Ramadan Iftar Like Never Before

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan that holy month that comes every year bringing along with it joy, unexplained spiritual peace and relief, generosity and definitely a lot of food. Yup, Ramadan mainly revolves in Egypt around food, whether iftar or sohour  or even the distinctive Ramadan drinks like Karkadeh, sobia, tamr hendi and doom. Why we love food so much in Ramadan because as Egyptians we love to pamper ourselves and reward ourselves for fasting almost 16 hours with no food and water, so definitely we church food in Ramadan. So today we are giving you the ultimate guide to spend Ramadan this year in a unique way with different experiences than all years Before.


Cook Your Own Korean Dish

Do you want to do something different this year in Ramadan? Why not try cooking your own food for yourself and not only this, but also try a new cuisine that we are not that much familiar with it “The Korean Cuisine”. There is A restaurant In Zamalek called “Hana”, in this restaurant every table has a grill built in. In this grill  you can cook the plate you order or you can have it served cooked. We do recommend cooking it yourself as it is such a pleasing experience. We also do recommend their most famous and delicious plate” Beef Bulgogi” and the fried dumplings also are amazing.


opens from: 12:00pm to 10:30pm
25 Hassan Assem Street, Off Brazil Street

Beef Bulgogi

Iftar With A view

If you want to spend some relaxing time and upscale your iftar to a whole new level of beauty and relaxation, then you must give “Fel Felucca” a try. In Fel Felucca you will have your iftar in the middle of the Nile as it’s actually a luxurious sailing cruise on board a modern fully equipped felucca set in a very chic and unique way to have your special events or moments there. Or simply pamper yourself with an outstanding iftar. Just imagine breaking your fasting with that amazing view of the Orange blooded sun hiding slowly in the crystal water of the Nile, just beautiful. But don’t forget to reserve before you go.


Corniche El Nil, Infront of Alfa Market.


Iftar With A Musical Atmosphere

In love with music and want to spend some relaxing and reviving time? Then “Eish +Malh” is your place. Eish + Malh Is found in the streets of Down Town with an authentic design and atmosphere. They have a really special way to make their dinners have some nice time. In Ramadan they serve you your Iftar with musical vibes every where in the air as Oud is being played over there while having your Iftar. But don’t forget to check their schedule and Facebook page before you go to make sure they are having someone to play oud on the day you are going.

‎20 Adly Street, Downtown Cairo 20

Call 0109 874 4014

Eish+ Malh Fb Page


Eish + Malh

Oriental Iftar

If you want to go really oriental, then “Sobhy Kaber” is the answer. All the oriental cravings you ever had in your can be satisfied at this place. The grilled ribs, kebab, waraet lahma and a plate called halawyat which is not what you think is, nope not desserts, but slices of liver and some other stuff seasoned and made with butter in the most delightful way. And of course Kaber’s Molokhia that will turn your head upside down with its deliciousness. If the problem is the old place, they moved into Shobra in a new easier branch to reach, so you have no excuses to pamper yourself and indulge yourself with tasty fatty awesome food.


Sobhy Kaber

Luxurious Iftar

Finally you can always end your plan with luxurious self Pampering and hit Royal Maxim Palace and have a unique Iftar with a view that makes you feel like a Royal member ;).

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Photo Credit to :

Eish + Malh page

Fel Felucca


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