Leaving Cairo Without Leaving Cairo

Okay, so the holidays have actually started. And for us, the unlucky workaholics who don’t have the luxury of travelling or the claustrophobes who don’t want to be in a very crowded Sahel, we are stuck in the beautiful mad city for the week. The good news is, we have the whole city for ourselves. So rejoice, and check those tips on how to take a break from the Cairo without actually leaving it.

Live somewhere else

A very good way to break the routine is to live in a different place for a while. Just waking up in a different room and preparing your coffee in a new kitchen can have a great impact. You can decide on a flat swap with another friend who is travelling during that time (taking care of their plants or feeding their cats while they’re away). Airbnb will be a great option as well, and they do have really cool flats with good rates. Or you can just go for a nice bed & breakfast options at one of the numerous cool hotels that Cairo has to offer. Le Riad Hotel is a personal favourite, as it gives a completely new oriental experience, located in Moezz street, it will take you one a little Arabian Nights adventure. But you can also check our Article on the other hotel suggestions available.

Le Riad hotel Cairo

Photo from “Le Riad Hotel De Charme” Facebook Page

Explore new neighbourhoods

How many times have you been so fascinated with everyday images of Cairo streets and shared them on Facebook thinking they are the coolest? And how many times have you been too lazy to actually go around those streets thinking they will be too crowded, or that the traffic would be a mess? Well.. Here’s your big chance. Half of the city is travelling, the other half is sleeping through the morning. So try to take your camera or phone for a day tour, and capture all those little details that you often miss..


Compilation of scenes of “Everyday Egypt” Facebook page

Tan at Cairo Pools

With a budget ranging between 200 and 300 EGP you can enjoy a good swim or just relax by the pool with a good book in hand. Hilton Zamalek is a vey good example with good rate, and a great view of the Nile. If you are 2 or 3 friends, you can even get a whole room of the day for around 700 EGP. Safir hotel is another cool place, it gets a bit crowded on weekends, but the overall vibe is still decent. Also, Le Meridien Airport Hotel has a very spacious pool that you can have all for yourself for a couple of hours if you arrive early enough.

Meridien Cairo

Photo from Le Meridien Website

Enjoy Art

We’re not talking about the traditional galleries type of thing, even though those are still nice places to be. But Cairo has amazing art initiatives that are usually so underrated. Public concerts and street art initiatives are really a great way to explore the city with a different eye. They will make you feel more synchronized with the typical Egyptian life in a way. Follow the events of “Mahatat for contemporary art” on Facebook or check the courses that “ADEF” has to offer. And enjoy an unexplored way of living.

Mahatat contemporary art

Photo from “Mahatat for contemporary art” Facebook Page

Do Picnics

Green is not a term that can be usually used to describe Cairo. However, if you look deeper, there are a number of areas where you can still enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Wadi Degla is a good idea if you are into hiking and other sporty inclined hobbies. Another suggestion can be Fagnoun, where you can make use of the really delicious Feteer. Even a casual public garden at Rehab, Arabella, or Sheikh Zayed can be cool options for a toned-down day out. All you need is a comfortable mat, some snacks, and a good amount of water bottles.

Tip: Try to go as early as possible to enjoy a good morning, or make it in the afternoon while watching the sun goes down to avoid the midday heat!

Go Fishing

John Buchan once said that the charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. And we will take him up for it. Fishing is a great relaxing activity that you can enjoy alone or with a group of friends. El Mariouteya is a great spot that you can pursue it. Another cool spot is Kanater, that doesn’t only have an abundant fishing spots, but is also a very historically rich.

Kanater Cairo

Al Kanater – Photo Cr: Makok

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