Morocco: An African Paradise

This country looks like a place from an Arabian fairytale. By far, it’s been the most beautiful I’ve seen in the Middle East. What’s even more fascinating about Morocco is that it’s very decentralized, not like most Arab countries where the capital and two or three other spots are the ones with all the action and the rest are forgotten. Morocco has so many big and small cities that are equally impressive, and very different from each other. The good new is, the distances between the cities are not huge and the railway system is excellent. The conclusion is: Morocco should be on your list, and you should discover the whole country not just big cities.

Northern Morocco:

This part includes Mediterranean cities like Tanjier, Tetouan, and Oujda. Chefchaoun is the most beautiful of which. The blue city where all buildings are in different shades of blue. The moment you step in, you will feel the tranquillity.

Chefchaoun, Morocco

Southern Morocco:

This part of the country is so vibrant with the Amazeeghy (tribal) culture. The clothing, culture, and language will be very different from the north. It’s desert like (Sahara) and you can find many desert-like activities to do such as hiking and camping. You can also check out the waterfalls that you can find around.


Western Morocco:

This part is my favorite. Moving along the ocean and stopping by in cities like; Aghadeer, Al Jadida, Safi, and the best of which Essaouira is very enjoyable. All those cities have the Madina Kaddema (old town) and Madina Jadida (new town). Basicall the old town is the ancient part with walls surrounding it. You can find markets (souks) selling oriental stuff and handicrafts, you will also find many mosques and museums. The new town is the modern part of the city with the hip restaurants and night spots.

Ozoud Falls, Morocco

The big Cities:

Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech; the capital, economic center, and third buggest city! They have the same divide as the cities mentioned above. Marakech has the best Old Madina Market (Jamea Al Fena) where you can all sorts of shops as well as other cultural activities like story telling for example. Even though those metropoles are a bit less fascinating than the other parts of Morocco, they are worth checking out. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy one of those Moroccan baths (they are relatively cheaper than Cairo).

Koutoubia mosque, Marrakech, Morocco

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