Making The World A Fairer Place

The World Fair Trade Day was celebrated on the 14th of this Month. Over the past 6 decades, Fair Trade has developed into a widespread movement. The concept is based on partnership; meaning that the interests of farmers and workers are just as important as businesses and international entities. Fair Trade represents a solution to poverty and a model for development.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a movement that aims to provide a more ethical alternative than the conventional capitalistic trade methods. It tries to bring equality and balance between the developing and developed countries. It offers trade solutions that provide a just environment for the producers as well as the traders. The prices paid for products are enough for producers to afford basic life needs; such as food, education and healthcare. 

The World Fair Trade Day is an initiative that started in 2001 by the World Fair Trade Organization members. It is a worldwide celebration of Fair Trade and the role it plays in the fight against poverty and exploitation, climate change, and the economic crises that has the greatest impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Fair Trade Workers

Field worker, Copyright: Tracing Tea

How does it work?

Fair Trade has a number of principles that all organisations should abide by if they want to belong to the Fair-trade movement. Among which are that prices paid are fair and sufficient for producers and workers. The availability of a safe and dignified working environment. There is no discrimination based on gender, race, or other factors. No child labor, and other principles that makes it an ethical practice.

In addition to that, Fair Trade Organisations are of crucial importance to households headed by women who have limited employment opportunities. Those organisations work on offering education, health, and other essential services to the people who need it, and they operate all their work under eco-friendly conditions.

Fair Trade Cocoa

Cocoa Pods, Copyright: Matthias Ziegler

What products are Fair Trade?

Fair Trade has hundreds of shops around the world selling thousands of products everyday. The selection of the products is extremely diverse, ranging from agriculture and food production such as coffee, chocolate, cotton, and others to handicrafts such as clothes, accessories, and home decor. Most of the developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have fairtrade production.

The products always have a Fairtrade Mark, which means they are certified from a Fairtrade organization and apply its standards. There are specific product standards for food products, in addition to other standards for non-food products.

Fair Trade Egypt

Egyptian Basket Producer, Copyright: Fair Trade Egypt

Voting with your money..

Fair trade benefits the most vulnerable groups and delivers sustainable livelihoods by developing opportunities for small and disadvantaged producers. Millions of producers, businesses, organizations, and consumers are contributing to the substantial growth of Fair Trade globally. As a consumer, you can always chose to vote with your money to make the world a more just place and support people around the globe to have better lives. So next time you are wandering around the little streets of Paris, the bright avenues of New York, or the wide roads of Dubai, don’t forget to check the fair trade shop around the corner..


Colombia Coffee Region, Copyright: Jess Kraft

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