On Planning Multi Destination Trips

Not everyone can afford to keep going back and forth exploring the world one place at a time. But some can at least afford one trip abroad every year; which can be all you need if you plan it correctly. In as little as 10 days, you can visit 3 or even 4 countries and get to know about them without having to buy 4 different international tickets. Here’s some suggestions on how to be efficient doing that.

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1. Choose countries with one visa in common

I don’t remember going to Europe once, just to visit one city and come back again. For me, t never seemed like I am taking the full value of the ticket. However, I do agree that hassling over visas is not a great idea either. That’s why, trying to get the best out of the visa you’ve got is the road to take. For instance, When you have a Schengen, you’re not only allowed to visit Schengen areas, but Turkey, Bosnia and other countries as well. Similarly, UK will give you access to London, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Or the US visa where you can enter Mexico as well.

2. Choose countries with great transportation in between

Just because you’re moving between countries, doesn’t mean that you have to take a plane. There are many cheaper and surprisingly convenient options for travelling in between countries. If you choose neighbouring ones, you can easily drive there. Alternatively, you can take a train or a bus.

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3. Try different inbound and outbound routes

This comes at a little extra cost, but starting a trip at a point and ending it somewhere else without having to go back at where you first started is such a good idea. Just search for multi-city tickets when you’re booking and that should do the trick.

4. Transit visas and long layovers can be good

This is like getting a vacation bonus. Next time when you’re travelling via a certain airline, make sure to change your transit hours from 2/3 hours till at least 9/10. Just take a walk around whichever city that is. Your luggage remain with the flight so it won’t be an extra hassle, and it won’t cost you except the visa fee.

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5. Make sure to pick the right size

Now, all the above point are beneficial. However there is another one that is far more important than all the above, and it is to plan your time adequately. So if you decide to hit certain cities, make sure that you are planning enough time to explore each one effectively. Don’t just hit and run, after all, it’s not a competition. So for example, if you decide to go to Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg in 10 days, you would want to divide them as 4:4:2. And not divide them evenly. Since the first two are bigger than the latter and they would need more time to explore.

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