless.

  26. Can i use the same HR letter twice if the gap between both trips is 3 months maximum?Do i have to state the name of the European country in HR letter?I s there a risk if i am travelling with my sister only,she is a student and i am employed,will this be like solo travelling as we are only two?

    • For each trip you need an HR letter, and you have to address it to an embassy.
      Traveling with you sister means that you won’t be solo which should be alright.

  27. Thanks Passainte for this post, I have a multiple visa from embassy of france, I understood from your post my first country of entry has to be france in this case, do I have to enter france ex: spend a day or can I just do a transit and in this case get stamped entry to schengen in france? Im traveling to italy so im trying to figure out if i must enter or would i get stamped entry in france if i just do a transit in france?

      • do u think that i get my friend through internet. sent letter of invitation and id num.pass. copies and he is totally responsible for me..and am an engineer working for governmental oil refining company.and i got hr letter.and having arround 80,000 egyptian pounds bank statement up and down…is that can be supportive?

  28. Well, what if i’m working with a permanent contract in a corporation which is a multinational one, knowing that my Corporation have alot of Centers in Europe. should i say to the HR to highlight that ? or should they write that i have a permanent Contract ? and do you know the Range of money that should be already in the account ? like should i get the bank statement of my saving account or my salary account ? knowing that my saving account doesn’t have any transaction lately

  29. Hi Passainte, I’m a permanent resident living and working in Australia and my fiancee is in Egypt. We’re planning to spend our honeymoon in Europe. Considering that I’m in Sydney now and won’t be in Egypt before the wedding, what do you think the best approach for us to get the visa? Do I apply here first – I think it’s not gonna be hard to get it from here – and then have my fiancee apply in Egypt with my visa as a supporting document? My fiancee doesn’t have a bank account and she’s never traveled out of Egypt. Would really appreciate your advice!
    By the way, you guys are doing an impressive job!

    • Hi Giruigis, unfortunately I cannot help you with that, but i believe that she doesn’t need a bank account as long as you will state clearly that you will be taking care of her expenses, maybe it would be great if you could write a letter where you’d state clearly that you guys are getting married -congrats- and traveling on your honeymoon, that you will be taking care of all your fiancees expenses, and that you will both be back to Australia on the (date) to continue your work.
      Good luck & thank you very much 😀

      • Thank you Passainte for your reply, it did help 🙂
        By the way, I think it could be a good idea if commentators get notified with replies to their comments, I had to check the page to see if you replied although I expected the website to send me an email when you reply – considering that I provided my email address when upon commenting!
        Keep up the good work 🙂

        • Hey Guirgis, my pleasure!
          I think that when you are commenting you could choose to be notified via email, other than that there isn’t much i can do i am afraid 🙂

  30. Are there particular required papers or procedures if i’m willing to apply for a 1 year multi entry tourist visa? Mentioining that i got schengen visa 4 times before.

  31. I’ve applied for a visa last September and rejected. Should I change my passport? !

  32. Is it a must to write duration of the trip in employment letter when applying for Schengen visa?

    • yes it’s important, at least your arrival “back to Egypt” date.

  33. plz what are the accredited banks from the embassy of Poland to issue the international medical insurance? Thanks a lot.

      • Thnx a lot Passainte… I found the list of banks on the embassy’s web site already :*

  34. can i enter the country i land on when i have the Schengen from another country’s embassy ?

  35. when i filled in the online application form, i never received any confirmation code or anything else of that sort. however, i read on the polish schengen visa website that i have to bring with me the “printed application” while i never found the “print” icon after i finished filling in the application form online! so, is there any thing printed i have to bring with me to the interview or tell me the time i should be there, or i just have to be there at 9 am and that’s it? are they going to email me any confirmation code before the interview date? plz let me know if you have an answer. thanks a lot :*

  36. A solo traveler to a medical conference in Crete, Greece with an invitation letter and evidence of payment.. Of course with an HR and a bank statement and the rest of the required documents.
    Does it sound fine?
    P.S. 2 previous schengen visas and 2 Uk

  37. This is my first time to apply for Schengen visa from Egypt and it will be business visa.I have never travelled before.I got an invitation letter from the organisation that will be hosting me and it is supposed to end on the first of July.My question is can i add extra few days after the date written in the invitation letter and book an hotel for these days,and flight will be after this period of course.I am worried to do so as it`s my first time to apply,Might this lead to my visa refusal or should i just go back home at the date written on my invitation letter?

    • Hey Ghada, well I really can’t tell you!
      I guess if you have all your documents, and an HR letter that states clearly that you will be returning to continue your work on (date), this should be fine, however I cannot guarantee anything at all.
      Good luck!

  38. Hi, My name is peter. i have a visa for Russia and i will be travelling to Russia in July. i also wanna apply for a schengen visa to France in July as i have an invitation letter from a visa officer, a french citizen but he is not gonna provide me with accomodation.
    what documents do u think i should prepare ? is there an interview at the visa application center or i will just submit my paper ?
    do u think it is easy as i am travelling alone ????

  39. I got a shengen once last summer, I’ve heard that this makes it easier when applying again, just wanna know if that’s true? Another thing I am still confused about the single/double entry thing. From what I know that a multiple entry means travelling inside the shengen zone, going to multiple countries with in the Shengen Zone, according to this post it seems like I miss understood what it really meant. So the question here what if the departure country and arrival one are different, Should that be a problem?

    • As far as I know it makes it easier.
      As for single/multiple entry. Single would let you for instance go from cairo to paris, visit rome, amsterdam, prague then come back to Cairo, but for the multiple you could go to cairo-paris, rome, amsterdam, then back to cairo, then travel again cairo-warsaw, vienna, munich, then come back to cairo…so you can leave the schengen zone several times, and come back to it, as for the single you go to the schengen zone only once…got it?

      • Yea, Things got more clear now. Thanks.

  40. do they need shahadet el tagneed ? The travel agency asked for shahadet taharokat only !!

    • YOU DEFINITELY need it @Saad
      Passport control won’t let you travel without it

      • ok i will get a travel permission before I travel .. but for the embassy appointment .. they need to see shahadet el tagneed ??

      • Even if i am exempted from the military service ????

  41. hwa l schengen visa l france, when we apply , do they send l passport and the docouments to somewhere else or they process it in Egypt , cuz in UK Visa, they send the passport to Dubai to process it.

    • As far as I know all Schengens are issued from Belgium, so passports are sent to Belguim…but i am not 100% sure

  42. What are the main reasons that they reject applicants for the schengen ? and how much should i have in my bank account if i want to apply??

  43. Dear Passainte,
    your article – of that I am sure – will be very helpful for the people. Thanks for putting so much effort in researching Schengen regulations.
    However, there are some statements that are incorrect and hence will lead to missunderstandings and / or wrong applications as well as wrong expectations which is what isn’t desirable.

    If you want, please feel free to shoot me an email to discuss the matter 🙂


  44. My siblings and I’ve submitted for schengen visa in Poland embassy….they had submitted before but they got rejected in German Embassy firstly if there any chances of accepting them this time (it was an invitation and we think that they thought maybe they’ll never come back and they were submitting their own bank statements as they were students…but yhis time we gonna submit our dad’s)? Secondly how many days should we refer to stay in our application as we were told that 45 days is too much for persons who had never taken a schengen visa before and we might get rejected and it’s better to stay only two weeks and we want more than that so will it be okay if we asked for a 30 days ?
    Thanks in advance

  45. Dear, We are honeymooners and we applied for Greek Visa, the consulate called us for interview this week i want to know the Language the interview will be held in. If my fiancee doesn’t speak English very well will it be a problem ?. Is having an interview a good point or a bad one !?
    I need your reply quickly as it’s after 2 days thanks

  46. I have been rejected twice from the French embassy. I guess the reason is because 2 years ago I went to Paris but we passed by Frankfurt for transit. Passport was never stamped from France. it was stamped Germany in and out. Is there anything I can do?

  47. I have to travel to Poland on November for work purpose…I need to get a Schengen visa cause I’ll have to travel first to Germany( Berlin) then drive to Poland ( the work place is near to Berlin )…so I need to know :
    1- I’ll make the Schengen visa to Poland embassy,as Berlin is only transit & Poland will be the resident country for some days??
    2- I’ll need both Schengen visa application & Poland embassy application to be filled up…?
    3-when filling up the applications does the dates of arrivals & departures must be accurate..?as I still don’t know the exact dates of the training but I need to finalize the visa procedures from now.
    4-I will have an invitation from the Poland part for 3 months starting from November till January….Is this ok??

    • @Nora
      1. If the country of first entry is Germany then you have to get your visa from the German embassy, and you could attach to your application a letter stating that you are going to Poland for work purposes.
      2. No, only one. Germany’s
      3. your dates should match the dates of your bookings, so yes!
      4. Can’t you make your trip to Germany after Poland, because it seems that you have more supporting documents for Poland

  48. Hi, I have a question if you could answer in details,
    If I’m travelling with my wife…does she have to bring the exact same papers like mine ? or they might consider that she’ll be with me and I’ll be covering the trip ? and can we go at the same appointment or individually ?

    • Well, you could indicate in the application that you will be covering her expenses, therefore you will present the same bank statement for both of you.
      As for visa appointment, you should ask at the embassy whether you can go together or individually.

  49. i and my brother apply for italy business visa to take part in an exhibition in Milan as an exhibitor. ours is a family company i my brother and our wives are only director in the company. we have submitted same set of papers with the embassy . My brother gets visa and i am asked for the salary slip and bank statement which we already submitted. as we are the owner of the company and we are not being paid the salary every in bank on pay day basis although our salary is being credited in company a/cs. we issue the cheque same time cash as and when required. my brother transact a good amount in his a/c for on-line payments of company payments lice excise and TDS etc. every month. now i have submitted the last year ITR showing income from salary about Rs. 12 lacs and some other income from rental property . My question is whether the visa officer only sees the salary incoming in bank a/cs or the ITR is also considered. my company is sponsoring our trip and its a/cs shows a very very good bank balance. we have also submitted the tax deducted from my salary and deposed in government a/c. all documents are true and authentic . Kindly suggest if i denied the VISA what should i do. we have paid a good amount to exhibition organiser .

  50. A very useful article.. Thank you very much for this great effort… May i ask u what is rhe name of flight companies that i can pay for it in cache? Because i am afraid that if i git rejected i will lose alot of money

  51. now i have got a Schengen Visa from German embassy at 2006, last year i claimed for the visa from France embassy and i got rejected, is it Impossible now to get the visa ?

  52. I need to ask you something very impot.. my friend applied for a schengen visa from france amd he got rejected .. what would you recommend? ?
    To apply for an appeal or just apply for with a new application since we travellung to spain in the new year but i am afraid that he will just be rejected again!!.. what should i do!

    • As far as I know, you need 6 months to re-apply to a schengen visa after being rejected.
      I am not sure how efficient the appeal is, unless he has strong reasons, he’s better apply with a new application knowing that your country of first entry should be the country/embassy from where you got your visa.
      Good luck 🙂

  53. i got rejected from Belgium emabbasy and i want to apply again but this time im going to germany and france should i apply in Belgium only again

    • You should apply at the embassy of your country of first entry, so it’s whether Germany or France…
      Good luck!

  54. Pls can I still submit my documents, 6 days too the arrival date written on the invitation letter.

  55. Arrival date on my invitation letter 22/10. And have book my flight for 21/10. All my other documents are complete, and I have not submit it as at now. Pls what will happen?

  56. I have been refused from Latvia embassy from 2days ago iwant to apply for another visa from France is it possible i want to spend schisms holiday there

    • It all depends on the reason of rejection, but usually you need 6 months to re-apply, but please call the relevant embassy to make sure.

  57. Hi, I applied for Schengen through Netherlands embassy to visit my brother who sent me an invitation but unfortunately my application was refused . after that I was supposed to have a business trip in Czech Rebublic with a crew of my company which is well known and reputable in Egypt. The whole crew got visas except me.
    Now I should apply for Schengen at Austrian company for another job. Do you think there is a possibility to be accepted, or this is a hopeless case.

    Please reply ASAP.

    • I wish I had an answer to that question, try to have your papers as complete as possible, with enough funds in your bank account, and a good detailed HR letter showing that you have a job and a family to return to, and no intention of leaving whatsoever.
      Also make sure that whatever was the reason behind your 1st and 2nd rejection are not there anymore
      Good luck 🙂

  58. What about submitting a new passport with another name spelling in place of the one I have now with two refusal stamps. Can it work or the embassy will discover the previous refusals through SIS (Schengen Information System) ???

  59. I was reading your article and i liked it , but i got a little worried, I’m planning to apply for a Shengen visa to Italy on jan to visit some friends there ( Italians ), so i’m going to recieve an invitation letter for sure from one of them , the question is .. will this give me like a bonus and give me better chances to get the visa although i’m a student or still its gonna be hard ? hope you reply soon =)

  60. I have an appoitment this coming dec and a solo traveller. I have all the rrquirements needed, bank statdmrnt flight booking hotel etc.. is there a guarantee that i can get a visa?

  61. Did anyone apply for the visa and got it after the latest unfortunate events?

  62. Hi!
    I’ve got my Schengen visa Type C,single entry valid for 16 days. Am i allowed to travel to other Schengen country(e.g Germany, Austria) using my single entry visa? My point o entry will be in Italy.Many thanks.

    • i don’t know the different types of visa, but a single entry as shown in the article would allow you to go freely around the Schengen zone, but once you leave it, you cannot enter it using this visa anymore! you need a multiple entry to do so

  63. Hello,
    I already got schengen visa from Netherlands but the problem I need to cancel the trip.
    Is there any penalties should I face in the future ?
    Please advise.

    • you should just let them know that you cancelled your trip, and won’t be using the visa

  64. Any idea what’s the visa situation at the french embassy after the recent events?

  65. I was admitted to Warsaw University of technology for undergraduate degree and everything was perfect. But my visa to Poland was rejected, even the appeal was refused. I had a decent bank statement. The refusal letter included ‘suspicion for not leaving Poland after the studies.’
    I didn’t provide ‘Shahadet Taharokat’ but I don’t think it was the reason, other students with full application documents was rejected too.
    It was my first Schengen visa application.
    Do you have any idea was the visa was rejected?
    Thank you,

  66. I wanna ask if i can enter amesterdam with with chengen visa from france embassy in cairo without entering france first would be there a problem as i cannot go now to france bec of the latest explosions and bad circumstances there,would it be ok or not?

  67. dearest mam/sir,

    we are planning to have Europe group tour (around 7-8 of our family), i have a friend in Spain and he offered me an inviatation letter for a group tour but he doesnt have idea on how to write it. can i have a template of letter as most i found is for 1 person only & not a group tour..then, my friend will not pay for all expenses do we still need to write it? pls kindly help me…thank you so much

    best regards,
    leny reyes

  68. What if my schengen visa got rejected for a honeymoon trip and i had all my documents complete , the reason for rejection was unclear “there’s no clear reason for the travel purpose” , how long should i wait till i apply for schengen visa again ? And what’s the possibility of being accepted if i applied from different embassy?

  69. I have been refused from Latvia embassy from 7/10/2015 i want to apply for another visa from France in 10/3/2016 is it possible or i must wait more

  70. I am a graduate and i am currently in an internship and not permanently employed , i cant get HR letter or letter of enrollment from my uni…is it possible that they will accept me??! (P.S : I traveled to Europe last year with my uni)

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