Have Yourself A European Little Eid

The Eid holiday is coming up and it will be such a waste if you didn’t make the most out of it. While a lot of us will be planning to head to Sahel, it will be way smarter to get out of the traffic and craziness of the North Coast during this time in particular. So, start wandering with your thoughts and try to make it work. The below suggestions might help too!

A Winter Escape

Russia is not the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about Europe. However, Russia (or at least some parts of it) is as European as many other cities. Being the largest country in the world, Russia expands widely over the European and Asian continents. In terms of the layout of the city itself, St. Petersburg can be considered a mixture between Western Europe and Scandinavia, with its beautiful canals and amazing harbour, just walking around the city is a delight. The architecture of the buildings are very much alike gothic Paris, without compromising its Russian heritage

If you decide to visit, the Winter Palace should be the first on your list. It is as amazing as the Louvre with the huge amount of masterpieces displayed inside. The Palace Square, naturally located in front of the palace, is very vibrant and lively. Aside from the touristic main sites, Just getting to know the city of Saint Petersburg is not to be missed. The beautiful bridges, the buildings, and even the people. You will not going to regret getting to see them or knowing them.

Moscow, Russia

A Tropical Vibe

Europe is not exactly on the equator, so we don’t mean the word tropical literally. However, when you think of the world, you always assume beaches, parties, and making a lot of friends. If you are into those things, then consider Spain and Portugal for your Eid vacation.


Some Culture on the Side

Berlin can make a fantastic Eid destination. When you hit the city, you will instantly get this mixture of vibes. You can feel that it’s very young and hip, and you will see its old and rustic sides. It’s vibrant and multicultural and full of life, yet  it has this heart break that it didn’t recover from since the world war. But in any case, it doesn’t matter what your taste or style is like, because Berlin will be able to match it.

There are many things you can do, but the highlight of your trip would be a free walking tour of Berlin. These tours are organized by various groups and, like mentioned, they are completely free. If you join one of these tours, you will get to see all the monuments of the war, checkpoint Carlie, and of course the remains of the Berlin wall. If you happen to be there on a Sunday, do head to flea markets, they are the best thing about Berlin with all their unique and authentic vintage clothes, art, food and more. The contemporary art galleries in Mitte are not to be missed either.

Eid in Berlin


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