Getting To Know South Africa

As a continent, Africa remains to be very underestimated. The humble number of visitors discovering it each year doesn’t compare to its beauty and wildness. South Africa, in particular, has always been a very interesting place for me. It’s not just the nature and safaris, it also has such an overwhelming history. The apartheid, slave trade, and colonization, all are subjects that are worth learning about. After all, “to be sure of our future, we must know our past”.

I am writing this while enjoying my very delicious coffee at the Waterfront in Cape Town. The very cute yet posh part of the town serves as a harbor, a shopping area, and the gateway to Robbin island (where Mandela along with other political leaders were imprisoned). If you’re ever in Cape Town, don’t miss this area, and don’t miss all the nice food you can get in the huge selection of restaurants there.

 South Africa

Table Mountain

And of course the waterfront is not the only thing you should stick to. You have a million different things to do at the city. If you like the outdoors, do go to the Table Mountain (either hiking or with the cable), the Lion Head is an equally magnificent Mountain. A personal favorite, and one of the things I travelled for was the Shark Cage Diving (where you get to see the Great White Shark up close and personal). However, the weather may result in the trip being cancelled so do make sure you choose your dates wisely. While on the subject of oceans, you can also get to check penguins over the west coast. Boulders beach is a  good place to do that, however it’s too touristic and I preferred wind mill.

South Africa

Cape Point

This is the southern most part of the African continent, so it’s just amazing to be standing there alone. Add to that all the information that we used to study about the cape of good hope, and it accounts for an unforgettable experience. But take care of the baboons as they are pretty aggressive (and mean)!

South Africa


This is a nice area just an hour away from Cape Town. IT has all those vineyards with a gorgeous views and a relaxing environment. Spending a morning there is really nice, and it’s a good break from the city. You can’t complain about the food either, it’s mostly organic and fresh.

South Africa

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