Let’s Christmas In Paris

Paris is always a good idea. No matter which season it is or how the weather is like, the city will always have its charm. However, it can be 10 times as charming with all the Christmas lights, fun, and warmth. Keep reading to discover the true magic of a Parisian Christmas..


Because we love snow

Paris is one of the prettiest cities anyone can ever visit. The city is just plain beautiful. We’re talking fairytale pretty here. With all the victorian buildings covered in snow, and the trees turning white. Just sitting in a cute local cafe enjoying your warm cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) will be an adventure in itself.


Winter activities are fun

If you want to get a true winter experience, nothing can ever beat the Parisian ice rinks. So grab your blades and go ice skating (or rent ones while your there). There are numerous places where you can do skating;the Eiffel Tower, Hotel de Ville,  and the Champs-Elysées to name a few.


The christmas vibe is the best vibe

There’s a lot of thing that can make this holiday Merry. The twinkly lights, the shopping, the good moods around this time, and the list goes one. People always say this is the capital of fashion and elegance, and that doesn’t just apply to personal styles. This city knows how to style itself perfectly with its extravagant light displays and glittery Eiffel tower. But there are a few spots that you should aim to hit along your nighttime walk. And don’t forget the best part of it, the Christmas markets. There you’ll find anything you might or might not be looking for, from crafty personal accessories, to nice additions to your home, and festive varieties of food and beverage too.


Paris is nicer without the tourists

Paris in the Winter is still as breathtakingly beautiful as Paris in the Summer. It’s just that the Winter has this calmness and stillness about it that the busy summer doesn’t. I mean, imagine taking photos with no tourists holding selfie sticks in the background? That’s a perk in itself, isn’t it?

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