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Royal Jordanian Airlines

Do you need a pass to explore the world, travel in comfort and luxury and enjoy every minute you spend between the clouds? Then, Royal Jordanian Airlines is the airline for you. Royal Jordanian is the flag carrier airline of Jordan which was formerly known as Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines. With Its head office in Amman, It earned its rank as one of the 20 safest airlines in the world in 2018. This comforting news should come as no surprise because when travelling with Royal Jordanian your safety is at the epicentre of everything that they do, allowing you to travel with peace of mind. Top destinations which never tire include Amman, Aqaba Jordan, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, New York and Chicago.

Royal Jordanian


Royal Jordanian Services on board

What you travellers look for when booking flights, whether it’s a short or a long one , is safety ,comfort and a little bit of pampering to lighten up your journey . Well you can feel that in Royal Jordanian easily. You will have enough legroom in your place and as for the seats comfort they are good enough for you to have a comfortable flight. The crew is pretty helpful and always smiling setting a great example of the fabulous hospitality that Jordanians are known for as well as their  Arabic coffee. That ring bells in your head which and yes you will be served pre-flight Arabic coffee , lucky you . When you are  flying in the air it’s time your tummy wants to be pampered ,well Royal Jordanian cares about your tummy more than you do .If you are going on a short flight of maximum 2 hours passengers are served light snacks and beverages. On longer flights, meals will include your choice of meat, fish or vegetarian main dish, sides, and a dessert, along with a selection of beverages and Alcohol is also available on longer flights. Special meals can be pre-ordered at least 24 hours prior to departure and include the following: Bland Meal, Diabetic Meal, Gluten Free Meal, Low Calorie Meal, Low Cholesterol , Low Fat, Low Protein Meal, Low Sodium No Salt, No Lactose Meal, Western Vegetarian Meal, Indian Vegetarian Meal, Seafood Meal, Kosher Meal, Hindu Meal, Moslem Meal, Children Meal, Baby Meal. The cabins are always clean too .The entertainment is perfect . Vast options of movies and songs to help you forget about your long flights.

Royal Jordanian hot meal


Royal Jordanian Best offers

If a good offer is what you are longing to now, then you have to head for RJ airlines. Here you are some of their hot deals no traveller should ever miss:

Flight Pass

Allows you to lock-in your low fare flights and avoid future fare increases. Book any flight till its last available seat is sold and lock them in and by that you cut down your flying costs a lot.Only round trips can be done using Royal Jordanian fight pass including at least two flights for two different destinations .

Go Crown

You can always upgrade your economy tickets to crown tickets by sending them how much you can pay on each ticket to upgrade, maximum 40 hours prior to departure and they will email you to let you know whether your offer was accepted or not.

Excess Baggage

You can buy excess baggage online at a discounted price and save your time and money at the airport .

Seat Select

Allows you to choose your desired seats on the aircraft, exit seat, window seat, aisle seat, front row seat to enhance your travel experience.

Lounge Pass

You can buy an online voucher to access the Crown Lounge at Queen Alia International Airport and pamper yourself.

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Top Destinations

Amman & Aqaba

The princesses of Jordan as we can call them. Amman the capital of Jordan that piece of history still living on earth where you can enjoy visiting the ancient ruins like the Amman Citadel , Roman theatre and the roman temple of Hercules. As for Aqaba, it is a port city with resorts on its beach which is known for water sports ,windsurfing  and scuba diving . It is one of the top destinations that scuba divers always head to so they can enjoy the brilliant coral reefs there.

Royal Jordanian to Amman


The capital of Thailand where you can enjoy the nature it’s blessed with, the rides in the river that networks the whole city. Bangkok is the city of day life and night life, during day there are a lot of temples you can visit to enjoy the fascinating constructions Thais always impressed the world with like Wat Arun and Grand Palace. At night it’s time for dancing and having fun which Bangkok will offer you in its best forms. Don’t forget to enjoy the wildlife there also by visiting Safari World zoo which offers you safari between wild animals and amazing water shows that a person of any age can definitely enjoy.

Royal Jordanian to Bangkok

Kuala Lupmur

The capital of Malaysia that as soon as you land your feet on will take your breath away with its modern skyline intermingled with its amazing nature, just beautiful. You must visit The Petronas towers and kuala Lumpur tower specially at night with their shinny appearance will leave you in amusement .Genting Highlands the vast area of green above the clouds is the place that makes you feel like you have fallen into lost lands or Avatar lands. Batu cave and the tall statue made of gold is a place not to miss, must be somewhere on your bucket list.

Royal Jordanian to Kuala Lumpur

New York And Chicago

New York the city of dreams as they say , well in New York all your dreams can come true .The Times Square You always see in most of your favourite movies, statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and central park you have always dreamed to visit are all there to make your dreams come true. As for Chicago you can enjoy your time by just walking through its streets enjoying its famous foods, skyscrapers and Lake Michigan giving it amazing views that anybody who sets his feet on its land definitely will love.

Royal Jordanian to Chicago

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