How To Get Over Post Vacation Blues

So we are all back from a long joyful Eid vacation, some have traveled, visited a new place or country, embarked on a daring adventure, or spent sometime on one of Egypt’s stunning sea shores, some others have enjoyed the traffic-less capital, met with friends, or had gathered with family members who haven’t been seen for a while, but the worst thing about coming back from holidays, is how cranky we get on our very first day at work, and how demanding it could get to re-adjust ourselves to our daily life routine, which is commonly known as “post vacation blues”.

We have asked our loyal Facebook fans, how do they get past post vacation blues, here are their answers combined with our thoughts.

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Be Happy It Happened Instead Of Sad That It’s Over

Stop dwelling, feeling bad that vacation time is over will not cause you but harm, be happy it happened, instead of sad that it’s over.

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Start Planning For The Next

It doesn’t have to be a big of a deal, it could be as small as a day trip out of the city, or as big as next year’s trip, keeping your mind busy planning another trip will always keep the “traveling” mood on.

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Aim For At Least A Monthly Weekend Out Of The City

Plan Short Trips, these -most probably- will not cost you much, won’t require too much effort to plan, and most importantly will give you the right amount of change, and fun that you need to happily resume your life routine.

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Keep Reminding Yourself Of Your Trip

Looking at photos, printing them out, reading your travel journal, creating a scrapbook, listening to local tunes that you loved, cooking a traditional recipe that you enjoyed eating there, or displaying local souvenirs that you bought from there, will always bring a big fat smile to your face, take you there, and encourage you to start planning for your next trip.

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Keep In Touch With The People You Met During The Trip

Another way to remind yourself of your trip, and to bring some positivity back in your life is; by keeping in touch with those you met, if they live in the same city make sure that you meet every now and then, but if they don’t go visit them, or plan something together, the least you can do is chatting or emailing them.

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Use The Skills You Have Learned During The Trip & Continue Doing Them

If you have learned some words from the local language, why not properly learn the language? If you still obsess over their local cuisine, why not learn how to cook it? If you enjoyed dancing, why not master the exact steps? Bring the local flavor on!

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Write Down Your Resolutions & Work On An Action Plan

When on vacation, the knots in our heads begin to untangle, stress is reduced, sanity is restored, and everything seems to balance out. We forget our problems, and fears, our minds get clearer by the minute, making it a perfect chance to think about the future, and how we can get the best out of our limited time on earth. Instead of just thinking, write down your resolutions, and work on an immediate action plan -one step following the other.

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Start Learning A New Skill

Another way to shift our focus, is by learning a new skill, be it jewellery-making or carpentering, cooking or learning the art of photography -you name it-, it will require time and effort, that will kill your spare time doing something new, useful, and entertaining.

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Work Out Like Crazy

If you want to boost some serious happiness in your system, if traveling comes first, then working-out comes second. There is no better way to release those hidden endorphins -happiness hormones-, but through working out. Stick to the routine that best suits you, aim for at least 3 times a week.

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Don’t Return Immediately To Work

Doesn’t apply to all, I personally like to consume every bit of my vacation at my selected destination rather than just chill-out in Cairo, but for some they prefer to take one to two extra days off to adjust to their life routine.

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Prioritize Your Work

We all fear the day we will get back to work, the moment we open our inbox to find hundreds of emails, tons of assignments, and pending stuff, some would check their e-mail a day before they resume their work, at the airport, or even on the plane. Follow the routine that best suits you, and prioritize your work assignments so you won’t feel stuck.

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Stick To Family & Friends

Family & friends are the greatest asset one can get during his lifetime, embrace the fact that you are returning to them, that you were visiting them, or that they cannot wait to see you, and hear your stories, in no time you will get past vacation blues.

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Re-Visit Your City As A Tourist

Ever considered discovering your city as a tourist? Sounds awkward, no! If you want to add some excitement to your life with minimal cost, and an enriching experience, that will keep the “explorer” side of you on, re-visit your city as a tourist, and start exploring places where you have never been.

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Do Not Compare Home With Abroad

If you start comparing you will never get past your vacation blues, always remember that no place is perfect, and that no matter how much we complain about living in Egypt, it still has a “7aga 7elwa” to return to, and after all it’s our home where we belong :).

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Have you recovered from post vacation blues? Got any better ideas to get past them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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