How To Plan Your Eurotrip

One of the most unique things about Europe is the fact that once you hold a Schengen Visa, you will be entitled to visit 26 countries at a time -fancy that-, needless to say how each country, and sometimes even each city offers a different flavor, having its own charm, people, culture, art, architectural style, cuisine, you name it! (Photo courtesy: Patrick & Preston Thomas).

TipDon’t be fooled by the statement that European countries are all alike, because that is absolutely not true.


Plan it smart

Given the fact that you will be having access to 26 countries at a time, which is totally crazy, you definitely don’t know from where to start, or where you should go. My advice is setting priorities; making a list of the cities, or countries that you want to start with, then take it from there. (Photo courtesy: Johannes Lundberg)

Personal Favorite Travel Resources:  for reviews & for ideas

Tip: Don’t stress yourself thinking that you have to go everywhere so that you’d get the maximum out of your Schengen Visa, do not be tempted by the Eurotrip idea, meaning hopping from one city to another without really getting to enjoy each city at a time, believe me you can live a whole multicultural experience in one country. 


Don’t waste too much time going from one city/country to another

Accordingly first thing to do is getting a detailed Europe Map, where you start to select neighboring countries, or cities so you wouldn’t waste too much time on the road traveling from a place to another. For instance you could pick parts of France – Switzerland – Italy, Spain – Portugal, Czech – Austria – Hungary, and not Spain – Austria – The Netherlands. (Photo courtesy: Jonas Ginter)

Tip: If you have already picked a country that has huge diversity like Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, or else, it’s better to spend all your time there, so you’d get to discover the best out of the country, rather than hopping from one country to another. 


Cut transportation costs by using car-sharing services

Europe never stops impressing us, other than introducing a versatile transportation system whether underground, buses, bikes, and even ferry boats, endless accommodation options, the new thing is car-sharing services (, using this service will allow you to find, and join someone -in return of a minimal cost- who would be traveling on your desired dates from city A to city B with their private car, which 1. would cut off up to 70% of the regular transportation cost, 2. will get you to meet a local who might show you around the city, and tell you about its hidden-gems, and, 3: you might end up friends. (Photo courtesy: Ben Abel)

Tip: Make sure that there isn’t a bad number of reviews about the person you will be riding with.


Hotels Star rating is not the same everywhere

Beware that hotels star rating around the world is not the same, and Europe is no exception, so when in Paris or Amsterdam for instance you can enjoy a basic stay, and good breakfast in a 3 star hotel, when in Prague your best deal would be 4, and so on. One thing that will help you make the right decision is reading hotel reviews (, to learn the good and the bad according to other fellow travelers, so you’d get a feeling of what you should be expecting.


Mix & match between expensive and inexpensive countries/cities

When making your plans do not select the most expensive European cities to be visited all at once -given that Europe is already expensive, and our doomed exchange rates give us the hardest time-, that’s why making a good research about your destination before making any bookings is a must.(Photo: Colosseum in Rome, Italy)

Tip: Multicity flights are not always more expensive than return tickets.

Rome - fb

Get maps & travel guides

Always carry a map, and a travel guide, using a map and getting lost in Europe is one of the most pleasant feelings in the world.

Not all those who wander are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien


Pack as light as you can specially if you’ll be flying on a low cost carrier* or staying at different cities

You will be moving a lot, going from one city to another, using different types of transportation, you will be packing and unpacking several times, pushing or lifting your luggage, so make yourself a favor and pack as light as you can, specially if you will be flying on low cost carriers that have a very strict baggage policy.

*Low cost carrier is known as a budget carrier or airline offering flights with lower fares, fewer comforts, and most of the time strict baggage allowance.


For low cost carriers; it’s cheaper to buy your tickets online, and for some companies you have to print your boarding pass not to pay extra fees.

Since budget airlines usually land in remote airports, do your counts to make sure that what you will be saving, will not be spent to reach the remote airport, or the city center.

Make sure to check the luggage policy of low cost carriers before booking, as a regular ticket will entitle you to one carry one -cabin size- and a laptop bag, so you’d pay for any extra piece of luggage -no joking, begging, or exceptions. If you already know that the luggage policy won’t work for you, you have two options; whether not to fly on a low cost carrier, or pay online for extra checked in luggage which is cheaper.

If you can’t help it with your heavy luggage, it might be smarter not to fly on budget airlines, as whatever you will be saving from buying inexpensive tickets, will be spent on getting extra luggage, so the key is always to “do your counts”.

Unless you will be paying for checked in luggage, make sure that you do not carry any liquids exceeding 100ml -basically nothing more than your deodorant- in your carry on as it will be directly thrown into the bin.

Check the photo: This is where you’d be asked to drop your bag inside this box before boarding the aircraft, if it fits in then you are good to go, if not you will have it checked in and will pay for extra luggage.


Shop from the country of departure

Another tip to keep your luggage light is to shop, buy gifts, and souvenirs from your country of departure, therefore it might be smart to make your city of departure a top shopping destination. (Las Arenas in Barcelona by Carlos Lorenzo)


Do not only visit big cities

Europe’s Small towns and villages are a must, some are famous, some are touristic and some are totally underrated. They are usually cozy, scenic, and authentic, offering you the ultimate travel experience, giving you a real sense of place, and most of the times cheaper than big cities. (Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina by Clark & Kim Kays)


Budget airlines can sometimes be the cheapest option to get from one city/country to another

Can you possibly believe it? They can be even cheaper than trains, and buses, however they do not offer the same comfort, or scenic experience. In Europe, they have developed scenic rail routes -a bit more expensive- that were designed so that the passenger would not only travel from a place to another, but would enjoy magical scenery along the ride -even if not specially designed for that, be sure that at some point you will see lush greenery, mountains, and breath-taking scenery. So maybe it would be smart if you’d mix and match your means of transport. Boats are also an option. (Photo courtesy: Ken Teegardin)

Some budget airlines are; Easyjet, Ryanair, Vueling, Transavia, Germanwings that can be booked through Travelstart Egypt

Pink Piggy Bank

The city center is usually located next to the central train station, and some cities have more than one city center

If you were unable to locate the city center, look for the name of the city’s central station which is usually located in the heart of the center, however in some cases the city can have more than one center, your best deal is checking google maps to see exactly which center do you prefer to stay in. (Photo: Prague in Czech Republic)

Prague - Blog

You’d better stay at the city center specially if traveling alone

Though staying in the center might be more costly than anywhere else, however it’s totally worth it specially if you are traveling alone, it’d be easy to get around and find lots of means of transport to reach your accommodation hassle-free. (Photo: Bratislava in Slovakia)

Tip: Though Europe is usually safe, you always have to stay cautious. Avoid remote areas at all cost specially at night, and when you are alone.

Bratislava - blog

As for accommodation

Hostels are your best deal, in Europe they are quiet clean, safe, and enjoyable to stay in -no matter how old you are- as you will get to meet, and maybe hang out with people from all over the world, but if you are traveling with a group an apartment might be a more convenient and cheaper option, and hotels could be cheaper, and give you more privacy as well. Check out our complete guide to affordable accommodation. (Photo courtesy: Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau)


Hop-On Hop-Off Buses are ideal to get you started

The best way to get a glance of the city you are visiting is taking a hop-on hop-off bus, you could take it for a day, or two, so you’d get to decide which places are your favorite, and where you’d like to spend most of your time. (Photo courtesy: York Berlin)


Avoid taxis, and enjoy public transports

If you are traveling alone, avoid taxis at all cost as in Europe they come pricey, however if you are traveling with a group, it could be cheaper to use taxis as you will be splitting the bill. (Photo courtesy: Daniel Horacio Agostini)

Tip: Riding public transports in Europe is a pleasure in itself, so make sure if you do not use it along your stay, don’t leave without at least trying it.


Get railways & transportation passes

If you will need access to transports all the time, your best deal would be buying a day, a week, or a month pass, and in some cases a family ticket, a student, or an over 60 pass that is usually price reduced, however each city/country has its own regulations regarding this; so some would offer a combination of paid and free tickets if your dates of use will coincide with a weekend, or a public holiday, some will give you unlimited, and some will give you limited use. Make sure to check the policy and to benefit of the discounts. (Photo courtesy: Roel Hemkes)


Get sightseeing passes

In most European countries sightseeing passes are sold everywhere, which give you unlimited access to a number of attractions, and museums, but only buy them after calculating the cost of getting individual or group tickets versus a pass to make sure that it will save you, not the other way round. (Photo: Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany)

Tip: Any city guide, city map or brochure that is available for free at the airport, in train stations, or any information desk might have coupons for discounts.

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Nearly everything can be booked online in the most secured way

Europe offers the optimum traveler experience when it comes to online booking, as everything could be booked online from museums, concerts, and festivals tickets to day tours, railway passes, and taxis.

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Some tourist traps are really worth visiting

No matter how cliché  you think The Eiffel Tower, The Pisa Tower, or The Sagrada Familia is, your visit will be so incomplete if you do not stop by these major attractions, however some tourist traps are a total waste of time, that’s why reviews can help you big time in choosing the right tourist trap. (Cliched tourist photo next to Pisa Tower by Fugu Tabetal)


Check upcoming festivals

Europe hosts yearly music, dance, food, flowers, and chocolate festivals -that they make announcements about at least a year in advance- you’d be really lucky to attend one, accordingly your options are; to plan your trip according to a must-attend festival, to google what’s going on during your visit dates, or to leave it open to the circumstances. (Photo courtesy: Yann Caradec)

Feu d'artifice du 14 juillet 2011 sur le sites de la Tour Eiffel

Tips to stay on budget

Take night buses/trains specially on long hauls

If you are the kind of travelers who could sleep on trains then take a night bus, or train; 1. you’ll save time that could have been wasted during the day to be transferred from a place to another, 2. you’ll save a one night sleep in a hotel, or a hostel, 3. you’ll wake up in a new place, and 4. you’ll start your day early, so zero time wasted. (Photo courtesy: Mac H)


Look for free city tours

Keep an eye on free city tours ( that are nearly in all of Europe’s major cities. (Photo from Sandeman’s New Europe)


Look for free admission to major attractions

Note that in some major European cities free admission is offered to major attractions, sometimes on the first Sunday of the month, on public holidays, or else. Keep looking! (Stam Museum in Ghent – Belgium by VisitFlanders)


Keep an eye on discounts for students, tourists under 25-26, or 60+

That’s why Europe rocks, and sucks in the same time. Rocks; as you’d get to benefit from significant discounts if you belong to any of the sets of age ranges defined by your city/country of destination, and sucks; if you just don’t belong to them. Don’t be shy to ask about these discounts while buying your tickets, or at information desks. (Photo coustesy: Garry Knight)

Leicester Square Box Office
So now that you have all it takes to visit Europe, isn’t about time to book a ticket, and fly?

Do you have any other tips to plan the perfect Eurotrip? Please mention them in the comments below.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Regarding making your departure city your shopping destination ,you will miss that joy of wearing your new European clothes during your trip but of course it might be costly during your transportations so do your counts also.
    Other thing is to be carefull to read about your sightseeing before going to see it ,as many of sightseeings are not wounderfull in itself but it is the story behind it.
    also try to discover which currency is perfect for each country as it might be costly in some european cities especially the cheap ones to deal there in euro.

    • @Mohamed Antar:
      1. Well, you have to make sacrifices 🙂
      2. yeah that’s why it’s important to “roughly” read about the place you are heading to, so it won’t be completely below your expectations
      3. yes, true

  2. Hi all, me and my wife are planning to travel to Italy for 9 days 8 nights as (Milan,Vinese , Florence and Rome) next July. so what do u think is it enough time to visit four cities??
    And please give me more of your amazing tips for this trip..

    Many thanks….

    • Hey Amir,
      Thank you very much 🙂
      if you want my opinion I would say skip Milan, as the city has nothing to see and do, but good shopping -which you’d easily find in Florence and Rome but with a more scenic and interesting experience-, you’d better spend those nine days between Rome-Florence-Venice. It would also be ideal if you follow the route as follows: Rome-Florence-Venice or Venice-Florence-Rome. I would say 3 days in each city, or 3 Rome, 4 Florence and 2 in Venice. When in Venice you can’t miss taking the boat to see the 3 islands of Burano, Murano and Torcelli, attending an Opera show with Venetian masks could also be a good idea. When in Rome, you can’t miss Sistine Chapel at the Vatican city, and of course the church itself, along with all the monuments in Rome, it’s like an open air museum. For Florence the architecture will make you fall for the city, it has a very unique style, and they serve the best salmon fussili in the world, make sure to stop by 4 Seasons Hotel in Florence to admire its interior and exterior as well. My advice for Rome & Florence is to start with a hope-on hop-off bus, as for Venice walk and get lost in the city, and take the vaporetto -bus boat- to get around the city.
      This article might also give you ideas:

      Hope this helps, have a lovely trip 😉

  3. Hi Amir,
    Hop-on hop-off bus is always a perfect way to see big cities in Europe; however, if you want to discover and enjoy Rome in a very special way, you need to book a Segway tour. A 3-hours tour costs around €100/person (a bit expensive but really nice experience). Segway tours usually start from Piazza Navona.

    • Of course, Segways are AWESOME! Thanks @Mohamed Shams for the recommendation 😀

  4. Hi amir,
    Me and my husband did this trip a year ago. I would recommend starting with rome and ending with milan as both have international airports so u dont waste time going back to rome for your flight back home. Its true that milan is the least attractive of all but still the San Siro is there 😀 thats something to football lovers and also accomodation is quite cheaper. I think it will be good to spend 3 nights in rome 2 in florence 2 in venice and 1 in milan 😉

  5. hi. I am planning for europe trip with my wife n 2 kids.. My plan is arrive in amsterdam – belgium – luxemborg – strasbourg – nancy – paris and london. I think i want to drive from amsterdam to paris. Then drop the rent car n by train to london.. Can somebody suggest n help with plan.. How many day is recommend.. Tq

  6. Where can i find detailed maps for switherland and spain?

    • Hey Ramy,
      You can look at AUC Bookstores, Diwan Bookstores or Shorouk Bookstores

  7. Hi, Thanks a lot for this wonderful page..It gives the needed tips for travelers to Europe. .I am planing to visit some countries with my little family..My wife and my 12 years twins ( a boy and a girl )..I need to go to Italy but I dont know where to go and which cities to visit, same for sightseeing. .Also I need to go to London for shopping. .Please I need your advise taking in consideration that the trip will be 10 days..

  8. Hey all 🙂
    A friend told me once that there’s a international membership card for students to give discounts for museums and stuff like that
    Just like the one for hosteling international
    Any idea about that ??

  9. Hello Everybody

    Wish you all a lovely day.
    I am travelling with my friend to eastern Europe next April/ May Prague Budapest and Bucharest.
    For 10 days, any recommendation?

    Thanks 🙂

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