Honeymoon Destinations That Are Not Thailand

Lately, I have started to doubt that the Egyptian government has a timeshare in Thailand for honeymooners. Almost 90% of the newly weds I know have went there or are planning to. And the country is beautiful, I don’t have anything against it. However, trying different areas, and/or more complex routes can be more interesting. So here are some suggestions to get you brainstorming if you have a honeymoon to plan soon:

Taiwan & Philippines

Let’s agree that Asia is less expensive than any other continent. So yes, you can stick to Asia even if you don’t go to the conventional Phuket and Bali. For instance, when it comes to Taiwan, and its influences from European and other Asian cultures, you will sure be impressed by its diversity and culture. It is the perfect destination for you on a honeymoon as it combines a relaxing romantic side with an adventure and exciting one.
Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, is a very modern city. Yet it would have all the history and culture you can take, if you like that kind of thing. You can also head to Tainan, Taiwan’s oldest city, that has a completely different vibe that that of the capital, with all its cute buildings and lovely architecture. Further away from the city, you can check out the Sun Moon Lake and the island of Lalu, which has a very tribal spirit and a culture and history of its own.
Moving on to the Philippines, it will tick every box on your honeymoon wish list. Beautiful view, amazing beaches, great relaxation spots, good culture, friendly people. We can go on like this forever. Boracay, for instance, is one of the most famous beached in the country where you will have nothing surrounding you but soft sands and blue waters. It’s cheap and you will afford to be pampered there. Not only in Boracay, but every other island in the country.

Kenya & Zanzibar

Exotic, tropical Zanzibar has it all. Zanzibar appears in reality just as it does in the photos; white sand, clear waters, and greenery surrounding this scenic views. You can spend days just lying in the sun or exploring the cool underwater life. And nights dancing at reggae bars and mingling with local Masaai people. It’s not exactly cheap but it comes at a fraction of the price of the same trip taken in the Maldives or the Bahamas.
On the other hand, Nairobi is vibrant, exciting and full of adventure. The city has lovely parks and restaurants. Getting to know the Kenyan culture, and how similar our histories and contemporary struggles are, is definitely worth it. And because the capital is not the only place to see, you can wander around in other areas whenever you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. Since it’s Kenya, the most iconic thing to do in the country would probably be a Safari. Masai Mara, for instance, has pretty much every animal you could wish to see on an African safari. You can even take a balloon ride and see it all from above. Amboseli, at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, is beautiful and offers stunning safaris with amazing views. Nothing will be more romantic.

France & Switzerland

Paris is called the city of love. That’s as big of a hint as you can get. I won’t talk much about it, as you probably know everything already. But just walking around its streets will be work the bunch of euros you’ll be spending there. Switzerland is not much different either. IT’s super expensive, and it’s smaller that you’d think, but if you didn’t go there on your honeymoon, when will you?


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