How To Pack Light

With the Eid holidays coming up, you might be starting the packing process soon to head to your destination. If you are one of the lucky ones who actually get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then this guide is for you! Knowing how we, Egyptians, can be like, we decided to bring you this How-To guide for packing to help you on your future adventures. Whether it’s your first time travelling or your 10th, having some reminders is always good.

Back To Basics:

The idea is to travel light. You might be hopping from one city to another, or using more than one method of transportation. Whichever the case, it is always nice when you are not overloaded with unnecessary over weight or more bags than you could carry. This is why it might be smarter to not give yourself this option from the beginning, and choose a small back from the start to limit your options. Usually, the more space we have, the more careless we tend to be with space. Carrying a small bag makes you appreciate every little space you get, and thus become more efficient. To maximize your efficiency make a list with everything you absolutely need on your trip. Basic items usually include; phone chargers, a toiletry bag (and make sure everything inside is travel size), an umbrella, etc. Those are the things you NEED and not WANT.

What You Don’t Need:

That list can go on for a while. You don’t need different shoes for each outfit. Actually, you don’t need different outfits. You don’t need extra 5 different bathing suits or different jackets for each day in winter. When it comes to packing, a minimalistic approach is alway the way to go. Bring one pants and try to match as many tops and t-shirts as possible. One comfortable pair of shoes that goes with everything is enough (okay, maybe pack some flip-flops also, but that’s it). If you’re traveling in winter, consider layering up instead of packing a number of heavy sweaters, one thick coat and light clothes under is way better. In summer, go easy on sunscreens and hair products. There’s absolutely no need for travel pillows,speakers, and other comforters.


Be Airport Ready:

A very important criterium to consider when you pack is how accessible your stuff will be. For example, you should pack your paperwork, passport, and other travel documents very near to you so you can use them instantly. At the same time, you should figure out a way to still keep them safe and hidden well. In your hand luggage, always keep the toiletries (at least a deodorant and a toothbrush), a set of extra underwear and t-shirts, chargers, and something for entertainment. Travelling can be much easier if you are a packing pro.


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