Saudi.. From A Traveler’s Eye

Saudi Arabia, like every other country, is a great travel destination with fantastic touristic activities that suit different tastes. Unlike what is often said about it, it has a lot more to offer than just fancy malls. And its activities will suit different travel tastes. So whether you like culture, adventure, or shopping, you will find it all.


If you do like Safaris and camping, you will never find a better spot than a country where most of its land is made of sand! Saudi has a zillion safari companies that will take you touring the deserts like never before. The mountains are gorgeous and they have very unique formations (like the elephant rock in the photo below).


Scenic View:

The beaches of Jeddah and Khobar. The mountains of Abha. Diving in the other side of the Red Sea. And again, the desert. You will find a variety of beautiful places were you can enjoy your time, whether alone or with family.



Who said Saudi doesn’t have a reich history? Mada’in Saleh (photo below) is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been in place for hundreds of years.Located in Al-Ula, those magnificent tombs have been carved in stone just like Petra (Jordan). They were built by the Nabataeans who finely crafted 111 tombs in a delicate and uniform manner. The details on the entrance and the smooth surfaces of the wall reflect their great civilization. The ruins of the town of the Nabataeans lie on the plain some distance from their tombs. If you are impressed by Petra, then you have to pay a visit for this underrated unexplored part of the world.


Urban Madness:

And of course we can’t forget the main urban centers of Ryadh, Jedda, and Medina. Maybe you will not be able to enjoy a wild nightlife, but you can definitely enjoy the great restaurants, elegant shopping centers, and extravagant lifestyle. Heads up though, you will need to be rich to truly experience this kind of life.

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