Iran.. Where Mythology Lives

Iran still resonates in our minds as a place full of civilization, magic and enchantment. This place that seems so far away is not as far as you think. Iran has came a long long way since the assumption we have about the country (and that the media portrays as well). Even though, it is still quite conservative, the country can be extremely progressive in many other aspects. Let’s explore this amazing country. Who knows, maybe you will check it off your list next!


Iran Visa:

Great news for all of you people who struggle with the visa paperwork. Iran understand how humble our poor Egyptian Passport can be, so it decided to give us a little break. The Iranian visa is on arrival. No documents, no cash needed. Brilliant, isn’t it?


That’s another piece of great news. Searching for accommodation in Iran is one of the easiest things you will be planning for your trip. Even though there are very few hotels, they offer extremely good service. They’re mostly 4 or 5 star hotels with really affordable prices. If you’re a budget traveller, then that’s your lucky day. Couchsurfing in Iran is one of the best couchsurfing experiences in the word. Multiple blogs and books have been written regarding that topic specifically. All you need to do is to invest an hour or so finding a nice cozy family to stay with, and voila, you’re set. You will even get to learn about the culture and the country while saving some money. Not bad at all.



TheIranian rial is the official currency of the country. And it will make your day to know that 1 Egyptian pounds is equivalent to 1,947 IR. Yes, you’re read it correctly, our currency is still strong in some parts of the world. International cards don’t work in all places, so you have to bring an amount of money in cash, and change money once in Iran. Dollars are best, but euros work, too. Don’t worry about pickpocketing, theft is not common in Iran, it’s a very safe country.

Getting Around:

Buses are the cheapest and most common form of transportation between cities. There are also domestic airlines, for those that want to save time and don’t mind paying a bit extra. Intercity buses are the best. They are very enjoyable with all the beautiful sceneries you will get to see when moving from one city to another, we highly recommend them. As for getting around within cities, taxis are affordable and convenient. However, there are no meters, so it depends on your negotiation skills (which, for an Egyptian, should not be an issue). Also, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that Iranian driving skills is very similar to Egyptian microbus driving skills. Good luck with that!


This is yet one of the many advantages we’ve been talking about. Iran is extremely safe, even for foreigners. You won’t have to worry about crime, theft, or any other. You should just have to be careful about going into politics with strangers, that’s the only thing that can really get your into trouble. Make sure you have an ID with you all the time. Also, for the ladies, make sure you adhere to the dress code. Even though, Hijab is not required, dressing modestly is necessary to avoid unpleasant situations.

What to Do:

That is a part that need a series of articles (which we will bringing to you soon) to try to capture half of the beauty of Iran. However we will sum it up for you in a nutshell. Iran has a lot of fascinating cities to explore. Apart from Tehran, you can check our Isfahan, Shiraz, Kashan, Tabriz, Yazd, and many others. Each city has its own sense of wonder. Tehran is the metropolitan of the country, with all the high buildings and business center. Isfahan’s architecture is the best of all the world. It is immediately obvious to see why Isfahan is considered such a beautiful city, with its Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan Grand Bazaar, the very famous Shah Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. It has one of the nicest islamic architecture collections around the world. As for Shiraz, it is enough to talk about its Pink Mosque which is absolutely one of the most beautiful mosques you will ever see in your life. Famous for its stained glass windows and oriented such that the sun’s rays illuminate the room. Another thing is the ancient Persian city of Persepolis that dates back to at least 500 BC. It was then the capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. At its greatest extent, the Empire occupied an area bound by Greece, Egypt and parts of Libya to the west . In the east it stretched into modern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

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