It’s Time To Visit Paris: We Will Give You 10 Reasons Why

Paris is one of those cities were walking on foot is a pleasure in itself, though it’s not perfect, and a busy trafficy city it is -not even comparing it to Cairo traffic-, you’ll hardly notice any of that, as beauty will be surrounding you from everywhere, the sound of music, the smell of freshly baked baguette and pastries tickling your nose, an afternoon tea served with the finest croissant, the taste of macaroons melting a bittersweet taste in your mouth, a to die for Brioche made with the finest butter, or just a slice of melted French Cheese, a love is in the air feeling that you wouldn’t experience elsewhere, museums, palaces, gardens, water fountains, historical bridges, art & nature at their best shapes. If you haven’t already been to Paris, here I am giving you 10 reasons why you should visit it right now! (View from Gallerie Lafayette terrace by Passainte Assem)


The Quartier Latin

Forget about the Champs-Élysées, falsely thinking that spending time there will make you live the Parisian dream. In fact, the Quartier Latin (the Latin Quarter) gives you the Parisian real feel. Hang out with your friends in one of its bistros, and savor some fine French cuisine, if you prefer to eat on the go try the best crêpes in the world made at Au P’tit Grec in Rue Mouffetard , you’ll be surprised to find a tiny shop “a hidden gem” with long queues standing there night and day waiting for their “made to perfection” crêpe to be served. (Photo courtesy: Paul D’ Ambra)


Ladurée’s Macaroons

No matter how many macaroons you have tasted in your lifetime, Ladurée’s are a totally different story, they melt in your mouth creating a feeling of satisfaction, a combination of sweet, sour and salty flavors that make your heart, and taste buds jump out of joy, believe me after you try Laduree’s macaroons even the finest macaroons will just taste like plastic. (Photo courtesy: Julien Haler)


Saint Michel

The sound of accordion that street performers play; Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” will keep echoing in your ears over and over again, so that wherever you are, every time you hear this song you’ll close your eyes and be taken to Paris again. The walk by the Seine is enjoyable, with Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, Saint Chapelle & La Conciergerie on one side, and street vendors selling posters, souvenirs and books on the other side, another way to live the Parisian dream. Don’t forget to queue for Notre Dame Towers -only if you are not stairs phobic-, this is your only way to experience the cathedral the way Quasimodo -The Hunckback Of Notre Dame- did. (Photo courtesy: Passainte Assem)


The Sacré-Cœur Basilica

No matter what your religious beliefs are; attending a Messe at the Basilica will make you shiver, it can’t be compared to anything but to soprano singing. Located on top of Montmartre, Paris’ highest point, offering great views over the city. The Basilica is beautiful from inside out, along with the area surrounding it, make sure to hop on a funicular ride on your way up, and to take several photographs while standing on the long stairways with the Basilica in the background. (Photo courtesy: Passainte Assem))


Les Catacombes de Paris

Because Paris is not just roses & butterflies, this place will actually freak the hell out of you :), it has been given the reputation of The World’s Largest Grave; an underground ossuary holding the remains of more than 6 million people. Damn creepy they are, however totally worth exploring -not for the faint-hearted though (Photo courtesy: Ben Harrington)


The Louvre & its Jardin des Tuileries

You’d keep marveling at sculptures, lovely paintings, and pieces of art that would make you wonder a thousand times what did these artists do to learn to produce such incredible masterpieces? Then you will come across a small painting -compared to its peers- where everybody is staring, trying hard to capture a picture of it, yes it’s the Joconde known as “The Monalisa”. After you are done with The Louvre, you have to take a break, and spend some time at the Jardin des Tuileries -Tuileries Gardens- surrounding it, even better if it’s summer time so you’d hang around it, grab a bite from the café out there, or enjoy a picnic on a sunny day.  (The Louvre at night by Kay Gaensler)

Louvre at Night

Palais & Jardin de Luxembourg

Grab your favorite book, and your best music to get yourself lost at the lush green Jardin de Luxembourg -Luxembourg Gardens-, located in the heart of the city, and too close to the Sorbonne University. You can always grab a bite from a close by boulangerie, or choose to sail a boat in its artificially made pond, but be sure that you will have lots of fun. (Photo courtesy 1: Photogra Fer, and Photo courtesy 2: David McSpadden



Boat ride on The Seine

One of the reasons you cannot miss such a cruise is the number of historical bridges that you will get past, though it’s interesting to walk them, however it’s even more enjoyable to see them from the Seine waters, a totally different perspective it is. (Photo courtesy: Sacha Fernandez)



Paris is one of Europe’s top shopping cities, home to many premier fashion designers such as Chanel, Dior, Ives Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton,…Are you still wondering why it’s the world’s capital of fashion? You don’t have to aim for high end fashion to be overwhelmed, because everything out there is very chic, and unique, the variety is crazy, each and every item calls to you “buy me, buy me”. Due to its historical background, and the variety of branded items it offers; a visit to Gallerie Lafayette is a must, don’t you miss their terrace, which will give you amazing views of the Opera and the Eiffel Tower. (Photo courtesy: Passainte Assem)


The Eiffel Tower

Though you will spot it nearly everywhere, no matter how cliché it sounds, come on it’s the Eiffel Tower, your visit would be so incomplete without it. If you think it’s big, think again because in reality it’s much bigger, and much greater. You’d be lucky to witness a fireworks display on the 14th of July -independence day-, or on New Year’s. (Photo courtesy: Bradley Wells)


So do you know have enough reasons to visit Paris? Tell us what you think in the comments below…



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  1. I love Paris

    • hope to visit Paris this summer

  2. Actually I did last summer but your article made me feel that I missed a lot

    • :), then you have to go visit again, one time in Paris is never enough 😀 @Hebatalla

  3. I love Paris so much – last visited was 19/8/2014 I hope to visit it before end of 2015

    • It’s a brilliant city in every aspect, glad you enjoyed your trip, and hopefully you’d be able to visit it sooner than you think 😉
      But why don’t you go to a city you have never visited instead?

  4. Reason 11: VERSAILLES PALACE & GARDENS .. not to be missed, especially the place called “Le Hamlet” which is life-size village built just for Marie Antoinette to pretend she was a peasant when she got sick of court.

  5. I visited paris before but seriously the way u speak about ir make me think that perhaps i was in a diffrent country..

    I will have to give it another try for sure specially after reading your article..

  6. I did few weeks ago and it was awesome … I dream to visit it again !

    • you will inshaallah…
      however i suggest that you visit a new place, you have no idea how beautiful is the world we r living in

  7. could you please let me know if there is any offers for pairs ?

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