Top Places In Russia 2018 For World Cup Egyptian spectators

Russia World Cup 2018 Tour Guide

Since we guided you last time on how to get yourself to the World Cup and the best deals you can get from the market, how to book and how to make fan id, this time we are taking you on a tour in the best places you shouldn’t miss in the cities where the national team of Egypt will be playing. Going to the World cup doesn’t mean attending the matches only, you don’t go to Russia everyday and you don’t enter without a visa every day. So, seize your moment, enjoy your visit and get the most out of it.


Well we know that the Egyptian team has no matches to play in Moscow, but most of the travel packages in the market include staying in a hotel in Moscow during your stay in Russia to attend the World Cup. So, we will tell you the most awesome places in Moscow that you should squeeze through your day to go and pay them a visit.

Moscow_ Russia

Red Square

This square is a landmark and an important element for you in Moscow that you shouldn’t miss as it holds up St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum. So it has the main monuments and places not to leave Russia without seeing them. You will absolutely enjoy walking there and every corner of that square has something interesting to visit and see.

Red Square _ Russia

St. Basil’s Cathedral

One of the most unique and spectacular monuments you will ever visit in your life. All the colors put in that building makes it full of vibes of happiness that flows slowly to your soul whenever you see it. The Round tops of the  Cathedral with their vivid colors of green, blue, white and red makes it authentic as if you have fallen into a fairytale. It holds a huge part of the History of Russia. No to miss ever.

St. Basil's Cathedral _ Russia


It’s a huge museum that holds a lot of iconic pieces of treasure that you need to pay a visit if you are in love with history and stuff like this. The building itself will fascinate you just even by standing in front of it.

Kremlin Russia

Bolshoi Theatre

If you are a big fan of art and theatres, specially the classic art of Ballet then you must pay this theatre a visit. It’s where the Bolshoi Ballet and orchestra was founded. It’s very famous and heart capturing. the lighting surrounding the building and the building itself makes you feel like you are in the Era of princes and princesses when everything was classy and wonderful.

Bolshoi Opera - Russia

Jardín de los Boticarios

It’s a garden with a lot of medicinal herbs in it and glasshouses holding different species of plants. Not to mention the green landscapes you will be walking in enjoying your time. Breathing fresh air and the smell of green will just refresh your mind and soul. If you are staying for a while in Moscow give it a try.

The Metro Station Of Moscow

They say despite the cleanliness and organization of the metro, if you look around while waiting for your next metro, a live museum. Works of art every where like a network of museums not a metro station. you should give it a visit and by just one ticket you can go to different stations and enjoy the outstanding art reflecting the Soviet Era .

Moscow Metro Station

Also you can visit Groky park which is a leisure park where you can have some fun by enjoying the rides over there. Also Moscow Zoo will be a fun place to visit and enjoy your time walking around watching a lot of types of animals.


Volgograd Russia

Egypt’s National team will be playing with Saudi Arabian national team, so you might have a half day or more that you can spend there and as we said earlier, you should make use of every moment you spend there. And Volgograd is a very rich city of the history of world war so if you are a history geek, you will love it.


A genuine place where wall ruins exist with wonderfully curved statues into it giving a spectacular view that will leave your mouth open. Not to mention the beauty of this place, a piece of art.

Wall ruins _ russia

Area Tribulation

this place is filled with sculptures that resembles the era of world war and the sculpture resemble the difficulty of the emotions that was all over the country. So much emotions in the sculptures that will touch your heart and convey to you how war brings sorrow and grief specially the sculpture of the sorrowful mom looking down on the pond as if she is farewelling her children gone in the war.

Monumenst -Russia


Motherland calling

An enormous sculpture of a woman holding a sword in her hand and twisting her body as if she is calling her people to fight for their land. it symbolizes the 200 days of the Battle of Stalingrad. Such a powerful sculpture that you should definitely see.

Motherland Calling

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