Hauntingly Beautiful Cities

Travelling is not always about discovering new cities in themselves, it is also about language, people, food, and most of all culture. With the globe getting more and more interconnected through the years, and with globalization taking over everything (even culture), we’re brining you the best destinations that celebrate Halloween around the world.

Hong Kong

In recent years, Hong Kong has made it to the top list of best cities celebrating Halloween. The country is well-known for adopting foreign cultures and/or customs, which, of course, is no surprise for such a cosmopolitan place. That’s the uniqueness of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is known as the Halloween party capital of Asia. Halloween in Hong Kong has two traditions. The first involves the event called Yue Lan (Festival of the Hungry Ghosts). Its emphasis is less on celebration, rather it is an opportunity to give gifts to spirits of the dead to provide comfort and ward them off. Although Hong Kong people are extremely open-minded, respecting the ancestors and the spirits is ingrained in the mind and flows in the blood. Thus, even with foreign traditions, they find a way to adapt it to their own culture. The second and more commercialized event is celebrated by expatriate Americans or Canadians. Hong Kong Disneyland hosts the annual Halloween Bash. Bars in Lan Kwai Fong famously throws Halloween parties every year.

The UK

As we have explained in our previous article, our good friends from Britain hold some responsibility for what Halloween is like today. This is not only because the origin of the festival comes from the territory, but also it has been said that early versions of Halloween classics like pumpkin carving and night-time walks have originated there as well. Punkie Night is held there on the last Thursday in October, when they take their lanterns and walk about the village singing the Punkie Song. The Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby has a Bram Stoker Film Weekend and a famous Whitby Goth Weekend around Halloween.



Mexico’s Halloween is a bit different than the usual celebration. Although it also had “death” as a them, it is more authentic and spiritual and less commercial. In homes families place food, drink and flowers near photographs of dead relatives to welcome them back. On the Day of the Dead (2nd November) people decorate skulls and create images of skulls and skeletons and bake traditional Day of the Dead bread (Pan de Muertos). Street parties and lively celebrations and elaborate costumes and face painting are an integral part of the celebrations.

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