NYC vs. London

The two greatest metropolitan giants in the world. But what is the new world capital? And which one are you? Until now the Big Apple was definitely leading the race, but London is a worthy opponent. So read along and let us know which one would you vote for..

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London and New York fall into the temperate latitudes, but the conditions in both cities vary widely. Though both can get incredibly cold on winters (especially for us poor Middle Easterns), snowfall is something unusual for the British capital. In New York, the climate is continental. Bottomline is that New York is sunnier, London is wetter. So I think we have our winner for this criterium.


Culture entails a lot of things; architecture, history, diversity of people living there, etc. This can take us days just to compare, given that both cities have overwhelming cultural influences. It would be difficult to try to determine which city is better. New York has this very modern look in terms of architecture, with all its sky scrapers and tall buildings. On the other hand, London has one of the most beautiful architectural styles in the world from victorian buildings to other classical styles.

The histories of the cities also are of same importance. Though London is much older and has a bigger influence in the history of the world. New York is more intense, and is having an influence on how the world is shaped currently. And when it comes to diversity, you can also see that the world’s 2 biggest cosmopolitan cities are more of less competing on the same level


Nature in the city

In New York is one of the most famous and beautiful city parks in the world; Central Park. Even if you look on a map, you will find this huge bulk of fresh greenery just in the middle of the very crazy and hectic metropolis. However, if any city in the world can compete with New York in this respect, it would undoubtedly be London. There are numerous large parks all around the city starting from Hyde Park all the way to Richmond Park, the latter being the bigger park in the world. So unlike New York, and even though London can also be overwhelming, you have more chances to just stop and catch your breath


Show Business

Broadway has always been a world known thing, but West End is upcoming. New York is the city, in which was made most movies. In this respect it was the undisputed leader in the 20th century. Now, London is more interesting and attractive and more films are shot in the British capital. New York is already too well known, unlike London. As for the music industry there is not dispute – London is the music capital of the world.


The people

London is huge, crowded, and has people from every corner of the world. However, New York will remain to be a symbol of modernity and globalization. Here you can see cosmopolitanism and coexistence of people of all races, nationalities and religions of the world. People in New York, and despite the crowd and the haste, have a generally great spirit. They are very friendly, chatting, and will just flash you with their smiles whenever you have an eye contact. Londoners, much like other Europeans, are very individualistic. Everyone is just minding their own business, which can be good at time, but we all need the occasional smiles from strangers.

Have you been to either one of those cities? Share with us your opinion..

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