Hopping On and Off Barcelona

Barcelona… The touristic capital of Beautiful Spain! As soon as you land in Barcelona and start walking its streets, you will feel home! Spanish people there are very warm and welcoming. Everyone greets you with the famous “hola” and they say it with a musical rhythm as if they are singing it, accompanied with a lovely smile! It is said that the Spanish people are considered among the happiest nations of the whole world.

The Hop-on Hop-off

My advice is that immediately upon stepping into the city; take the hop-on hop-off touristic bus that stops only at the main attractions of the city, passing by almost all the main streets of the city. Watching the city from the upper open-air deck of the Hop-on Hop-off touristic bus summarizes the city’s attractions and makes you visit almost all the main streets. So, it makes it easy for you to decide which attractions you would like and want to visit, which attractions you would just pass, which areas you want to spend time at, and so on.


How does it work

The bus has 2 routes to cover the whole city and it operates from 9 am to 7 pm. Feel free to get down of the bus at the attraction you like, watch it from outside and inside, then when you are done with it just wait for the bus again at the same stop to go for the next attraction. You can get the 2-day ticket for this bus, since the city is full of attractions so we believe one day is not enough! However, we recommend to you hereafter some main attractions of Barcelona that we believe are not-to-miss!


What you will see

Barcelona is more like a big open art exhibition of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, who designed most of the stunningly beautiful buildings and attractions of Barcelona. The most famous masterpiece of Gaudi and Barcelona is the “Basilica de Sagrada Familia” (The Basilica of the Sacred Family); being under construction since about 104 years, you can enjoy its glorious huge facades with thousands of decorative sculptured details representing angels, saints, stories from the bible…etc. On the inside of the basilica, the very long lofty columns, the wide spaces, sculptured ceilings and the brightly colored stained-glass facades are overwhelming.

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On the Gaudi question

Another architectural masterpiece of Gaudi is “Casa Batlló”; a very remarkable three story building in the heart of Barcelona, with modern architectural design, its facades are decorated with colored mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles. There is almost no straight line in this building; all in curves! Its small balconies on the main façade look like human skulls while Its roof is arched with four chimneys & likens the back of a dragon! From inside, the building is a perfect example of modern architect in its curvy walls, arches & spiral stairs. Orange & blue tiles are used a lot inside.


What else is not to be missed

The city is very rich in its entertainment spots, markets, shopping areas. Music and Dancing Lovers will love the traditional “Flamenco Show”. You can enjoy a musical night, watching that show in many theatres at “La Rambla St.”, which is the main entertainment street of Barcelona, full of theatres, cafes, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, flower shops, etc. Barcelona is a city that has it all; whatever your interests are, they will be satisfied in Barcelona!

 By our fellow traveller: Mai Abdallah

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