Looking For A Warm Winter Getaway?

We will tell you where to go 😉

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As some of us are not the biggest fans of cold seasons, there are plenty of places around the world where winter freeze could be escaped. We have put together a list of warm destinations that won’t break the bank, not only but also won’t put you through a visa process from hell.

Travel Myth: Hotels and flights are cheaper in countries that don’t observe Christmas

Flights are always subject to supply and demand, that’s why we recommend you to book them as early as possible to get your hands on the cheapest deals, as for hotels; owners are aware that it’s a worldwide holiday season, they price high, we believe that booking early or taking the risk of very last minute booking can be a life savior.

Goa – India

GoaPhoto courtesy: Sunish Sebastian

Is a premium beach escape specially loved by European travelers, hosting energetic full moon parties, a long stretch of golden sandy beaches, and is a nestling ground for Ridley turtles.

  • Average temperatures: 21-33C
  • Flights starting from: EGP 3590
  • Visa: Takes up to 4 working days

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Cape Town – South Africa


Don’t even get us started; this is the ultimate adventure travelers’ escape; from zip-lining, sky-diving, and abseiling to crocodile cage-diving, ostrich riding, and rhino tracking. Nature-lovers and beach-goers could also chillax on the “Rio de Janeiro” like beach strip, and practice all sorts of water-sports.

  • Average temperatures: 22-24C
  • Flights starting from: EGP 4853
  • Visa: Takes up to 5-10 working days

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17290593583_e89308dcd0_zPhoto courtesy: Wendy

Bali – Indonesia

8642455382_fc1bc921ca_zTamblingan Lake in Bali – Indonesia by Pandu Adnyana

A tiny slice of paradise, no wonder why it recently has been on high-demand. The coolest thing about Bali is how diverse it is; visitors can just laze in the sun, chill by a scenic beach surrounded by palm trees, join a yoga retreat, catch a boat, explore its volcanic hillsides and rice terraces, cycle, hike, you name it!

  • Average temperatures: 26-30C
  • Flights starting from: EGP 4986
  • Visa: Visa upon arrival (requiring a pre-travel approval from Mogama’)

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The Isle Of Sri Lanka

6925809164_255f457939_zSri Lanka by Surreal Name Given

A down-looked at destination offering an array of activities; jeep safaris, water-rafting, hanging around taintless beaches, rainforest hiking, delving into nature, marveling at archaeological wonders are just some of the options.

  • Average temperatures: highly depends on which part of the island you are
  • Flights starting from: EGP 3559
  • Visa: Visa upon arrival

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5012423140_ebb8ab940b_zSafari in Sri Lanka by Tom Olliver

Phuket – Thailand

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Beaches, beaches, and more beaches! But that’s not what Phuket is all about, nightlife at Patong, waterfalls dripping onto rocks, spa treatment, and Thai pampering, mangrove forests trekking, elephant back safari, canoeing, along with all sorts of watersports.

  • Average temperatures: 24-31C
  • Flights starting from: EGP 4188
  • Visa: Takes up to 14 days (requiring a pre-travel approval from Mogama’)

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Would you rather escape winter at one of those destinations? Or you’d rather go to more Christmas-ey destinations? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…

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