How To Plan Your Honeymoon: 6 Easy Steps

Does planning your honeymoon make you worried? Adding more pressure than the wedding already does? Is it a time consuming, draining and a confusing task? Wondering where to go when, and how to go to the right place in the right time? sounds hectic, ha?

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When planning your honeymoon you have to:

    1. Discuss your plans with your partner

First thing you should ask yourself and your partner: “Will we plan our honeymoon according to our wedding date, or the other way round?” -in my view it’s better to plan your wedding according to your honeymoon dates and not the other way round since your wedding day will be just one day, but your honeymoon will last for at least a week- but if it’s something that you can’t control, well sometimes you don’t really have the luxury to choose, then plan your honeymoon according to your wedding month. After answering this question, and before getting into the planning phase there are several factors that you should put into consideration, these will help you big time at narrowing down your choices. (Photo courtesy: Nathan Colquhoun)




     2. Decide on your honeymoon type to pick your destination accordingly

Are you a beach-loving couple? More into sightseeing, and outdoors activities? Or a mix of all? Always plan your honeymoon according to the kind of activities that you are looking forward to, so for instance if you want to spend it islands hopping then avoid the rain and monsoon seasons at all cost, if you are into activities then it has to be summer time in your country of destination. (Photo courtesy: Avery Studio)


      3. Know your priorities and what you are looking forward to

Now that you know what your honeymoon type is, so what are you priorities?

  • Is it great weather? One that’s sunny with clear skies, temprature is warm and not suffocatingely hot, chances of rain are minimal, or not at all, or it doesn’t matter as your honeymoon will basically be indoors?

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  • Is money your biggest concern? Then maybe first thing you should book as early as possible, should consider all inclusive resorts who most of the times offer great honeymoon deals, traveling off-season or in shoulder season -seasons right before, or after peak seasons that are not as expensive as high seasons, and not as low cost as low seasons-, and choosing relatively cheap destinations -cheap doesn’t mean ugly, it means that they might not have the same facilities as top notch destinations, or are still undiscovered by tourists, which is even better.

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  • Is it traveling during the high or low season? Knowing that the high season is usually the most expensive, and most crowded as usually that’s when the weather is at its best, or during school, or college breaks, however in low seasons some seasonal businesses might shut down, and attractions may close for renovations. (Photo courtesy: Linh Nguyen)


  • Is it going to a destination where no vaccinations are required, or health concerns are an issue? If that’s a criterion then Africa, and some parts of Asia might not be your cup of tea, as some parts require at least one vaccination.

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  • Is it something else?…


Bonus Tip: For honeymooners, I always recommend to go for long distance destinations be it the Far East, North or South America, or Southern Africa as 1. such trips would require a stay of at least 10 days, 2. you can never guarantee that you’d be able to go to these faraway destinations later on -unless you are a serious traveler-, 3. you might not afford it later on, or be as excited to save for it as when it’s your honeymooon, 4. managers are more tolerant to giving long vacations when it’s for your wedding, and honeymoon -this is might be your only chance to get a long paid leave.

       4. Know that Seasons reverse between the Northern and Southern hemisphere

What does this mean? It means that seasons of the year are not the same everywhere in the world, so when it’s winter in Egypt, it’s summer in South Africa and Brazil, and when it’s summer in Europe it’s winter in New Zealand.

  • The Northern Hemisphere contains all of Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, around two thirds of Africa, a small part of South America and the majority of Asia, excluding Indonesia.
  • The Southern Hemisphere lies south of the equator and contains Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific islands, South America, the southern half of Africa and most of Indonesia.
  • Tropical Regions are regions that lie roughly in the middle of the globe -Tropic of Cancer & Tropic of Capricorn-, where it’s warm/hot all year round, rainy in summer, and dry in winter time. The tropical seasons are broken up into just two: the wet season and the dry season.

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      5. Go somewhere you both have never been before & try new things

That’s very important as your honeymoon would be your first trip as a married couple, it would be great if you’d discover new places together, try new activities, and do all sorts of crazy things, because that’s the kind of memories you both will never forget, will keep telling, and laughing about for decades to come. (Photo courtesy: Sara)


    6. Proceed with the bookings

Only if you are comfortable with making your own bookings, have the time to make a really good research, and to ask your honeymooners and newly-weds friends about their honeymoon experience to plan and book accordingly But if you have never proceeded with your own bookings, your honeymoon might not be the best time to give it a shot -unless you are a couple who’s ready for spontaneity :D.

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Bonus tip: Whether you will make your own bookings, or seek assistance, I recommend that you always do your own homework by making a good research beforehand to avoid being ripped-off, or being advised to go to overrated places.  


Now what? Are you interested to know the best honeymoon destinations by wedding month? Follow our blog to know all about it…Stay tuned…;)

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  1. I would appreciate if you can send me you r plan trips. Thank you in advance.

  2. I like so much your blog and i find great information in it .
    I am asking , I am planing to have my wedding on DEC , I will travel one week for leisure and then I want to got to Dubai for the 3 last weeks , so which country will be suitable to spend our first week taking in to consideration that we do not prefer far east as destination .

    • thanks May 😀
      It all depends on what kind of honeymoon you are looking forward to.
      Europe would be too cold, so there won’t be much to do, South America and South Africa could be a great option, Cape Town is beautiful <3

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