Ideas Taking Travel To A New Level

Technology has made every aspect of our lives much easier than before, and travel is no exception. We can’t deny that some websites and applications such as Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and Travelstart make travelling easier than ever. Recently, a new discovery has joined the family, and since we believe in strong and passionate starts, we decided to introduce it to our friends.

What is Hitchhiker?

Hitchhiker is the newest gem in the Travel world. It is a digital application that you can simply download on you Apple or Android device free of charge. It is a people-to-people app, where it works on connecting shippers to travellers. The application works on two groups of people. The first one, if you want to deliver something or have something delivered to you from another country, you can easily use the app to find a person going from that destination to your city, and ask them to bring it along for a small fee. The second method is that if you are a traveler yourself, then you can take something in your luggage to deliver and make some extra cash from unneeded luggage space.


How does it work

It is very simple. First, you create an account on the app, giving your personal info and details. Then you start your search. If you are a traveler, you can simply add your travel details; dates, destinations, and duration. The cool thing is that you can also add how much weight you can carry with you in each leg. People will contact you asking you to deliver things and you get a decent amount of money in return. Alternatively, you can deliver this birthday gift to your friend living outside, get that shoes from the brand you love that is not available in Cairo, or send the documents that are needed to be delivered to the school you applied for. All at a fraction of the price.

Travel luggage

Why do we love it?

Seriously, what’s not to love. It is simple, efficient, and friendly! But if you need more reasons, we’ll give you reasons:

  • It is way faster than shipping companies. Delivering things is finally one flight away.
  • Needless to say, it’s way cheaper too. You pay only 50% of what the shipping company would charge.
  • If you’re a traveler, this is money that is coming out of thin air. If you plan it correctly, you can end up not paying for your flight at all. Isn’t it awesome?
  • The app is completely safe to use. Hitchhiker takes the details of all users, and has ethical standards that would guarantee your safety at any point.


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