Have You Decided On A “Eid” Destination Yet?

Ramadan is almost over, and with a 3-day holiday and a weekend, there is actually a very decent time for spending your Eid holiday discovering a new place. This article is a special dedication for all the relaxed peeps out there who don’t plan ahead and are thinking that it might be a bit too late for planning a journey abroad. PS: It is not!

1. Lebanon

Akoura River, Lebanon / Photo Cr: Paul Saad

Akoura River, Lebanon / Photo Cr: Paul Saad

This is the fastest and easiest destination from Cairo. First, Beirut doesn’t require a visa to go, so that wouldn’t be a problem (you just have to have an amount of 2,000 USD in cash while entering the airport). Second, the flight take 45 minutes, which is probably less than the time you take to drive to work. Third, it can be very cheap to hang out in Beirut, given that you know all the hacks so you don’t get cheated.

2. Croatia

eid in croatia

Split, Croatia / Photo Cr: Clark & Kim Kays

Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split are few of the most fabulous cities you will visit in your lifetime. Croatia basically have everything you can wish for, lovely beaches, beautiful greenery, and stunning antiquities. Getting there is also easy as the visa procedure take around 4 days (and you can access it without visa if you have a valid EU one).

3. Zanzibar

Zanzibar / Photo Cr: Sakke Wiik

Zanzibar / Photo Cr: Sakke Wiik

Another great destination that doesn’t require a visa to get to. Tanzania is a very friendly place, the moment you get there, you will feel its warmth (of people before weather). It is a very relaxing “out of this world” spot, where you can just loose yourself in. In addition to the beaches and greenery, you will enjoy the little traditional markets around the old town.

4. kenya

Kenya / Photo Cr: Wajahat Mahmood

Kenya / Photo Cr: Wajahat Mahmood

“Enkare Nairobi” is translated as ‘a sanctuary of cool waters’ by the Kenyan indigenous community; the Maasai, and which encapsulates the ecological craftsmanship that is Nairobi. The country, as we all know, is most known for its spectacular wildlife. However, there is much more that you can experience when your there; the culture, the food, the handicrafts, and many more..

5. Mauritius

Evening in Mauritius / Photo Cr: Ludovic Lubeigt

Evening in Mauritius / Photo Cr: Ludovic Lubeigt

“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”: a quote by Mark Twain, and nothing can top that! Good news that it doesn’t require a visa, and the living cost is super cheap.

6. Seychelles


Seychelles / Photo Cr: Jean-Marie Hullot

We’ve grown up to know those islands as the most remote place in the world. However, it’s one of the nicest destinations for vacations, and surprisingly just 5 hours away (by flight). It can be amazing for a honeymoon, or just a quick Eid getaway..

7. Cyprus


Cyprus / Photo Cr: Tobias Der Elst

And finally, Cyprus is cheap, near, and has an extremely easy visa process. Both its Turkish and Greek parts are equally fascinating. It has beaches, an amazing nightlife, and really great food. Being budget friendly is also a bonus. So don’t miss on a perfectly good opportunity to discover a little bit more of this world and start checking your travel plans

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